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Open Call for New Submission Reviewers

22 November 2023 11:21AM EST - Update by USC

Site News

The RHDN staff are posting an open call for new submission reviewers! As a submission reviewer, you would be working with the rest of the team to check up to several hundred submissions per month. In addition, you would help respond to Contact Staff inquiries and participate in staff discussions.

If you are interested or have any questions, please send a message via the Contact Us form. Please briefly tell about your experience with the site and why you’re interested in volunteering, along with how much time you think you could spend reviewing per week.

Thank you!

Site Announcement regarding Downloads

13 November 2023 3:05PM EST - Update by USC

Site News

Recently, the site was targeted by a number of scraping services. While not malicious, their combined efforts used up a large amount of site resources and bandwidth. Downloads have been temporarily restricted until the bandwidth usage is back to normal levels. Apologies for the inconvenience, and the staff hope to have everything back up as soon as possible.

  • USC, Staff Reviewer

Staff Announcement - Correction

11 February 2023 9:46AM EST - Update by USC

Site News

This is a clarification of a previous announcement, which unfortunately caused confusion to the community.

The purpose of is to archive and promote the community’s work. That has not changed - the goal is still to preserve hacks that would otherwise be lost. Claiming another person’s hack as your own has never been acceptable, and was not intended to sound like a new policy.

It is still possible for third-parties to submit an abandoned hack, or a hack that has been clearly declared by the author as open for reposting. However, reviewers have recently dealt with a number of authors who did not approve of their work being uploaded against their wishes. In the past, this was resolved by having them submit a non-compliance request. As a result of the new policy, reviewers will now more stringently review third-party submissions, and may have to reject them on a case-by-case basis if those issues are encountered. Ideally, if the author is still active it would best to encourage them to submit their work to the site directly.

Again, the staff regrets the confusion and frustration caused by the prior announcement. Future policy announcements will be reviewed more carefully to prevent this. If you have any questions, you are welcome to use the Contact Staff form to discuss with staff.

Thank you all!

  • USC, submission reviewer

Message from RHDN staff

06 March 2022 2:01PM EST - Update by lexluthermiester

Site News


All emails seem to be working again, so everyone as you were! Again, happy hacking.

Message from RHDN Administrators to all visitors, users & staff!

Recently RHDN administrators and staff have become aware of problems that exist with GMail users not receiving certain emails from RHDN, specifically those relating to the submissions queue and account activations.

This is a known problem and completely out of RHDN hands.

Users of Yahoo, Hotmail, ProtonMail and other non-Google email services are unaffected and will continue to receive the emails they should.

A staff member has verified this problem is affecting other sites beyond RHDN. Google seems to be aware of the problem and are working on the issue.

At this moment staff are not sure what the next step is except to hope that Google fixes the problem swiftly.

Until then, RHDN users and staff should update site profiles to an alternate email address(if possible) or barring that, login frequently/daily to stay updated with events and goings-on here at RHDN.

Updates will be posted as things progress.

Be safe and happy hacking!

Sonic Hacking Contest 2021 - Trailer

08 October 2021 9:35PM EST - Update by RadioTails

Site News

It’s time to show off this year’s trailer for the Sonic Hacking Contest 2021:

All entries can be downloaded and played from Monday 11th October to Sunday 17th October from

Check this newsletter for more details on what is happening during the contest:

2021 Sonic Hacking Contest - Accepting Submissions

16 August 2021 7:21AM EST - Update by RadioTails

Site News

We are now ready to accept submissions to the 2021 Contest and Expo for the Contest Week that will start from 11th to 17th October! Please visit to submit your entries.

Check the SHC Newsletter for more information about this year’s contest:

Due to delays in getting the site ready for this year’s submissions, the Judges have decided to allow for an extension of the deadlines to ensure enough time is available to submit to the Contest.

Here are the new deadlines:

  • CONTEST DEADLINE = End of Sunday 12th September
  • UPDATES DEADLINE = End of Sunday 19th September
  • EXPO DEADLINE = End of Sunday 26th September
  • CONTEST WEEK = Monday 11th to Sunday 17th October

If you have any questions, use the SHC Contact US Form:

Announcement Dates for the 2021 Sonic Hacking Contest

23 March 2021 9:06PM EST - Update by RadioTails

Site News

This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog! During the anniversary, the annual Sonic Hacking Contest will also be occurring. See below for the submission deadlines/when the contest is taking place:

CONTEST DEADLINE - End of 5th September

UPDATES DEADLINE - End of 12th September

EXPO DEADLINE - End of 26th September

CONTEST WEEK - 11th to 17th October

Changes have been made to the judging process to include additional judges that will focus on three categories; Retro (hacks based on vintage Sonic games), 3D (mods based on 3D games), and 2D PC (mods for 2D titles such as Sonic Mania).

To find out more information about the contest, check out the Sonic Hacking Contest website:

Submission Reviewers Needed

28 May 2019 11:53AM EST - Update by Staff

Site News is looking to recruit new volunteer Submission Reviewer staff members. The ideal candidate will have an established submission history and familiarity with site submission forms, policies, and practices. Submission Reviewers are responsible for handling up to several hundred submissions per month, so candidates must also have adequate time to devote and visit the site daily whenever possible. Submission Reviewers also answer Contact Staff inquiries, participate in staff discussion, and help shape the future of the site!

Anyone interested in the job and making a difference should respond via the Contact Staff Form.

Help Save and Data Crystal

29 July 2017 11:06AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

We are at the end of the line and we need your help! We are out of funds and have no source of income. Yet, you ask us to keep going, keep providing new features, keep maintaining your favorite themes, keep processing submissions, and keep your home here updated and functional year after year. All of this as the site grows larger every single day! We can’t do this without you. Help us help YOU! We’ve set up a Patreon with more details below. Please give it a look for the benefit of all. Recent forum changes are of course related to Patreon tiers.

Support and Data Crystal on Patreon

Secondly, thanks for all of your feedback on RHDN 3.0. We’ve heard you, and we know what we have to do to fix it. Going forward we will outsource site design and layout to the professionals. There are no designers on staff, nor any community volunteers. We have done our best to get by for free, but that has not been enough. To fund this (if Patreon does not work out exceptionally well), our primary task will be finding sponsors for the site (appropriate Patreon tiers would be exempt from advertising). If you have any recommendations for your favorite design firm, or web consultant, please contact the staff! Also, if you have recommendations for sponsors that you think would be a good fit (or if you happen to be a sponsor yourself), contact us!

RHDN 3.0 Site Refresh Launched!

23 June 2017 6:06PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News has refreshed its look for the modern age! Our new theme (RHDN Boss) and layout focuses on two fronts. First, we have provided mobile and tablet friendly viewing with a new responsive design. This new design covers both site and forum. We’ve moved to HTML5/CSS3 with jQuery which will allow us to make many further enhancements going forward such as enhancing our forms, adding AJAX capabilities, search as you type, and more.

The second focus of the refresh was increasing the visibility of the many great works in our database. We have added several new widgets to enhance visibility of new material, as well as existing material. Visibility will also see a boost with our entry into social media. We have added tweet and share buttons to all of our entry pages to get the word out on your favorite works. We are currently considering additional solutions to further increase visibility internally such as RHDN likes, favorites, or recommendations.

Follow Us On Social Media:

This has been a year of infrastructure improvements for the future and our front-end was not left out. More great things are yet to come!

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