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Catslevania: Portrait of Ruin - Maria+

06 February 2023 7:59PM EST - Update by Kyoski

ROM Hacks News

Have you ever wanted to run around Dracula’s Castle as a cat? Well now you can!

However that’s not all, this hack not only allows you to play as a cat named Byakko, but adds in a functional Maria mode over the default Charlotte/Jonathan mode! That means you get a full inventory of items, weapons, accessories, to play around with, on top of having custom dialogue fit the characters. There was also a host of new custom weapons along with some armor/accessories added to the game to spice things up, some as a reference to games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls.

A lot of sound effects have also been altered, giving Maria and Byakko their own unique voice samples, along with custom sounds for some weapons and the inventory/menu navigation. If you’ve played any of the souls games by FromSoftware, then a lot of these sounds might be familiar. This hack also aims to improve character mobility by giving both characters options to high jump and slide kick. Another interesting feature is your backdash and slides have been turned into a pseudo-dodge. (Albeit, a bit strong in its current iteration) They now offer iframes, enabling you to dodge through enemies and attacks if necessary to avoid damage.

Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.2

03 February 2023 9:33AM EST - Update by sics

ROM Hacks News

The long-awaited update for Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.2 has been released, including a host of new features, control improvements, revamped level design, new tunes and more.

You won’t believe it’s a game for the NES!

Master Fighter on the SNES

03 February 2023 9:33AM EST - Update by Flanagan

ROM Hacks News

The intent of this hack is to make every character that appears in the bootleg (Ryu, Chun li, Guile, Zangief and Vega/M.Bison) to look a bit more like that one in this game but still retaining their 16 bit look. However, characters like Ryu or Zangief pretty much look the same than their counterparts - so the author also wants to add more sounds in some attacks eventually or even change the music if possible.

For now this is only a graphic hack for Chun li, hope you enjoy it!

Final Fantasy Legend Chaoseum Released

29 January 2023 7:10PM EST - Update by capncrunch992

ROM Hacks News

Tower Reversed and Nemo have collaborated to create a Final Fantasy Legend randomizer… of sorts. FFL Chaoseum is a hack that imposes several chaotic algorithms on character growth and treasure boxes, ensuring a much more diverse set of outcomes each time the game is played. Additionally, there’s a coliseum side quest added to world three that allows the player to challenge random high-level enemy parties to receive random prizes. Other edits include graphics and script revisions, and even a restored credits sequence!

Final Fantasy VI - A Soldier's Contingency Released!

26 January 2023 1:42PM EST - Update by Lightning Hunter

ROM Hacks News

In development for the last 5-years, A Soldier’s Contingency is a comprehensive gameplay and expansion hack for FFVI. Based on the wonderful hack by Fauntleroy/Fedorajoe titled the “General Leo Edition”, this project includes a massive expansion to many aspects of the game. In addition to being able to recruit Leo, There are 200+ new monsters, new alternate character sprites, 50+ new battle themes, an entire Gameplay overhaul, dozens of new items, beast hunting, new bosses, over 50 patches/hacks from the community, all major bugs fixed, new spells/skills, smarter AI, new plot twists, and far too much else to list here!

This hack was especially made for those completionists/collectors who enjoy hunting those elusive items and monsters. You can easily drop 99+ hours of playtime completing the beast hunting and collecting those ultimate endgame items! Even if you just want a normal playthrough without the hunting, you will still find plenty of new content.

For those that don’t want to miss anything, a full guide is included!


Final Fantasy Hasted 1.0 Release

25 January 2023 2:54AM EST - Update by mentil

ROM Hacks News

October, 2022: After a long year of fruitful ROM hacking, Mentil decided to take a break by making another attempt at replaying Final Fantasy 1 for the NES with an all-Black-Mage party. He’d recently found out the game had a built-in map screen (darn cryptic brooms!) and decided for this attempt to try an interesting-sounding hack called Final Fantasy Restored.

Aah, a much better experience… wait, why is the game still so tedious and slow-paced?! Well, someone would have to do something to fix that! And so Final Fantasy Hasted was born.

Nearly four months later, after two playthroughs testing the hack, fixing multiple bugs found by doing so, the fruits of his labor have been released.

While being compatible with many other hacks such as the aforementioned Final Fantasy Restored, it contains many new features to make the game faster and more streamlined to play, such as:

  • Substantially faster transitions and combat animations.
  • It’s now shown in shops who can equip which items. In weapon shops, it’s also shown if that weapon has higher or lower attack power than what’s currently equipped.
  • Actions in combat now automatically switch to the next enemy or ally instead of giving an ‘Ineffective’ error (although this can be disabled if desired.)
  • Pressing Start + Select in combat sets the whole party to Run. Pressing Left or Right when selecting an enemy now lets you change columns.
  • The map screen now renders faster, is more readable, and is more accurate with regards to water.

