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Breath of Fire IV Uncensored

30 September 2022 10:56AM EST - Update by navarchos

ROM Hacks News

Breath of Fire IV’s North American and European releases suffered from censorship and cut content. Four scenes were censored, Scias’ speech was altered, and the Identify ability was removed.

This hack restores the four censored scenes. Additionally, it also allows the user to add back Scias’ Identify ability.

Dragon Warrior - 10x experience and 10x gold

29 September 2022 5:06PM EST - Update by h_guillaume

ROM Hacks News

This little gem of a hack makes the game almost 10x faster to complete. The hack is reducing the experience to level by 10 and the gold to purchase items by 10. DW1 Mass Data Editor was used for this change. Price of inn is not reduced by 10, so it makes it more costly to go in an inn. But the golds from chests will be worth more. Completing a game of Dragon Warrior in less than 2 hours is very satisfying.

Small ZAMN 3 is Released!

26 September 2022 7:14AM EST - Update by Zombie101

ROM Hacks News

Small ZAMN 3 is Released!

This Hack is the hardest in the small ZAMN trilogy. Players start with 1 life and 150 ammo of a random Weapon and 1 of a random item. Players must fight for their survival as there aren’t many healing items and Victims don’t come back easily. However, the bonus levels make up for this as each one has a 1UP somewhere in it and there is a bonus level every 2 levels and they’re filled with lots of goodies to help aid you on your journey. Work your way through 74 levels and fight off Dr. Tongue’s Abominations and put an end to him in this finale to the Small ZAMN series.

Detailed description of features.

  • 74 new levels!
  • Reverse cycling!
  • Random Starting Items!
  • All special secret characters return with new ones! New characters are: Tangle, Whisper, Wave, Bunnie, Milla, Neera, Retsuko, And Droter!
  • New sprites!
  • New animations!
  • New enemies!
  • New point values for Victims!
  • New Victims!
  • Players get hurt much faster than normal!
  • Players have half the life they normally get!
  • New demos!
  • New passwords!
  • Secrets hidden throughout the hack! And more!

Keep a look out for the explorer! He may be trying to show you something!

Enjoy Zombie101.

Final Fantasy IV Ultima now has updated graphics.

24 September 2022 10:59PM EST - Update by T92

ROM Hacks News

Final Fantasy IV Ultima now has updated graphics. The battle sprites, portraits, and enemies’ sprites are now high quality versions of the original graphics.

Thanks to mrBrawndo, T92 and Gedankenschild for their work on the new optional graphical patchs.

Chill out with Penguin NES hacks

24 September 2022 10:55PM EST - Update by pangenttech

ROM Hacks News

There’s no shortage of early NES/Famicom games which star penguins. The “Binary Land” penguins were mascots of sorts for Hudson Soft and Nintendo, appearing in Pinball and Family Basic, which caused them to star in countless amateur games and hacks. Konami had a penguin mascot too, in 1983’s Antarctic Adventure (and its MSX sequel), 1991’s Yume Penguin Monogatari, and the Parodius series.

But if you’re after the latest in antarctic entertainment on your NES, Pangent Technologies has the games for you. Brand-new NES hacks of “(Duncan’s) Thin Ice,” “2002 Bomberman,” “Duck Maze,” “Flappy,” “Hunter On Ice,” and “Penguin-Kun Wars,” all starring penguins. Consider it a way to stay cool this season.

Manall's Waluigi RPG 1.2 Release

22 September 2022 6:32PM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

This update is packed with improvements.

There’s been a painstaking difficulty pass, amounting to over two pages of notes just for foes and bosses. The challenges are still in place but will be more fair to approach (and to boot, all defensive timings are slightly easier!) Especially taxing areas have been sanded further, each on a case-by-case basis.

Other than that, there’s newness to check out! Players will have much more reasonable access to items like bracers, energizers and their beefier counterparts to give them an edge, and elixirs are either cheaper or more effective as well…Tadpole Pond is your friend! Parties will also be learning several spells a bit earlier, again to give players access to more tools sooner, while status-protecting “Pin” items are more defensive than before. This will be especially helpful in early game.

