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Clock Tower Deluxe V2.0 released!

09 January 2023 7:54AM EST - Update by BobSchneeder45

ROM Hacks News

First released back in 2020, Clock Tower Deluxe is a patch for the Point ’n Click horror game Clock Tower on the Super Famicom that adds mouse support and content that was introduced in the game’s PlayStation port along with various quality of life features and adjustments.

This new release’s biggest improvement is the way Scissorman, the game’s antagonist, will be chasing you. Inspiration has been taken from the game’s sequel meaning Scissorman can now follow you from door to door instead of “teleporting” around. Chases will also trigger randomly while you’re wandering around, making Scissorman more of a threat than in the original version.

Unused or cut assets have yet again been restored to give the player more hiding places and even a few single-use weapons to use for defense. Beware though, as Scissorman too has a few new hiding spots that will start a chase once reached!

The included spreadsheet lists all of these recent changes, but another one worth mentioning is a feature that preserves your save file if you happen to press QUICK START on the main menu, which would normally reset your saved progress. This also kicks in when you’re locked onto a certain game over (”DEAD END”) where you would normally die each time if you lacked a certain item.

There is still more that can be done but until then, enjoy this new breath of life into this classic title!

Wario Land 3: Golfless!

01 January 2023 5:07AM EST - Update by Plaztazm

ROM Hacks News

Sick of playing golf in Wario Land 3? This simple ROM hack allows Wario to pass under the minigame blocks without clearing the minigame! This makes it more fluid and convenient to replay the game without having to deal with frustrating golf course RNG. No other changes have been made to the game to both preserve the experience and avoid introducing new glitches. Check out the project page for more information!

The ultimate way to play Super Mario Bros. is here!

30 December 2022 6:46AM EST - Update by Ribiveer

ROM Hacks News

The original Super Mario Bros. is a classic for the ages, but sometimes those years do start to show.

This hack adds some quality-of-life features that came with later entries, like the difference in how power-ups work, the way Mario bounces on enemies, and many more! Alongside that, further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

The individual changes are too many to list here. While they are small individually, they add up to an overall more fun experience playing the game. More technical users can use the source code on GitHub (linked below as Relevant Link) to effortlessly enable or disable individual changes to their liking, using the building instructions mentioned there.

Have fun reliving this old game in a new way!

First Hack for Custom Robo (GameCube) Released - Female Player Character

27 December 2022 10:04AM EST - Update by Zoeyism

ROM Hacks News

The GameCube release of Custom Robo has just received its first ROM hack, with a significant set of alterations to the game! The FeMC for Custom Robo (GC) mod replaces the Main Character with a female model, changes the game’s text to refer to her with feminine pronouns and terms, has swapped out message sprites and voice, and even has an optional model swap for Ray 01 to Athena included.

Zombie101's Goof Troop is Released!

27 December 2022 9:51AM EST - Update by Zombie101

ROM Hacks News

Disney’s “Goof Troop” is back with an all new adventure with:

  • 5 New levels!
  • New Graphics!
  • New Palettes!
  • New Passwords!
  • New Tiles And More!

“Zombie101’s Goof Troop” also has some new gimmicks With Bosses as well! Story has been altered enough to be new but was left in tact to make sure hack was released in time for Christmas! This Hack is Also much harder than the original with lots of puzzles so don’t think this journey will be easy! Can you find the secret Zombie101 Head hidden in every Level? Have fun! Zombie101.

The blue bomber gets some color!

25 December 2022 5:54AM EST - Update by marc_max

ROM Hacks News

Mega Man V was released on 1994 for the original Game Boy. While the previous four entries in Nintendo’s handheld recycled some content from the NES games, the fifth and final entry finally got its unique story, original enemies and a bunch of exclusive features.

It’s considered one of the rarest game in the series because it’s not a numeric entry like the NES, a lot of people don’t even know about it. Yet, it’s a top notch game in the series.

And now… you can truly enjoy it in full color! Just imagine, in the era of Game Boy Color, when Zelda, Tetris and many other games were re-released as the famous DX versions… How Mega Man could have looked if Capcom had made a DX version of this underrated gem?

Now you can with this ambitious colorization project that took more than two years! And, not only that, but the hack also optimizes the game’s code, thus removing all slowdown from the original game! Pause menu has been reprogrammed as well, and added icons to every weapon (just like the later NES Mega Man games), making it looking gorgeous!

