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"Pac-Man Xtreme" Officially Released

18 September 2016 2:21AM EST - Update by KaBooM!

ROM Hacks News

On September 17 2016, after eleven long years of hard work, ROMhacker “KaBooM!” finally releases “Pac-Man Xtreme”. A ROMhack of the Namco version of Ms. Pac-Man for the Nintendo NES, it is much more than a simple maze/level hack. Pac-Man Xtreme introduces new features, functions, and options which make playing it a truly unique experience. Almost every single aspect of the original Ms. Pac-Man game has been altered… graphics, sounds and music, levels, even gameplay mechanics. In essence, Pac-Man Xtreme is a new commercial-quality game reprogrammed around Ms. Pac-Man’s engine and is thus virtually unrecognizable from its predecessor.

Some of the most notable new features are the inclusion of working vertical tunnels, randomly vanishing mazes, all-new original levels, new original sound effects and music, four different stage progression modes, tons of selectable game options, and the brand new ability to cast relocation spells upon all characters in the level at once moving them to more advantageous positions within the maze.

Please visit Pac-Man Xtreme’s RHDN project page for a full list of all features and changes. The “Pac-Man Xtreme - File Package”, downloadable from that page, contains the required .IPS patches as well as loads of extra supplemental material and documentation.