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Dragon Warrior III: Fortune Scene Fix

16 February 2022 8:01PM EST - Update by Hamikon

ROM Hacks News

In Dragon Quest III, there’s a scene in the town of Assaram where a woman will give you a “Puff Puff” massage.

This was censored in the international release, Dragon Warrior III. Instead of giving the player a “Puff Puff”, the woman will tell the player’s fortune.

But it seems the localization team forgot to remove one of her dialogue: “How does your shoulders feel? Is the stiffness gone? Come again.”

So… Yeah… This patch will change that dialogue into: (See the picture below)

Why would she say that? Don’t want to ruin the joke, find it out by yourself! The censored scene is quite funny (^_^)

Manall's FF1 v2.04 Update

14 February 2022 9:42PM EST - Update by Manall

ROM Hacks News

It’s time for the first update in over a year! The changes have been culminating over a while, and after a bug was discovered by a fellow player there was no reason not to finish this patch. Additionally, there are a few weapon tweaks included, and the guide/maps are more condensed and accessible.

  • A bug with the Onrac weapon shop was reported by a user, and this version fixes that.
  • Documentation is now more easily accessible (and animated!)
  • The maps that come with the mod now also show monster rosters & treasure information. This is how it was always intended to be, and it has finally been achieved. ♥
  • The password to the mystery box has been made more intuitive and context-sensitive.
  • Wooden Arrow critical rate raised from 16% to 20% to polish Archer’s early game
  • Edited whip visuals
  • Thorn Whip replaces Drake Whip - poisons targets instead of a bonus vs. fire/lizards
  • Storm Whip is now fire-elemental in addition to lightning and ice

Super Robot Taisen 64 Economical Hack

12 February 2022 10:07AM EST - Update by kikeroga

ROM Hacks News

Super Robot Wars 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 on October 29, 1999. It was a very attractive game with a hard-hitting story reflecting the world at that time (the end of the century) and unique designs. I think it’s a shame that this work is not as well known as other Super Robot series. This hack is a simple one that reduces the SP consumption of the characters’ mental commands and lowers the cost of modifying the robots, but it will make it easier to advance the story. Please take this opportunity to play with it.

Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden gets an Android 18 Improved Sprite

07 February 2022 6:45AM EST - Update by Kanon

ROM Hacks News

Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden is getting an art update for the first time since… ever!

While most of the characters are carefully designed and look more than good enough, Android 18 art in the 16 bit era (not just Mega Drive) is somehow dull. While Dragon Ball games in later generation consoles present a more stylized look, closer to the source material, the 16 bit era had to settle with barely recognizable art.

This new hack for Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden by KanonZombie replaces every animation frame with their counterparts from Extreme Butoden for the Nintendo 3DS.

Additional changes include adapting hitbox data, projectile positions and more to match the new art, requiring a deeper understanding of the game program that paves the way for bigger changes in the future.

A demo video of the changes can be seen here (WIP at the time, some frames were replaced)

Download the patch HERE

Pac-Man for SNES

05 February 2022 7:22AM EST - Update by Nokia3310

ROM Hacks News

Pac-Man was never released as a Super Nintendo game or on any classic arcade compilations in the 16-bit days. This patch now fills that hole in the SNES library.

An official port of Pac-Man for SNES only appeared as an unlockable game in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. This patch turns that 16-bit version of Pac-Man into a standalone game for Super Nintendo. No arcades to find in Pac-Man 2 or password to enter. No menus. It works on real hardware or an emulator.

This is now the best way of playing Namco’s Pac-Man on Super Nintendo.

Pac-Man 2 also includes a version of Namco’s Ms. Pac Man and is a different version to the vertical scrolling version released by Williams for SNES. Watch this space…

NEWS UPDATE The patch for Namco’s Ms. Pac-Man is now complete and available to download here

A BUNCH of Updates come to AV!

05 February 2022 7:21AM EST - Update by CousinCatnip

ROM Hacks News

Over 17+ Updates come to the NES Mega Man V romhack: AV!

Did you want to use the Mega Buster? Where you looking for less spikes? Maybe a few bug and softlock fixes?

Well, AV 1.1 HAS IT ALL!

Now with 6 modes to choose from, you can customize the experience to make it as easy or as hard as you desire.

There are also a few graphical surprises and some fancier refights!

Finally, the infamous Wily 1 stage has been adjusted to be less punishing. It might be worth revisiting if that gave you trouble!

What are you waiting for?

Watch the NEW trailer here:

Download AV 1.1 here:

Castlevania AoS (USA) - Symphony of the Colors UPDATE by JonataGuitar

03 February 2022 10:07AM EST - Update by sorrow

ROM Hacks News

Behold, EVEN MORE Brand New colors for Castlevania Aria of Sorrow.

Play through the vanilla Aria of Sorrow experience, but with a new visual style inspired by Castlevania Symphony of the Night!

JonataGuitar recolored the following categories:

  • Backgrounds
  • Animations
  • Player Characters and NCPs
  • Enemies

As this patch only aims to change palettes, they may or may not work with other AoS patches. Test on your own and find out!

Use of the two patches were tested (very briefly) with the ALTER patch for AoS.

Initial testing seemed to have BOTH of the patches work fine, with no crashing/resets due to the cheat protection of the ALTER patch, leading one to believe they should be fine for a full playthrough, though YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY.

To use with ALTER, your AoS rom must be patched with ALTER FIRST, and THEN apply one of the Recolor Patches.

Star Fox - Mouse Mode - Play Star Fox with SNES mouse!

01 February 2022 11:16AM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News

Imagine - the year is 1993. The SNES comes out with Star Fox - and it supports the SNES mouse!

That is the idea of this project - enjoy a whole new experience playing Star Fox in the style of Descent or an FPS!

By putting a mouse onto port 2, you can now control the ship!

Left mouse button - Fire

Right mouse button - Bomb

Both buttons at the same time - BOOST or BRAKE Double clicking both buttons within 9 frames will swap the mode from Boost-Brake.

You can move by aiming, as well as move by using the D-pad.

Enjoy! This rom comes packed with Crosshair always on, 21mhz SuperFX, and FASTROM enabled.

This is another project brought to you by kandowontu and the Star Fox Exploration Discord Server.

Starfox Exploration Discord:

Twitter: @kandowontu

Special thanks to Catador and Phonymike

Few Graphical Tweaks to Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition

26 January 2022 9:07PM EST - Update by Rael G.C.

ROM Hacks News

Some improvements to the Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition hack (all sent to Linkuei, the author of the hack).

In attached images, there are 3 columns: the hack, the improvements in progress and the arcade version (resized).

So, a short description of the improvements:

  • Sub-Zero: reworked background, new blue in palette colors, hand colors improvement, some touches on his forehead.
  • Liu Kang: some smoothness to his face shadows, reworked left ear, reworked left fire in the background.
  • Scorpion: resized of the yellow cover mask, some border smoothing, reworked the colors on his forehead (the arcade is using gray shadows, but the ROM has only 1 gray… so at least now it appears a bit more natural gradient).
  • Kano: both ears are improved (mostly the right one), both eyes were reworked (to match the arcade a bit closer), the right side of this neck was reworked too, and some recoloring of the leather bags on his shoulder.
  • Rayden: some smoothness on the shadows on his face (to appear not “hand drawn” and bit more “real” like the arcade), some smooth and repositioning in some lightning, improved the inner shadow on his “hat”, redrawn of the hand… and the most difficulty one: re-create the dark gray shadows on his kimono. But the arcade is using more than 6 shades of gray, while this screen have only one. For now, it’s just trying to simulate a simple shadow.

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21 January 2022 2:16PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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