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Zelda Kong I-IV

20 May 2021 3:10PM EST - Update by Zero Meaning

ROM Hacks News

To celebrate Donkey Kong’s 40th and The Legend Of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, Zero Meaning has created Zelda Kong I-IV. As the name suggests, this is actually a series of hacks that alters Donkey Kong to look like the first Zelda title. At first, this began as one hack featuring Link saving the princess, with a second version flip-flopping the trope to have Zelda rescuing Link. Ideas ran rampant, and what was a small side project became something much more.

Playable characters are Link, Zelda, Moblin, and Zol. DK has been replaced with Ganon (and the injured palette swap), a giant 8-bit Link, and Digdogger. Expect to see plenty of enemies from your travels in Hyrule, including NPCs like the Old Man in Moblin mode!

These hacks exist for both:

A video longplay without commentary can be found here:

If you enjoyed these hacks, there’s much more to come. Expect a set of sequels soon!