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    Swapped the primary and alternative names. The original Japanese title should be used first with the translated title used as an alternate. The original name of the rom has been made the primary name. Kinda odd that the Japanese title makes more sense than the supposed translated title, but I didn't make the names I just swapped them lol.
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    Just another name swap. The Japanese name is "Lipple Island" and I figure it should be the primary name and the translated name "Ripple Island" should be the alternative. :)
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    The given name for this game was a translated name. The original name attached to the rom file and found elsewhere as the name for this game was not included except in the translation notes of which rom to use. I have made the rom name the primary name and the translated one the "alternative" name. I do believe that should be how it is. :)
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    Expanded readme documentation.
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Kai no Bouken / The Quest of Ki English Translation & Sprite Hack Released!

27 August 2013 9:23AM EST - Update by Zynk Oxhyde

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Zynk Oxhyde has completed the English translation hack of the obscure game sequel, or rather prologue, of The Tower of Druaga for the NES.

Back in 2001, this hack was first conceived by an unknown romhacking group but have lost interest, leaving Tomato, a professional videogame translator, & his translated script of the game. Since then, Tomato left his script in the Abandoned projects section of RHDN.

On May 2013, Zynk happened to wander into the Abandoned section in search of a project to do. The file, which contained the English script, was accompanied by garbled texts (of which might have been the Japanese text with ANSI to Unicode contradictions), in spite of that, the English texts were spared. Zynk announced this to the RHDN forum, which caught Tomato’s attention & gave Zynk permission to use his script. However, not all of the script were translated which led Zynk to translate the rest of it by context.

After 3 months, the translation was completed but revisions were still made in lieu with Zynk’s other plans for this hack, a player sprite edit. Zynk thought that the game’s graphics are a bit bland especially the player’s character, Ki. Ki’s sprite lacks detail in comparison with box-art & official images of her. In addition to that, Zynk also edited the treasure box items to look like those from The Tower of Druaga. Sprite editing was done after a few weeks.

After all that, the patch for the translation was released with the sprite hack also released separately. However, after the hacks were approved, the files were unusable because of URL conflicts. With KingMike’s aid, the direct link URLs were easily fixed!

In conclusion, the hacks are now readily available for the public!