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A Week of Garfield Upgrade released!

12 April 2022 10:52AM EST - Update by pangenttech

ROM Hacks News

A week of adventure with the world’s favorite comic strip cat!

A Week Of Garfield is somewhat infamous as a poor-quality licensed NES game. It is not quite as bad as its reputation, but it’s very flawed and unforgiving.

This hack greatly improves the character graphics for Garfield, and alters other character and item graphics, along with other improvements and corrections.

This hack features:

* Overhauled graphics, especially Garfield and the UI. * Start with full health. * Level select. Press Select at the title screen to skip stages, then press Start. * New font in the style of “Search for Pooky” for the Game Boy Advance. * All text converted to ASCII format. * Graphical bugs fixed, like how the lasagna powerup is rendered. * Palette bugs fixed, like the incorrect palette of the Mice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Garfield is a one of a kind cat. He loves lasagna and coffee. He hates Mondays. When his friend Odie the dog disappears suddenly, Garfield goes on a week-long adventure to find Odie. It won’t be easy. Garfield will be attacked by mice, birds, spiders, frogs, worms, flies, fish, baseballs and more. Checking in with his owner, cartoonist Jon Arbuckle, Garfield must reach the end of each level and find the key before time runs out. Milk, lasagna and coffee will keep him going. He can kick enemies. He can also throw bones, burgers and cheese. But watch out! He’ll need to defeat the dangerous alley cats who stand in his way. It’s going to be a difficult journey. Can you handle it? Look out, Monday, here comes Garfield, in his first adventure for your Nintendo Entertainment System.