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Prepare for the Apocalypse!

04 October 2015 8:04AM EST - Update by obscurumlux01

ROM Hacks News

Prepare for the Amnethen Apocalypse!

This is an awesome addendum ROM hack to the already-fantastic ‘Dragoon X Omega’ ROM hack! ‘Sliver X’ did some incredible and amazing work for Dragoon X Omega.

While the original intention of this hack was to tweak just a few things at first, it soon blossomed into much more than the sum of its parts. What you see here has taken well over a week of relentless rom hacking!

The ENTIRE game has been extensively playtested to make sure that the patches work as intended. Make the game as easy as you like!

Multiple IPS patches are included in the download to customize your experience YOUR way or you can just apply the ‘Apocalypse’ patch itself to have everything all in one go!

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Now go show the Neverborn that HELL HATH NO FURY!