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Family Basic hacks for NES released

21 August 2022 9:02AM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

Home-made games for the NES are as old as the NES itself. In Japan, the console was of course known as the Family Computer, or Famicom, and there were plans in 1982-83 to release it with a keyboard and floppy drive (or cassette recorder), which were cancelled because this might seem intimidating to casual consumers. Plans for Atari to release the system in the US with a keyboard, cassette recorder, and joystick were also cancelled.

But the system got its keyboard with Family BASIC, released by Hudson Soft in 1984. This was originally Playbox BASIC, bundled with Sharp televisions, a version which is now rare. Family BASIC V2 allowed for users to program their own minigames within a limited 2k of RAM, and using a fixed set of graphics derived from games like Mario Bros. A background editor, message board, music board and built-in games were also included. The system allowed for saving and loading programs via audio tape. 1985’s Family Basic V3, which allowed for 4k RAM rather than 2K, is also rare.

Many copycat systems followed, such as some Subor and Dendy systems sold in China and Russia in the 90s and 00s, with bootleg cartridges like Braversoft Windows 2000, which resembled a Windows PC.

In the 80s and 90s, magazines for programming hobbyists would often include programs that you could type in yourself at home. Japan’s Micom BASIC magazine often featured clever minigames for the Famicom in Family BASIC format, published over three pages or so, and running about 100 lines of code. In some cases this was early work from programmers who went on to work on more famous properties.

Recently, efforts by ozidual and others at Gaming Alexandria have shed more light on this early amateur NES programming subculture, by transcribing minigames published in now-rare magazines and converting them to standalone NES ROMs. Over 100 minigames have been preserved so far, preserved at the Internet Archive by ozidual, and a Typing Taskforce effort is underway at the Gaming Alexandria Discord.

Romhacking now also features four Family Basic hacks from Garrett Gilchrist, which preserve some of these minigames with new hacked graphics to enrich the experience. This includes an “Among Us” hack of “The Tragedy of Ryohyukan,” a 1993 effort in which you must find imposters before they kill the rest of the crew. There also the 1987 mini-RPG “Excalibur 2: Get Even with Dragon,” in which you fight monsters and find three legendary swords to level up, fight a dragon and rescue your fiancée. Finally, to show it’s still being done today, there’s two recent 2022 efforts programmed by Masando, recreating Tetris and the early SNK arcade game Woodcutter Yosaku.

These preserved minigames provide a fascinating glimpse into the little-discussed early homebrew subculture of the NES/Famicom in the 80s and 90s, and beyond.

A Link to the Past Redux has been updated to v10!

18 August 2022 7:03PM EST - Update by ShadowOne333

ROM Hacks News

  • A Link to the Past has been updated to the long awaited v10!

This update brings forth a whole new slew of features, such as a permanent Shovel which can dig up treasures in the overworld, being able to the Title Screen by pressing Start, some Virtual Console-ported patches to diminish strong coloured flashes, a lot of new bugfixes and a bunch of new optional patches (Remove Low Health Beep, Original Bomb/Arrows amounts, Mirror on both worlds, etc.)

Alongside the brand new features included into main Redux, I’m honoured and proud to introduce a new main Redux patch, “Retranslation Redux”, which features the incredible work of the people at Translation Quest to bring forth a carefully crafted script to be more in-line with the original Japanese script, alongside the original names, uncensored dialogue and references, and much, much more!

But that’s not all! The romhack now has a WIP source code available at GitHub:

You can see many of the modifications done to the game, now as open source! (The repository is not fully compilable yet due to some issues with the map layouts and FastROM)

Hurry up and grab the newest update! Hope you all enjoy the new version!

  • A note from the authors:

The Translation Quest team is delighted to present a complete, Japanese-faithful retranslation of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. For those familiar with Translation Quest’s work with the Dragon Quest franchise, players should expect the same high standard of quality English writing and overall accuracy.

Chicken Knife & nejimakipiyo from the Translation Quest were inspired to undertake this project after repeatedly playing through Link to the Past Redux and feeling that the writing quality of the original script was quite inconsistent and lacking, especially with elements like the Dark World maiden speeches late in the game. As the Translation Quest team went line by line through the Japanese script, countless censored or otherwise altered elements were discovered. The resulting text may appear similar in some sections, but will be found to be wildly different in others.

It was decided to release this retranslation as a component of ShadowOne333’s Redux project, as the Translation Quest team felt that Redux was the best way to play Link to the Past, and it became clear that ShadowOne333 shared the team’s enthusiasm for a fresh translation.

It appears that a handful of other Zelda 3 retranslation / script improvement projects were released in the time between work beginning on this project and its eventual release. The Translation Quest team encourages players to compare these for themselves as far as writing quality, but it should be safe to say that this project takes the most conservative approach to translating the source material of those available.

For those who would like an easy method of comparing this retranslation to the original localization or seeing how this work matches up against the Japanese, follow this link for a helpful comparative google sheet:

Manall's Waluigi RPG 1.1 Release

17 August 2022 9:52PM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

The anticipated 1.1 is here! After an extended iteration period, this went from a moderately-packed update to one much more all-encompassing. Waluigi (and his RPG) receive a variety of improvements, cosmetic and functional niceties, balance adjustments, minor bug fixes, and - yes - more.

A (very) short snippet from the full list:

  • Bowser now has his purple mohawk! This was always intended, but got sidelined until now. As well, he has received buffs in multiple areas, including his stake in the final fight.
  • A few names have changed to reflect later standards of the Mario world (e.g. Bloober-Blooper) and a couple battle script issues have been eliminated
  • Mallow’s Psychopath ability slot has been replaced by a new spell - Overcast. This new skill provides him with highly useful crowd control!
  • NPC-related bugs fixed
  • Fine tuning for a few spells
  • A large number of improvements across weapons, items and accessories
  • Several new items

1.1 is in fantastic shape, so get in there and check out the newness!

