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Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation -- English Translation Released!

21 November 2022 8:30AM EST - Update by acediez

Translations News

Goemon Shin Sedai Shuumei (Goemon: The Successor for a New Generation) is a single-player action platformer with light exploration elements and first-person mech battles. It’s the last Goemon game released on the original PlayStation.

As a Japan-exclusive, late PS1 game, it’s often overlooked, even by fans of the franchise, who were turned off by the drastic change in style and tone. It also didn’t include a two-player cooperative mode, another franchise staple.

Looking at it by its own merits though, it’s a challenging and polished action platformer with a beautiful presentation, and great soundtrack on top of all. It’s a recommended playthrough for anyone looking out for quality overlooked 2D action platformers of the era.

As a piece of gaming history, it’s one of the swan songs of an era that was about to fade away: that of the 2D action platformers as main console releases. A trend that would take an entire console generation to come back in some capacity. If anything, this attempt to adapt a well-known franchise for a more mainstream audience (unsuccessful for the franchise as it was), is a demonstration of the compromises game studios had to go through to keep making games of this genre and value during this era, where the market was pushing them to lower budget handheld releases. Ironically, the down-scaled GBA port this game got was a taste of what was in store for the genre.

The translation:

The whole script has been translated, as well as the video subtitles (covering up the original game’s hardcoded Japanese subtitles), menus, and every single in-game graphic with any text on them. The bulk of the script can be found on the mostly-optional town dialogues and side-quests. So, while the game was technically beatable without knowing any Japanese, a big part of its content wouldn’t have been accessible. Now it is. Enjoy!

This project is dedicated to the Goemon SFC translation team of DDS, Tom and FlashPV. It was my pleasure and honor to work with some of you, and to be part of the wave of attention to the Goemon franchise your work sparked.

Translation of Final Fantasy I for Nintendo NES to Spanish, made by Rod Mérida / Crackowia

16 November 2022 10:03AM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News

Traducciones Crackowia is proud to announce the release of their translation of Final Fantasy 1 for Nintendo NES to the Spanish language. Made by Rod Mérida, with the contribution of LuisCoco, from Venezuela, as programmer of debugging tools for detecting wrong pointers and text overflow issues in dialogs, this translation was started in 23rd January of 2001, and few time after abandonned. This snapshot, recovered from an old CD-R that contained a backup of the author’s 3.2 GB hard disk, could be a proof and remind of those days: . This project was rescued from oblivion and continued twenty years after, in 23rd November of 2021. It was almost completed after three days of ROM editing and testing. Now, thanks to the contribution of Crackowia team’s programmer, it has been debugged, finished and released. This patch even fixes a bug contained in some FF1 dumps from 1997 whose SRAM, or saving function, was disabled and doesn’t properly load saved games in many modern emulators and real machines, so with these dumps, this translation correct that issue.

The translation itself is totally faithful to any editorial aspect present in the American ROM of Final Fantasy 1, like the use of capitalization as a form of underlying, for some key terms of the game.

This contribution may be considered to be an excellent chance for Spanish speaking fans of the series to go back in past to the very first Final Fantasy, that saved Square from bankrupt, thus contradicting its own name.

Further information about the translation process may be found in this article: .

New Translations Added to the Database

09 November 2022 1:54PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):













Super Mario All-Stars in Brazilian Portuguese

23 October 2022 12:53AM EST - Update by bMatSantos

Translations News

Two years after translating Super Mario Bros. and its sequels on the NES, romhacker bMatSantos managed to port them over to Super Mario All-Stars!

When founding a complete, well-documented disassembly for the collection, he worked on it for 2 months by himself, redoing every 8-bit sprite into 16-bit, expanding tilemaps and objects alike, and even adding new graphics on VRAM when it was deemed necessary.

This patch also fixes the brick block physics in SMB1/Lost Levels and the bros. gloves in SMB3, as well as reducing the speed of flashing lights.

PopoloCrois PS1 Translation Complete

08 September 2022 10:53AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News

What initially began as a translation between MatatabiMitsu and Illidan eventually ended up in the laps of aishsha et al. As is wont the case, Matatabi’s life took a turn for the better, forcing him to give up his hobby translations and aishsha was all too eager to take over what was essentially a dream project for him.

