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Mega Man 7 Refit Gets "Custom Fit" Update

12 July 2021 8:17PM EST - Update by Josephine Lithius

ROM Hacks News

Remember that fun little ROM hack for Mega Man 7? The one that was released three years ago and made the game play a little more like the older games in the series? Well, it finally got an update, and it’s a doozy!

Josephine Lithius (formerly “Joseph Collins”) decided it was high time to stop putting off something very important. Going forward, it’s been decided that… the Life and Weapon Energy Capsules, and even the 1ups, should look like they do in the older games!

In all seriousness, on top of some more altered graphics and changed text strings, this version also makes a big change to the damage data tables. Inspired by the older games, the Charged Mega Buster Shot has been made a tiny bit more powerful, doing 3 damage to normal enemies instead of 2! But wait, there’s more!

Thanks to user interest, the main patch now comes with optional customization patches for all the different tweaks and features available! That means players now have the option of full control over what modifications they make to their game! Like the faster Charge Shot but not the new title screen? Think the shorter I-frames and Rush’s invulnerability make the game too easy? Pick and choose to your heart’s content! The mini-patches even work with US-based ROM hacks! This means that it’s possible to have a better Charge Shot in “Mega Man 7 Restored”, or even make the game more merciful with longer I-frames and “Nerfed Spikes”! Wow!!

For fans of Mega Man 7 looking for something new, or fans of “Refit” looking for some true customization options, this update is for you!

Mega Man 7 Gets the Upgrade It Deserves

28 February 2017 3:27AM EST - Update by Joseph Lithius

ROM Hacks News

A lot of people feel that Mega Man 7 is one of the best entries into the series… and why wouldn’t they? It’s very clear that the game had a lot of love put into it. Little things, such as references to the older games or the fluid and expressive animations of the characters… to bigger things such as the sheer volume and quality of secrets make this game a wonderful stable of the classic series! However, nothing is perfect… and even Mega Man 7 has its flaws.

One day in late January of 2017, one particular fan got an idea to try and finally fix some of the more glaring flaws they’d experienced. However, they had little knowledge as to how to actually do it. Luckily, the community is full of awesome, talented, and friendly people and one person in particular was ready, willing, and able to give them a major helping hand.

Mega Man 7 Refit” is the work of two very dedicated Mega Man 7 fans which aims to make the game fall a bit more in line with the previous titles in terms of gameplay and physics. It also makes gameplay a bit more fluid and even adds a little touch of retro style with its altered fonts.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to replay the game, this may be what you’ve been looking for!