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"MOTHER 4" is finally here...? Uh-oh!

02 April 2022 9:11PM EST - Update by Polinym

ROM Hacks News

It’s that time of year again. Which time? The first of a certain month, which means that it’s time for THAT kind of EarthBound hack.

Given the issues of timing and wanting to avoid sounding like a pretentious wackjob with a stick up his rear to those who haven’t played Persona 5 Royal like last year’s disaster, this year the creator of this hack has decided not to use any deception in marketing.

“MOTHER 4″ was designed as a sequel to the SNES RPG EarthBound. The goal was to create “the worst EarthBound hack ever made”. Of course, it wouldn’t be fun to just make the hack “lol unbeatable!”. Thus, “MOTHER 4″ is a troll hack, which will trick the player at each and every turn, much like a Mario Maker troll level. Trust nothing. “MOTHER 4″ rewards players who are clever, but those who play just as mindless as the hack itself will struggle. Extremely skilled players could beat the hack in just a few minutes.

And the plot? The hack’s writing is on par with Fire Emblem Awakening. Giygas is back! Why? How? Who knows. Nest’s bicycle gets stolen, and he must get his friends to go stop the alien again.

“MOTHER 4″ also includes the “Adaptive Troll Difficulty” feature, which causes random mechanics to cease functioning if the game is played for a long period of time. Use Nest’s “Calling Fone” to save the game anytime, anywhere and avoid the troll!

When does the madness end? When you get a hug, you know you’ve reached the game’s end.

As per usual, a trailer for the hack can be found here:

Ys III Rebalanced Released for Genesis

25 March 2022 8:12PM EST - Update by mentil

ROM Hacks News

Once again, Mentil has released a balance hack for a late-80s ARPG. When will the madness end?! (Psst, at least three more games are on the docket.) This hack was made in ten days, incidentally.

As the final port (in its era) of a 1989 game, the Genesis version is oft considered the superior version… aside from its notoriously unfair difficulty and poor translation. This hack aims to rectify the former.

Primary balance changes:

  • The player getting hit now grants 25 invincibility frames rather than 10; each mistake is now less likely to get you hit more than once.
  • Enemies now grant 6x the gold and XP in the early game; once reaching an area where you should be about halfway to the level cap, this drops to 2x. One should reach the recommended level for each area by the time one arrives, with almost no grinding required, if one slays every monster in one’s path.
  • Many enemies and bosses have had their damage output reduced to more-reasonable levels, with boss adjustments undergoing greater playtesting. The final boss got particular attention and should be far less frustrating to fight.
  • Each enemy defeated now grants 3 ring points instead of 1, making rings more useful without frequent recharges in town.

If you have a disdain for Engrish, try this with the compatible hack Ys III Renewal by Plombo, which also includes some graphical improvements.

Let's Kill Iggy isn't bad any more

24 March 2022 6:06PM EST - Update by capnkatie

ROM Hacks News

Let’s Kill Iggy was a messy, slightly buggy hack of Super Mario 1 that was rushed out at the end of 2018. While it was a bit of a mess, it definitely had the potential to be something a lot better- so the author spent 3 years procrastinating before she sat down and spent a day fixing various bugs, replacing graphics and overhauling the atrocious level design. Now a good version finally exists! Enjoy.

This hack edits essentially everything in the game (for better or worse), and contains 20 levels of varying difficulty, while requiring a skill level only a little above average to complete. It contains many fresh, slightly weird and sometimes mean tricks plus some almost inventive uses of the game’s mechanics… plus it has Boos, a Ghost House level, note blocks, new jumping physics, Mario 3-inspired level design and a trailer (linked below)… why not give it a go?

New Hacks Added to the Database

21 March 2022 4:19PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


Bug Fix



Manall's FF1 v2.1 Update

16 March 2022 1:12PM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

2.1 is the largest update since 2020. Included among the changes are several player-friendly upgrades to the documentation, monster and item tuning, an additional mystery box reward, and notably, a higher bonus to Thief starting luck. The maps which come with the mod have also been updated.

Also worth mentioning: this version corrects the oversight with the monster density patch from v2.04 - that patch is once again disabled by default as it was in previous versions.

Several entries in the patch notes are also a direct result of feedback from the players. ♥

Getsu Fuuma Den EasyType Hack Released

16 March 2022 11:53AM EST - Update by mentil

ROM Hacks News

Do these screenshots resemble you attempting to play Getsu Fuuma Den? Never fear, Mentil is here, continuing his rampage against late-80s ARPGs with an EasyType hack to help tame its notorious difficulty level.

