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Shockman Zero SNES (English Translation)

01 February 2023 8:23AM EST - Update by svambo

Translations News

Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero is a 2D action platformer and has become a hidden gem amongst retro gamers. It plays like a side scrolling beat-em up version of Mega Man, controls great and even has a dragon punch attack with the same inputs as Street Fighter II.

While most of the series was on PC Engine, this game was originally for Satellaview only (the Japanese Super Famicom add-on). It was eventually released as a standard cartridge in Japan in 2017. This full translation patch means the game can now be played in English on real SNES hardware or emulators.

Note: This patch is not compatible with the BS (SFC Satellaview) rom.

Crime is no idol matter: Private Eye Dol for PC-Engine CD translated

16 January 2023 12:51AM EST - Update by Supper

Translations News

An English translation of Private Eye Dol for the PC-Engine/TurboGrafx CD has been released!

Up-and-coming teen actress May Star thought the filming for her latest TV special would be a chance to enjoy some time with her friend Ayaka and new prototype AI partner Navi. Instead, it unexpectedly erupts into mystery and tragedy, leaving May the only one who can solve a baffling crime. Good thing she’s a detective’s daughter! But this proves to be only the beginning of a tangled saga, as May finds herself inexorably drawn into a web of incidents involving lies, corruption, and her own father’s mysterious suicide five years ago. Can May and her friends catch the culprits – or will this be their last shoot?

Private Eye Dol (also known as “Private Eyedol”, with many variations in capitalization) is a 1995 detective adventure game developed by HuneX and published by NEC Home Electronics for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² system. Released late in the PC-Engine’s lifespan, it showcases a highly polished presentation that often makes it feel more like a next-generation game, with large and detailed graphics, full voice acting, and features such as text scaling that are rarely seen on the console. Perhaps its biggest distinguishing element is its RPG-like overworld, which provides a higher degree of freedom compared to traditional menu-driven Japanese detective games.

This translation was the work of Supper (hacking and translation), cccmar (testing), and Xanathis (testing). In addition to translating all game text, it adds subtitles to the cutscenes, which were previously voice-only.

The authors hope you’ll enjoy this little-known but surprisingly ambitious piece of PC-Engine history.

Comedy! Akira Toriyama! It's Ackman!

15 January 2023 12:08AM EST - Update by Bunkai

Translations News

Fans of the character can now rejoice and enjoy the full superfamicom saga in english. After many years and different groups, now the 3 games of the little demon created in 1993 are fully playable in english.

You can find the patch for each of these humorous platformers down below:

Go Go Ackman

Go Go Ackman 2

Go Go Ackman 3

PS: Don’t forget to read their patch description and readme.

Magic Knight Rayearth for Game Boy translated

07 January 2023 9:41AM EST - Update by Supper

Translations News

LIPEMCO! Translations has released an English translation of Magic Knight Rayearth for the Game Boy!

To quote this web site’s description of the game: “This game is the standard-issue Dragon Quest Clone with Magic Knight Rayearth wrapped around it. You may recognize MKR as an anime, an SNES game, and a Saturn game put out by Working Designs on the Eastern side of the Pacific. It’s pretty standard, as far as Dragon Quest Clones go. You play one, you’ve played them all. Of course, this game adds some flavor to the mixture by using a very loose and humorous plot along with memorable characters. All in all, this is as decent a game as any.”

To further elaborate:

One day, Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu – the three Magic Knights summoned from Tokyo to save the magical world of Cephiro – come across a mysterious painting during their travels. Startlingly, they find that none of them see the same image in it, but no sooner do they realize this than they are sucked inside, each landing in the scene they saw. Separated, the three must now search for a way to reunite. What is the secret of the strange painting and its inhabitants?

Magic Knight Rayearth for the Game Boy is a 1995 role-playing game based on CLAMP’s hit media franchise of the same name, developed by Pandora Box and published by Tomy. Short and to the point (though with many hidden extras for the inquisitive player), its RPG elements are heavily simplified with an eye toward accessibility to the series’ target audience, leaving most of the focus on the story. One of no less than seven Rayearth games released in a one-year span, its developer would go on to make both a sequel on the Game Boy and a more ambitious and well-known Rayearth adaptation for the Super Famicom.

This patch fully translates the game into English. It was the work of TheMajinZenki (translation), Supper (hacking), cccmar (editing and testing), and Xanathis (testing). The authors hope you’ll enjoy this newly accessible entry in the popular series.

IT BURNS US!!! ("Moeru! Oniisan" NES English Translation v1.0 Released!)

05 January 2023 12:26PM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

“Moeru! Oniisan” is a gag anime and manga, written by Kenji Terada. An NES/Famicom game was made, based on the license where the patriarch of the family foolishly uses his daughter, Yukie, in a gamble.

If the father wins the game, the game ends.

If the father loses the gamble, the game begins properly.

In the game, Yukie was gambled away to Dra Gon, and her older brother, Kenichi, is off to rescue his younger sister. On some levels, you can play as other characters in the anime/manga.

Hidou (He’s a delinquent student, always depicted with an open and fanged mouth, and is a gang boss who has a crush on Yukie.) Rocky (He’s a half-Japanese, half-Filipino student who always wears flashy clothes and has an unhealthy obsession with American culture.) Shiranui (He’s a flamboyant playboy who is crushed on by many female students at his school and is very talented in volleyball.)

In most levels, you’ll also find areas where you can play mini-games to win bonus points.

