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Rebalance and Script Touch-up Patch for Super Hydlide Released

18 November 2021 6:15AM EST - Update by mentil

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Have you ever attempted to experience the action-RPG Hydlide 3, or its Genesis port Super Hydlide? Perhaps you fell to the first enemy you encountered, before you’d even taken in your surroundings, or wondered why your vital properties were rapidly dwindling with nary a hint from the villagers?

Raise your head and fear no longer that sorry state of affairs, as an Improvement Hack has descended to ease your burdens. Gone are the worries of being befuddled by that deceitful language ‘Engrish’, and its foul sister language ‘Typo’. Some lesser visual abnormalities were vanquished, and journey’s end shall now be found to be more rewarding. Refined clues should provide hope to the lost, as well.

Is that not enough?! But nay, there is more! If one so chooses, there is a separate path that leads to a less-arduous journey, with myriad nuisances tempered along the way. Here, equipment has been modified to be more sensible and useful, and foes should provide a reasonable challenge without instilling despair. Where once one could be laid low by basic human necessity, a more reasonable chance of subsistence has been provided. Be warned that though the early part of your journey shall be substantially more tolerable, the coward’s path to overcoming the final obstacle has been closed off, necessitating mastery of one’s resources.

This act of divine providence has been supplied by Mentil, who has toiled alone the previous six weeks in its glorious creation. Go forth ye, and partake in its fruits.