This Famicom game was (until, coincidentally, shortly before this hack’s release) only released in Japan, one of the best-known Konami games for the system to not leave the country.

How was it made easier?

  • Upon returning to the overworld, all health is restored.
  • Upon losing all lives and continuing the game, money is no longer halved.
  • XP awards are doubled for all enemies. You should now reach max sword level shortly before you could potentially obtain a more-powerful weapon.
  • For convenience, the purchasable sword will now be active at all times once obtained, with no need to equip it; it won’t become deactivated, either.

This hack is compatible with multiple versions/translations of the game as well. Enjoy, and happy demon slaying!

Super Mario RPG: Armageddon finally available!

14 March 2022 8:18AM EST - Update by Doomsday31415

ROM Hacks News

If you’ve never heard of Super Mario RPG: Armageddon, you’ve been missing out!

This hack adds dozens of new bosses, tons of new mechanics, rebalanced/reimagined fights, and a bunch of other surprises. It’s easily the most ambitious and fleshed out SMRPG hack there is, and it’s finally available on!

It’s got Luigi. It’s got Pokémon. It’s got Rosalina. It’s got Final Fantasy Bosses. It’s got so much more. All ready and waiting for you.

I’d tell you more, but that would ruin the surprise. Go play it for yourself!


Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge released for NES

13 March 2022 12:24AM EST - Update by tygerbug

ROM Hacks News

Welcome to Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. Join golf legend Carvallo, and his rivals Gracie Driver, Big Raining and Miracle Monroe, for the ultimate golfing challenge on your Nintendo Entertainment System!

Lee Carvallo personally gives you advice on each course. Select your golf club, and guide your swing. Play for the title across thirty-six unique courses in the United States and Japan!

Fans of The Simpsons may remember the fully-voiced CD-ROM version released Christmas 1995, which Bart was disappointed to get instead of the violent fighting game Bonestorm.

This was a parody of “Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf” by SNK, for NES, arcades, C64 and Tiger Handheld. This was a precursor to SNK’s popular Neo Turf Masters, and stars top golfer Lee Trevino as “Super Mex.” The 1988 NES game offers more complexity, challenge control than the original Golf on NES.

Hacking it into its Simpsons counterpart seemed obvious. That was also easier said than done, since the game’s graphics are coded strangely.

There’s a new title screen and font, and new names for the characters. Rani Baker (@destroyed4com4t) did the hacking while Garrett Gilchrist (@TygerbugGarrett) designed graphics and packaging art.

Would you like to play again?

Here is Robocop: Texas Edition, or in other words, the best Robocop videogame you can play on a NES

12 March 2022 11:07AM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News

3 months have passed since the release of this hack. And strangely enough, it has gone relatively unnoticed. And it is important to emphasize “strangely” because it is a masterpiece.

The concept is simple: Bring the experience of playing Robocop on Nintendo NES as close as possible to its Arcade counterpart. The result? A notable graphical improvement in sprites, backgrounds and everything related to the intro and cutscenes. Practically nothing is preserved from the original title, and that’s a good thing.

A notable improvement has also been made in the playable area by removing the battery bar (which decreases as time passes). This doesn’t really change the difficulty of the game, but it makes it less frustrating by not feeling the constant time pressure.

You can take a look at the associated link or simply download it and let SomeOldGuy’s work speak for itself.

Super Luigi RPG: Star Powered gets Powered Up with the new 2.5 update!!

06 March 2022 12:39AM EST - Update by Will331999

ROM Hacks News

92+ Updates come to the SNES Super Mario RPG romhack, Super Luigi RPG!

Did you ever want SMRPG to have a postgame? Well now you can experience that!

Did you need Daisy? After all what’s Luigi without his #1 gal? Perhaps a few bug and graphical fixes? Well not all are fixed, but a lot were!

Did you want Land’s End and all associated areas to not look so ugly? Well that was (somehow) pulled off as well!

New Bosses and Enemies? We have those too!

You even no longer need to grind to level 30! You get level 30 from beating Factory Chief! (Disclaimer: Some grinding may still be required depending on player skill level)

New music made by CousinCatnip and DarkKefka!

New enemies from SMB2 courtesy of YakiBomb!

Enemy balancing has been fixed (Hopefully. Let the author of the hack know if you find anything out of the ordinary. Nothing should be one-shotting you unless it uses Hyperdrive and is a boss late-game.) It may be worth revisiting this hack if that factor gave you any trouble!

And many….many….many….MANY more!

What are you waiting for? Some sort of Surprise? Well it has those too!

Download Star Powered 2.5 here!

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