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BattleTech - Operation REVIVAL Update

23 January 2021 11:16AM EST - Update by vikfield

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

In this new update, the game’s arsenal has been completely modified in one way or another; from a simple ammo increase to a massive increase in damage for one weapon or another. An interesting example is that the Autocannon (now renamed Ultra Autocannon/5), now fires from the Madcat’s right arm, which now makes each part of the mech capable of carrying a weapon. Of course, this is not the only modification that has been made to the autoccanon, it has also modified its range, rate of fire, damage, etc.; and this is just one example of the work that has been done in the arsenal.

The game system is not the only thing that has been modified, it has also worked on the graphics in a minor way; You will be able to see new icons on the radar map to represent both the enemy units and the ammunition and coolant items.

A new sprite has also been created for the ammunition of the weapons belonging to the C button. Instead of collecting a half cylinder similar to coolant, now the player will find an SRM 6 missile launcher (for those who are familiar with the Battletech franchise), to reload the missile, flamer and mines ammunition.

Currently a hexadecimal hacking guide is being developed for BattleTech, so that anyone who wishes can create their own hack for this game. but until then, wait for new news or contact the developer.

Enjoy and have fun!