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Suikoden Card Stories English Translation Released

07 September 2013 9:49AM EST - Update by Pokeytax

Translations News

As an bonus for die-hard Suikoden fans, and to celebrate the release of Suikogaiden Vol. 2, Suikoden Card Stories has been fully translated into English as well.

Suikoden Card Stories is a CCG-style RPG for the Game Boy Advance. Players assemble a deck of Suikoden II characters and duel their opponents on missions and locations related to the Suikoden II plot. The storyline is an abridged version of Suikoden II’s with a few small additions and differences.

This is a side project by one of the non-translators on the Suikogaiden team; players shouldn’t expect the same level of quality and polish. But this is a fun experience for Suikoden fanatics who can live with card game mechanics, and a fairly novel if limited RPG in its own right.

Don’t forget to check out Suikogaiden Vol. 1 & II!

Very observant fans may remember seeing this translation patch before. This is a fully repaired version of that translation, with many bug fixes, some script improvements, all segments accessible, and the restoration of some dummied content.