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    Forgot to add some more other changes to list of changes that were made to the Hack.
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    [1.6 update] -Shining Firefly's movements have changed. -Adjustment of Special Weapons Damage -Falcon Armor Charge Shot Damage has been changed from 10 to 8. -Fixed a bug where Spiral Pegasus' script didn't come out properly after the Space Colony crash. -Partial adjustment of enemy placement in zero stage 3
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    Video added from author's channel and improved description.
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    fixed spelling mistake
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    Fixed the Discord Link. (Changed the raw link to a Discord invite)
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Retro is Always in When You’ve Got Pac-Man Fever!

08 January 2021 6:35AM EST - Update by eskayelle

ROM Hacks News

Are you one of those folks who finds the best part of Pac-Man 2 to be the arcade games? Just have a love for classic Pac-Man and want easy access to the 16-bit property? With big assists from Tony Hedstrom and Futura, collaborators BillyTime! Games and eskayelle / Double Z have brought The Arcade Games to the forefront of Pac-Man 2. Enjoy a classic game of Pac-Man, or the Genesis / Mega Drive exclusive Pac-Jr., with no password required!