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Super Baldy Kart 1.0

22 June 2015 7:56AM EST - Update by Dirtbag

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After 8 years of on/off development Super Baldy Kart is finished, making it the most comprehensive hack of Super Mario Kart to date. The aim of this hack was to make something that was unique fun to play with good quality tracks. Features include: All new racers each with their own unique driving style, with unique but balanced attributes. 20 brand new tracks that have been rigorously tested and refined. New points system. New items probability sets. 8 unique themes with changed music, animations, tile types. All new menu screens. Updated demos. New victory tunes. Audio hint for Boost start. Easter eggs. Many other changes including: objects, graphics, music, demos, podiums, fonts, ending, and game play. Enjoy this all new game.