Enjoy one of the best Game Boy platformers in its definitive version!

The Most Immersive Streets of Rage 2 Hack is Here!

24 December 2022 7:32AM EST - Update by savok

ROM Hacks News

The Most Immersive Streets of Rage 2 Hack is Here!

From the hands of River City Girls… of Rage mastermind savok and partner PPI-Akiko (and with assists from TMNT superfan & NBA Jam 2KTE series frontman Double Z, plus input from gsaurus and uuuser) comes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Shredder’s Re-Revenge. A hack using the “Zan Roo” Syndicate Wars Engine, this TMNT x SOR mashup replaces every single player and enemy sprite with those from the current hit Shredder’s Revenge. It even goes so far as to modify the opening sequence and closing scenes, certain icons, and more! You might just forget this isn’t an original TMNT game!

In yet another world in the Streets of Rage 2 multiverse, Mr. X has (as usual) fallen. In the wake of his defeat, the City struggles through a power vacuum. Meanwhile, needing a change of scenery from his own streak of failed attempts to conquer worlds and dimensions, that villainous Oroku Saki decides to set up shop here, recruiting not only his own Foot Clan but various villains and anti-heroes from days’ past.

Believing himself, his crew, and his new base of operations yet again invincible, Saki issues an open challenge to the turtles to try to stop him.

It’ll take a village to save the City, and so our heroes recruit some allies of their own. Think you can take on the likes of Rocksteady, Bebop, Leatherhead, the Rat King, and more? Then join Leo, Raph, Donny, Mikey, Splinter, April, and Casey for one more radical rescue!

Mega Man: The Wily Wars - Weapon Master Patch Released

22 December 2022 4:58AM EST - Update by Woodfrog

ROM Hacks News

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use the powerful Metal Blade in other Mega Man games, or ran out of Magnet Beam in that notorious Ice Man section and desperately wished for an Item 2? Well, wonder no more.

Wily Wars has a short unique segment called Wily Tower that lets you mix and match weapons from the 3 games. However, nothing of the sort is available for the main 3 games. This hack aims to rectify that.

Weapon Master is a simple modification of Wily Wars that lets you choose between ALL weapons anytime in all modes during regular gameplay by replacing the otherwise redundant “Window” button functionality. No selection menu required.

Anything goes - use Rush Jet to skip those Guts Man platforms with impunity. Fight Shadow Man with something that’s not Top Spin. Or if you’re a masochist, attempt to beat Mega Man 3 using only the Bubble Lead (not particularly recommended). The Rockman Megaworld is your oyster.

Sound Test mod for Castlevania 64

21 December 2022 7:56AM EST - Update by B_squo

ROM Hacks News

This is a mod for Castlevania (Nintendo 64) that adds a sound test feature in the pause menu. It plays the sound ID that is displayed (in decimal) in the GOLD counter.

The controls are as follows:

  • D-PAD Right = Advance +1 in sound ID
  • D-PAD Left = Go back -1 in sound ID
  • D-PAD Up = Advance +50 in sound ID
  • D-PAD Down = Go back -50 in sound ID
  • Start = Play sound
  • R = Stop sound
  • L = Set sound ID to 0

Super Mario Bros. Wart's Wonderland v1.1 Released!

20 December 2022 12:39AM EST - Update by Rohbert

ROM Hacks News

Super Mario Bros. Wart’s Wonderland is a romhack of Super Mario Bros. 2 USA for NES. Created by Rohbert, it is meant to be a Holiday Season themed hack for experienced SMB2 players. It is more difficult than vanilla SMB2 but not as hard as most other SMB2 hacks. Princess and Luigi will have an easier time completing the levels, where as Toad and Mario will struggle a bit more. Graphics created by BMF54123 and Rohbert.

This hack features 10 original levels all with unique custom holiday theme sprites. There is 1 warp that is required and therefore all 10 levels must always be played. All 10 levels contain 2 power up mushrooms and a one-up. Each level features a unique color palette. All levels are complete-able with all characters. You begin with 9 lives and 5 continues.

The game has already received multiple positive reviews and a full playthrough of the game can be seen here:

Good luck and happy holidays!

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