Time Pilot for SNES

16 August 2022 2:06PM EST - Update by Nokia3310

ROM Hacks News

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Time Pilot. A SNES remake of the arcade classic has existed since 1995 but was only included as an unlockable game in Ganbare Goemon 4. This was not released outside of Japan and the player had to complete the game 100% to play Time Pilot.

This patch makes Time Pilot 95 a standalone game for SNES and adds further improvements:

  • A new title screen based on the 1982 arcade game with a high score counter
  • The game loops back to the first level after beating the final boss (like the 1982 arcade original)

Tecmo Super Bowl 2022 - SBlueman Edition Released!

12 August 2022 11:43PM EST - Update by sblueman

ROM Hacks News

The classic NES sports title, updated just in time for the upcoming 2022 NFL season! Enjoy this version with the following features:

  • Playbooks edited – Plays moved to different slots, edited running plays, removed ‘bad’ plays
  • Over 35 hacks added to Hardtype versions (25 hacks in Vanilla version)
  • Defensive players are setup for either 3-4, 4-3 or nickel defenses (RILB is the nickel back - Patriots line up in a dime formation)
  • Team uniforms edited so home team plays in primary uniform (NFC West teams & divisional matchups excluded due to limitations)
  • Sim code updated for more accurate team results
  • Updated helmets (thanks to Knobbe for updating the Commanders!)

Three Versions Available:

#1 - Base - Hacks Included:

  • 1. Add touchbacks
  • 2. FG length max of 65 yards
  • 3. Punt length max of 65 yards
  • 4. Add ‘Hut’ Pre-Snap Cadence to 32-Team ROM
  • 5. NFC West Sim Fixes
  • 6. Player 2 Conditions Fix
  • 7. FG avoid kick block fix
  • 8. TE sim fix
  • 9. Change offensive SIM to ‘out of 32′ sum
  • 10. Prevent schedule from being random
  • 11. Fix Playoff Seeding
  • 12. More NFL like QB rating value
  • 13. TEAM ROSTER instead of 1991 ROSTER after super bowl winner end game
  • 14. Set Pro Bowl Kick/Punt Return
  • 15. Change Touchback To 25-Yard Line
  • 16. 15 Yard XP

#2 – Vanilla – Hacks Included:

  • 17. Changing KR Speed
  • 18. PR speed change from SS to actual PR player
  • 19. Better INT returns
  • 20. Add stats after quarters
  • 21. QB backpedal animation hack
  • 22. Kickoffs From 8 Yard Line To 3 Deep In Endzone
  • 23. Better COM punt timing
  • 24. PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target
  • 25. Punt coverage boost adjustment
  • #3 – Hardtype – Hacks Included (also includes all the Vanilla version hacks):

    • 26. Ultra Logic Hack
    • 27. More Accurate FG’s
    • 28. Decrease Fumbles ips patches
    • 29. Timing of Snap Exchange b/n C & QB
    • 30. Faster Handoffs, Pitches, Snaps & Player Control
    • 31. QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less
    • 32. COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I
    • 33. Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through
    • 34. Buck’s TSB COM Juice Setter (Week 4 Juice – Max 02 DEF.SPEED)
    • 35. JStout’s Find Open Receiver Hack
    • 36. Push/Pull Hack

    #4 – Hardtype + P2 As Road Team (My personal favorite)

    • 37. Road team plays as player 2 vs COM


    Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM

    Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, General Manager for TSB, Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 2000, Lunar IPS, Translhextion, TSB Play Editor, yy-chr, Tecmo Endzone Editor, Tecmo Hack Setter

    New Hacks Added to the Database

    30 July 2022 11:04PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

    ROM Hacks News

    This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

    The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


    Bug Fix



    Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites Port v1.3 Released!

    28 July 2022 1:41AM EST - Update by T92

    ROM Hacks News

    The v1.3 of Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites Port has been released!

    The changes include:

    • A new sprite for the pig status and Anna (Thanks to mrBrawndo).
    • A more yellow color for Rydia’s hair.
    • Swaped cosmic and classic Cecil. (Now there’s a optional patch for cosmic Cecil)

    The author will continue working on Final Fantasy III NES Tweaks soon.

    Super Super Super just released!

    25 July 2022 12:04PM EST - Update by itsthehamster07

    ROM Hacks News

    Brand new romhack that has 18 levels. There are multiple little skips/bonuses that you can take if you know how to do them. Every world has a theme, and the physics are changed to fit the hack accordingly. If it was explained any further, it would sort of spoil the levels, so just go play it!

    Legend of Zelda: A New Light Official Release

    24 July 2022 10:07PM EST - Update by gzip

    ROM Hacks News

    After several years of development The Legend of Zelda: A New Light finally gets an official release! Highlights include new graphics, new dungeons, new dungeon music, moved secrets, and playability enhancements.

    Elvira's Monster Party (NES) updated

    22 July 2022 4:22PM EST - Update by tygerbug

    ROM Hacks News

    It’s a blazing hot summer right now, but we’re looking forward to Halloween. You’ll be well prepared with this hack originally issued in 2020, where horror hostess and “Queen of Halloween” Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) hosts a special uncensored version of Bandai’s 1989 NES game “Monster Party.” Based on the prototype restoration by Stardust Crusaders, this hack has been overhauled for 2022, with brand-new, visually complex introductory cutscenes featuring Elvira herself. The rest of the hack is unchanged, as Elvira takes on a parade of movie monsters in a parody world of horrors.

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