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The Legend Of Zelda, The Winter Lion

08 February 2023 12:49AM EST - Update by Alfonsodelavega

ROM Hacks News

Play as “Old Man Link” in The Legend of Zelda The Winter Lion, a new Romhack of Zelda 3, A Link to the Past (SNES)!

Contrasting the common motif of a young man destined by fate and noble birth to be a hero, this retelling spins that idea on its head. Rather, this “Link” is an old hunter who can choose his actions in an ideologically divided world.

This romhack includes but is not limited to:

  • Separate story paths
  • Princess Zelda as a revolutionary leader
  • Quotes from Twain, Voltaire, Shakespeare, “out out brief candle”
  • Cute Helmasaurs one can guide to freedom (or doom you choose).
  • A pet chicken and an ex wife.
  • A nuclear winter
  • A cool little link sprite with a white beard

All this and much more await in this not so subtle social commentary romhack.

The image is promotional art created for the game and is not in the actual romhack.