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007: Agent Under Fire Reloaded

06 November 2017 10:00PM EST - Update by aleckermit

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The goal of AUF R is to create an improved version of the original 2002 Gamecube game 007: Agent Under Fire, specifically in the multiplayer mode which was excellent to begin with but had a handful of glaring issues such as: Slow match setup times due to having to constantly change the bad default settings with no way to save preferences, an overabundance of OP armor jackets, horrible automatic weapon accuracy, ugly bullet tracers, slow default running speed etc. The single player mode has also been tweaked for added challenge and more enjoy-ability as well. The mod is currently in version 1.1 and will likely not see another update unless better modding tools become available. The creator of this mod hopes that this improved version of the game, which is very much a blend of Bond and Quake, will give you and your friends hours of fun together. You can enjoy AUF R on emulators or on Wii/Wii U via Nintendont.

Full list of changes that the mod makes:


1. Armor jackets are no longer found in multiplayer maps, this makes for faster paced matches and gives weaker weapons significance. The optional powerup pickup Shield works very similarly to armor jackets and can be placed in up to two spots in a level.

2. Bond now runs, climbs ladders, and grapples 25% faster in single player, the same speed changes have been applied to players 1-4 in multiplayer as well (run speed can still be adjusted higher or lower in the modifiers menu as usual).

3. The bullet tracer effect has been improved to look more realistic. The player can also choose to have tracers removed entirely for a more competitive multiplayer environment and slightly more challenging single player mode.

4. The number of armor jackets in single player has been reduced to increase difficulty, 00 Agent poses a decent challenge now.

5. Some multiplayer modes have been renamed and re-described to more accurately represent the mode and explain rules better.

6. Various text across multiplayer menus have been re-worded for clarity and aesthetics.

7. The main menu music (generic Bond theme) has been changed to Wine Cellar’s music.

8. The infamously annoying DA DA DA DAAAAH! bond move jingle has been replaced with a more subdued sound during less action-packed scenarios in the game.

9. Sniper rifles used by AI in single player emit a thinner and more realistic looking red beam and dot. The sniper rifle in multiplayer now emits a smaller red dot as well.

10. Since this mod uses version 1.00 of the game as its development base, rocket jumping (AKA explosion boosting) physics are present regardless of which version ISO you apply the mod to!

11. New AR codes are included that change and lock a handful of multiplayer options to their must-have setting, to reduce match setup time.


1. Accuracy has been greatly improved for all automatic weapons in single and multiplayer.

2. Bullet spreading no longer becomes broader as you hold down the fire button (all weapons, single and multiplayer).

3. The Photon Cannon’s charge-up secondary fire mode now fires energy balls in a cross configuration, no longer in a straight horizontal line.

4. The default running speed has been increased by 10% for both single and multiplayer (now 35% higher than in vanilla game).

5. The clawshot gadget has been removed from the single player level Fire & Water, for added challenge and better gameplay. The mission’s briefing text now mentions its absence… There are two ways to complete the final area, use your noggin!

6. The lockbox containing an SSR4000 sniper rifle at the beginning of the single player level Evil Summit is no longer openable, for added challenge and better gameplay.

7. The game now has a custom banner image which appears in Dolphin’s games list and on Gamecubes modded to run burned game ISO’s.

8. Minor menu text changes have been made for clarity and aesthetics.

9. A new AR code has been included that instantly changes multiplayer defaults to all of the preferred competitive settings, with the pressing of L+R+START on controller 1 anytime in-game. These settings can be further changed manually after the code has been activated, unlike in 1.0.

Included AR Code - Press L+R+START on controller 1 anytime in-game to apply the following defaults:

Single Player:

Controller Setup is set to 3


Time Limit/Point Limit for multiplayer matches is set to 8 minutes/20 points

Keep Changes is set to ON

Players 1-4 have Controls set to 3

Players 1-4 have Crouch Toggle set to ON

Players 1-4 have Auto Switch Weapon set to OFF

Players 1-4 have Auto Aim set to NONE

Players 1-4 have Radar set to OBJECTIVE

Friendly Fire is set to ON

Safe Restart is set to ON

No Falling Damage is set to ON

Powerup 1 is set to SHIELD

Custom Weapon Set 1 appears as the default weapon set

Custom Weapon Set 1 is modified to contain the following:






Known Bugs:

1. Bullet tracers shot from AI weapons in single player look like the original unimproved version when using “Improved Bullet Tracers”.

2. The L+R+START AR code changes may not take immediate visual effect when you are on the same screen as where changes will be take place. Perform any menu action to update the screen, at which time the changes will be then be visible. This needs no attention from you but it can fool you into thinking the code hasn’t worked the first time you encounter it.

3. Some single player missions may freeze or have graphical errors while in progressive scan mode using component cables (forced via Nintendont’s options). Using HDMI-out does not seem to cause this issue. Multiplayer mode is not effected.