In addition, this hack’s archive also includes a completely-optional antigrind patch, which increases enemy rewards 2-3x, and rebalances spell costs.

Manall's FF1 v2.2.2 Release

24 January 2023 6:32AM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

Yay, an update for 2023!

One of the main goals with 2.2.2 was to smooth some of the steeper enemy damage thresholds, specifically to aid the Fighter. They will also become ever so slightly stronger by the very end, and these two changes will collaborate to improve combat flow.

This will not allow for a massive amount of extra damage, but rather help make turns against specific armored foes more meaningful. This builds off what began in version 2.2, which saw improvements to several important melee weapons.

Also - at the request of a fan, there is a new bonus patch which disables the flashing spell animation. The game should now be much easier on the eyes, and perhaps now even finally playable by some who otherwise would have to steer clear of the game entirely out of health concerns. Happy RPG-ing!

Journey to Silius: Fair Edition

18 January 2023 9:28AM EST - Update by schil227

ROM Hacks News

There is a certain archetype of NES game that has this criteria: The game-play is rock solid, the graphics are beautiful, the music is kick-ass, and the difficulty is way, way too hard. Journey to Silius is one of these games.

Journey to Silius is really special; you *want* to see more of it. You *want* to beat it. But the frustration of playing it long outstays the fun. You could cheat with infinite lives or continues with game genie - but, then what’s the point? Instead, this patch aims to “correct” the cruel difficulty, while making minimal changes to keep the game true to its original form. The result is the game is still very difficult, but with skill and knowledge, it is much more manageable.

What this patch does specifically is increase the chance of health drops. In the base game, the player has a very rare chance of getting a health drop (and, is twice as likely to get a weapon energy drop instead). The patch gives both health and weapon energy drops a 12.5% chance of happening on any standard enemy. Limited continues were kept in to keep the high-stakes gameplay.

The change is subtle, but the results are great: with more health drops, there is significantly less frustration, the challenge is (still) difficult but fair, and the game is much more fun.

For many of (us) which have given up on Journey to Silius because it was just unrealistically difficult, consider this patch the solution.

X means 10 in Roman Numerals

17 January 2023 5:43AM EST - Update by insectduel

ROM Hacks News

Do you ever think that Mega Man X on Super Nintendo is considered the tenth Mega Man game when the game is developed? If you live in the United States, Europe or other countries that uses the English language, then you are in for a treat. In the United States, Europe or other countries the classic Mega Man titles uses the Roman Numerals from II to VII.

Insectduel have worked on the MSU-1 project for his own purpose, porting the Mega Man 10 songs composed by YouTuber Mega SFC into Mega Man X but some of the Mega Man 10 songs were left in 8-Bit and the Stage Select Mega Man 10 music is entirely different composer. Starting in 2018, Insectduel ported random composed Mega Man 10, X1 style songs until December 2022 is when he decided to use all 21 of Mega SFC’s Mega Man 10, X1 style songs.

However, the MSU-1 project requires the Mega Man X rom to be tweaked, such as adding more songs in the sound test as well as changing music pointers including adding the Abandoned Factory Mega Man 10 song at Sigma Stage 1 checkpoints.

You can download these patches with the included .PCM music here. Be sure you read the readme first as it tells you the ROM-Hasher requirements to patch with the specific Mega Man X rom. WARNING, playing this game on a standalone rom on a non-MSU-1 built emulator or console including not matching the ROM file as the .PCM or .MSU files results in Sigma Stage 3 to crash before the level loads.

NHL '94: 2023 Edition is released!

13 January 2023 1:14PM EST - Update by Adam Catalyst

ROM Hacks News

This hack will completely update NHL ‘94 for the 2023 season. The goal is to try to provide the most refined and realistic modern versions of this all-time classic game. Key features include…

Rosters, Ratings & Lines. Eight hundred players obsessively rated, up-to-date rosters, and realistic lines, based on extensive 2022-2023 regular season player data and analytics.

Gameplay Revisioned. The gameplay has been adjusted for a more realistic modern hockey feel, with harder to score goals, easier to hit crossbars and posts, more realistic speed burst, fewer penalty calls, custom energy depletion and recovery rates (balanced for more realistic line rolling and shift length), and player ratings that have been carefully calibrated for more realistic gameplay on the ice.

Graphical Refinements. The most obvious change is the move to composite sticks, but there are hundreds of graphical refinements beyond this, including title screens, logos, banners, player photos, scoreboard, audience, face-offs, player sprites, scorekeepers, Zamboni driver, and more.

And so much more! Of course there is the weight bug fix, but also a custom weight scale, less variance in Hot/Cold rating randomization, immediate goalie control by pressing the (Y) button with a six-button controller (clockwise), a custom 3-Stars of the Game rating formula…

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