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Let's Kill Iggy isn't bad any more

24 March 2022 6:06PM EST - Update by capnkatie

ROM Hacks News

Let’s Kill Iggy was a messy, slightly buggy hack of Super Mario 1 that was rushed out at the end of 2018. While it was a bit of a mess, it definitely had the potential to be something a lot better- so the author spent 3 years procrastinating before she sat down and spent a day fixing various bugs, replacing graphics and overhauling the atrocious level design. Now a good version finally exists! Enjoy.

This hack edits essentially everything in the game (for better or worse), and contains 20 levels of varying difficulty, while requiring a skill level only a little above average to complete. It contains many fresh, slightly weird and sometimes mean tricks plus some almost inventive uses of the game’s mechanics… plus it has Boos, a Ghost House level, note blocks, new jumping physics, Mario 3-inspired level design and a trailer (linked below)… why not give it a go?