But there’s a lot more to the details than this overview. Regarding new items? Note Blocks, the Lakitu Cloud, Kuribo Shoe, Mossilixir and War Banner join the fray! That last one there, most of all…seriously, try out the War Banner!!

Oh, and Sheep Attack comes fully upgraded at initial purchase. That’s what you were waiting for, right?!

An All New Castlevania Adventure Awaits Ya's

19 September 2022 9:29PM EST - Update by Googie

ROM Hacks News

Here’s a Castlevania hack that was on ice since the 2000’s, Dragonsbrethren’s old sequel to his other Castlevania hack Castlevania Retold. Brought back to life as Googie’s first CV hack. You’ll go on an adventure with Richter Belmont to fight the very bad vampire.

Big shout out to everyone who contributed to bring this hack to life, this wouldn’t have been possible with your help.

Valkyrie's Adventure SRAM + QOL Version 3.1 Released

14 September 2022 6:58PM EST - Update by mentil

ROM Hacks News

Version 3.1 of Mentil’s improvement hack for Valkyrie’s Adventure/Valkyrie no Bouken was recently released. The game is an NES action-adventure/RPG comparable to Hydlide, released in 1986 a few months after the latter’s NES port. This hack is compatible with the original Japanese release, as well as the DvD Translations patch.

The headline feature of this hack is that it adds SRAM support to an RPG that formerly relied on passwords which only preserved the most basic of character progress. With version 3.0, the first release, a ROM expansion allowed for all character attributes to be saved. However, a pernicious bug which had eluded the author for the six months of its development yet remained.

The SRAM support (and indeed, hacks of the game itself) only worked in certain emulators like FCEUX, with others like Mesen rendering it unplayable. However, with the assistance of RayofJay and other members of the nesdev Discord channel, Mentil was not only able to get the hack running in Mesen, but also on the Everdrive! This led to the release of 3.1

In addition to SRAM support, an included alternate patch adds various quality-of-life improvements to the game. These include making legendary equipment more useful, making thieves less disruptive to gameplay, and (last but not least) removing uncommunicated requirements from the win condition at the very end of the game. Combined with the save-upon-death feature of the base hack, these make the game much more user-friendly.

Sicari 2 - 1.06 has Released!

13 September 2022 6:15AM EST - Update by Yukivee

ROM Hacks News

Sicari 2’s latest update features a number of quality-of-life additions to help improve the experience. These include but are not limited to:

  • An improved final boss, with a checkpoint and more telegraphs.
  • Lives will now save upon reset!
  • Improvements to the collectable Switch Tokens.
  • Many more small improvements.

Check it out for yourself and enjoy!

Mario Kart Super Circuit HQ Music - The Final Update!

12 September 2022 11:51AM EST - Update by RunTheCoins

ROM Hacks News

This is a complete sound improvement of the samples in Mario Kart Super Circuit, this changes both the sound engine and the limitations of how the samples are played, so they can be played at a higher rate!

This rewrites the games sound engine completely, and adds longer samples in so you can enjoy the game in pristine quality audio! This was done by researching some of the Code in the prototype Ique Builds, as they have a newer sound engine that allows playback of wav files. Over the last two weeks the author was able to use the decomp and took advantage of the limitations being removed, but since the decomp isn’t complete The author had to copy the new data into the other rom the author was using, now the games audio runs well and sounds crisp! The game’s audio is also now in stereo!

The project is now complete and the author would want to thank Church of Kondo : For giving the author the samples needed to make this mod. The author would also like to thank the people Decomping Mario Kart Super Circuit : for making this mod possible as well. The author would lastly like to thank Cloou for good documentation on the samples used in game, : The author would of never been able to figure it all by himself if it wasn’t for these guys.

P.S. A full color restoration is now in the works, though It’s gonna be awhile before it will be finished, so just wait a little bit, The author will post updates on this new mod in the future.

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