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Final Fantasy Tactics KO PSP Released!

12 August 2014 5:49AM EST - Update by Eternal248

ROM Hacks News

Final Fantasy Tactics KO PSP has at last been released on RHDN! For those not in the know, FFT KO PSP is a project that aims (and has hopefully succeeded!) in making War of the Lions a more enjoyable experience.

In a nutshell, here are some of the new features you can enjoy in KO PSP:

  • Slowdown removal.
  • Multiplayer battles and items in singleplayer.
  • One day Errands.
  • Rebalanced jobs/skills/items.
  • More balanced, level-scaled battles.
  • Many other features that aren’t listed here!

Basically, this mod is meant to be the definitive version of War of the Lions. Read the project page and the included links therein to get a feel for the full scope of changes provided in the game. Note that the patch requires a EUR ISO to be used, but it can be run on modded PSPs and PPSSPP nearly flawlessly.