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Finally! Reduced random encounters in Breath of Fire II!

25 November 2022 12:18PM EST - Update by Ok Impala!

ROM Hacks News

Of all the SNES JRPGs released in the west, Breath of Fire II might have been the one most in need for a reduced encounter rate. Today Breath of Fire fans can finally rejoice! This hack adjusts the encounter rate in Breath of Fire II (SNES), so you can play the game with less interruptions by random battles. You can choose from three different patches:

Choose your preferred encounter rate:

  • 01 Breath of Fire II less encounters (-50%)
  • 02 Breath of Fire II few encounters (-75%)
  • 03 Breath of Fire II very few encounters (-94%)


  • Double Exp and Zenny. This will be useful when playing with a low encounter rate.

Please note that Smoke will still lower the encounter rate and the Collar will still raise the encounter rate.

You can combine these patches with other hacks, like Breath of Fire II Maeson or the English retranslation by Ryusui and d4s. Be aware though that the Double Exp and Zenny patch is NOT compatible with Breath of Fire II Maeson. If you’d like these patches to work with the retranslation, please read the important notice in the ReadMe.

Enjoy Breath of Fire II once more, this time without the grind!