So, after years of works and many trials and tribulations along the way, the team has finally completed PopoloCrois Story for everyone to enjoy thanks to the dedication of aishsha, paul_met’s beautiful hacking work and Pennywise to polish everything up to near perfection. The team also decided to dub the female narrator in the game, which was done by Cargodin. Also thanks to everyone else who helped this project to completion.

Anyhow, please enjoy the translation of PopoloCrois in all its wonderful glory.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Spanish Translation

24 August 2022 5:32PM EST - Update by RadioTails

Translations News

The Latin Spanish and European Spanish translation for Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine has been updated to Version 2.0

The dialog script was re-translated to be more faithful to the English script. A big thanks goes to Jate and Max1323 for making improvements to the script.

An alternative version for the Latin Spanish translation to use the dub names from the Mexican/Argentinian version of “Las aventuras de Sonic” is currently being worked on. The aim is to have that released by the end of the year.

So what are you all waiting for? Go and rescue those beans!

Bakemonogatari Portable now available in English!

22 August 2022 11:57AM EST - Update by PhantomandGhost

Translations News

A full English translation of Bakemonogatari Portable (based on the hit light novel/anime series of the same name) has been released! In this self-titled “crazy mad delusional drama” game, words become weapons in fast-paced dialogue battles.

The story mode features retelling of the series’ five arcs, beautifully hosted in a 3D world which captures the unique feel of the anime. Step into the shoes of Koyomi Araragi, a normal boy who was dragged into the world of the supernatural after an encounter with a vampire. His troubles don’t end there however, as this cautionary set of monstories goes to show, you must be careful what you wish for.

Famicom Jump: Eiyuu Retsuden 1.0 English Translation Released!!!

22 August 2022 8:01AM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

Welcome to Jump World!

It’s time to celebrate Weekly Shounen Jump’s 20th year anniversary with a game that has multiple manga titles converged into one single world. Time to get your Rocket Punch ready to recruit sixteen heroes from many popular and obscure manga series and save Jump World from King Piccolo and his minions!

English Translation of Gimmick Land Released!

04 August 2022 3:31PM EST - Update by TomatoAdventure_Fan

Translations News

Breaking news! Breaking news! It’s finally time for the kids of the Ketchup Kingdom to celebrate. Because for the first time in history, Gimmick Land is now available to play in English!

Gimmick Land is an RPG for the GBC developed by AlphaDream, who are perhaps best known for their work on the beloved Mario & Luigi series. This game essentially serves as a prototype for Tomato Adventure, a game for the GBA that received an English fan translation in 2021. Gimmick Land was completely finished and intended for release, but Nintendo asked AlphaDream to rework the game in order to better suit their newest iteration in the Game Boy line of products. Before the “Nintendo Gigaleak” of September 2020, the only public documentation of Gimmick Land that existed was two screenshots.

Gimmick Land has you take control of DeMille, a young boy who must embark on a legendary journey to save his girlfriend from the clutches of the evil King Abira. In order to gain access to Gimmick Palace and save the day, DeMille must first take down the almighty 6 Super Kids. This light-hearted RPG features much of the same quirky humor and gameplay charm that is a common staple of AlphaDream’s finest RPGs. Fans of the coveted Mario & Luigi series will notice the roots of many gameplay ideas that would soon be fleshed out, and further expanded upon in the iconic series.

The Legend of Princess Kaguya

31 July 2022 6:55PM EST - Update by FCandChill

Translations News

A new complete translation of Kaguya Hime Densetsu (The Legend of Princess Kaguya) for the Famicom has been released. This game was originally translated by snark back in 2009 until it was passed off to Pennywise and Eien Ni Hen for further improvement. It was then years later passed off to and finished by FCandChill. Project timelines aside, this is a vast improvement over the original translation. The rom was expanded, giving the script far more room to breathe and menus were expanded. Additionally, this new project addresses many lost detail and translation issues.

In any case, The Legend of Princess Kaguya is a fun little Famicom adventure game worth checking out. It has a quirky sense of humor and with a lot of fun characters. Featured inside is a fully translated manual, with game hints on how to progress.

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