This game was released in English but was very heavily altered. The RPG elements were removed, the license stripped, levels were rearranged, myriad graphics were replaced, and a circus motif was applied. The end product was released as the game “Circus Caper”. This patch releases the game as it originally was meant to be.

GBA Zelda Portuguese Brazilian translations updated

02 January 2023 7:09PM EST - Update by Solid One

Translations News

About 10 years after their original release, the Portuguese Brazilian translations of “The Legend of Zelda - Minish Cap” and “The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past & Four Swords” were updated.

The Minish Cap translation was originally released in 2008 as a public beta, and although fully playable, it has hundreds of errors and bugged dialog boxes. The new update intends to fix all these problems, and have a fully revised translation.

The Link to the Past & Four Swords translation was released in 2013, and it received an awesome translation job in the ALttP counterpart. However, the “Four Swords” game was left untouched due to being hard to play and test the translation. The purpose of the new update was specifically to translate the “Four Swords” game since now it’s fully playable through emulators such as mGBA and VBALink.

Both translations were created in collaboration with different translation groups, both old ones from the 10’s, and new ones creates these years. Also, dozens of people were involved in these works, including old-school romhackers that founded the Portuguese Brazilian translation scene.

Besides that, two utilities were added to the site: ZMCSEditor and ZFSEditor, both being script editors for Minish Cap and Four Swords games respectively, having the following functionalities:

  • Allows editing their scripts without any limitations, since their pointers are automatically updated;
  • Live preview support, rendering a preview of text blocks whenever they’re focused. Useful for checking whether texts passed the bounds of the dialog box;
  • Compare with the reference ROM, where you can open both original and edited ROMs simultaneously, and see their differences. Useful for revisions;
  • Search and replace functionalities, in case you want to edit specific words globally;
  • UI miscellaneous customizations, such as customizing dialog box appearance and size, changing preview zoom levels, etc.

We’re also releasing these utilities to the community, in the hopes that it might help someone else translate these games into other languages.

New spanish translation for Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden released

28 December 2022 8:51PM EST - Update by Kanon

Translations News

After a long wait, the new spanish translation for Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden has been released!

So far, all translations for the game were based on the french release, L’Appel du Destin, a source that already lost A LOT in the translation, and as it was a PAL game, playing on a NTSC console resulted in speed up gameplay.

This new translation is based entirely on the original japanese release, aiming to preserve as much as possible from the original, as well as finally having a western friendly NTSC version of the game.

From the title screen (”Leyendas de Poder“/”Legends of power” instead of “L’Appel du destin“/”The call of destiny“), every name, dialog, story mode, and special attack names were 100% translated from the japanese original, staying faithful to familiar anime dubs and comic editions.

Much care has been put into some aspects neglected in the original French translation, like preserving the “Game Over” text animation from the japanese original.

Also, all the eyecatchs were lost in the official translation. While in the original every battle had an introductory text (much like the title of an episode) the french release replaced them with just the name of the opponent.

As a bonus, the game system check has been removed, and replaced with an automatic detection, adjusting timings to make it playable on PAL systems as well!

English and Portuguese (Brazil) versions are reportedly in the works.

A video showcasing the translation can be found here

Mashin Hero Wataru PC Engine HuCard English Translation Released

25 December 2022 10:51PM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News

Pennywise and co present their first PC Engine translation after years of producing translations for a variety of Nintendo platforms.

The game in question is Mashin Hero Wataru. Otherwise known as Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. The project was originally started around a decade ago, but was basically abandoned and then restarted recently. It is now complete for everyone to enjoy.

Final Fantasy Tactics German Translation

08 December 2022 9:25PM EST - Update by GogetaX

Translations News

At long last, this golden Tactics RPG Pearl is completely translated into German.

Even better as this is based on the Community Hack for the PlayStation One The Lion Wars (not the PSP Version War of the Lions), which adds many Events from the PSP Version back into the PSOne Version.

It also includes a lot of quality of life improvements like:

  • No Random Encounters
  • Cancel Movement (no more “Shit, one tile more…”) as long as you’re not stepping on a trap
  • Safeguard (Stolen and Broken Equipments can be bought back in the Poachers Den
  • Added Dark Knight as a new unlockable Job
  • Added a new Playable Character (No not Luso :D)
  • 3 of the 4 Sound Novels are completely Translated
  • X and O Swap
  • Fast Forward in Cutscenes if holding O
  • New game Plus
  • Hold [] to receive a color indication in battle about Zodiac Compatability

And many many more.

99,9% of the Text and Graphics were translated and the videos containing German text. Included is also a Bonus of two PSP Movies (Intro and Splash Screen), if you prefer them over the Vanilla one.

Grab it while it’s hot.

Full Credits gioes to the TLW Team for creating the Mod in the first place!

Last Armageddon (NES) English Translation Patch v1.0 is Released... Properly, this time!

27 November 2022 7:45PM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

I’m sure there are people who remember a translation patch released several years ago by Chably. Well, that patch was… bad. (The less said about that patch, the better.) Well, it’s time to right a wrong that was made years before. An English Translation patch for Last Armageddon (for the NES/Famicom) is finally released… properly, this time!

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where all life on Earth was completely wiped out, and the surface was ruled by demons. After a confrontation from an alien from Planet Chrius, twelve demons are sent out on a two-pronged mission. These twelve demons must eliminate the alien threat and discover what is the mystery of gigantic stone slabs scattered all over the surface.

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