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Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Contingency Released!

26 January 2023 1:42PM EST - Update by Lightning Hunter

ROM Hacks News

In development for the last 5-years, A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI. Based on the wonderful hack by Fauntleroy/Fedorajoe titled the “General Leo Edition”, this project includes a massive expansion to many aspects of the game. In addition to being able to recruit Leo, There are 200+ new monsters, new alternate character sprites, 50+ new battle themes, an entire Gameplay overhaul, dozens of new items, beast hunting, new bosses, over 50 patches/hacks from the community, all major bugs fixed, new spells/skills, smarter AI, new plot twists, and far too much else to list here!

This hack was especially made for those completionists/collectors who enjoy hunting those elusive items and monsters. You can easily drop 99+ hours of playtime completing the beast hunting and collecting those ultimate endgame items! Even if you just want a normal playthrough without the hunting, you will still find plenty of new content.

For those that don’t want to miss anything, a full guide is included!