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Englsih Translation of Mr. Ghost for MSX2

04 April 2021 8:03PM EST - Update by Max Iwamoto

Translations News

Find out what happened to Mr. Ghost as you progress through the game. Great music, graphics and level design await. Do you stand a ghost of a chance to reach Enma while going through 7 levels full of frightening creatures? Only one way to find out. Say “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” and download the translation patch, which includes amongst other things:

- Full translation of the game, title and level names

- Turbo mode

- Reinstated extra bonus level which wasn’t accessible

- Improved screen splits

- Minor other improvements

- Details on how to access easy mode

Power of the Hired v0.75 Released!

04 April 2021 8:19AM EST - Update by Recca

Translations News

“Power of the Hired” is the first Strategy RPG that Dynamic-Designs has released in quite some time, but its style departs from several typical conventions that players encountered in “Feda: The Emblem of Justice” and the “Shining Force” series. Similar to how Arc the Lad on Playstation worked, one departure from typical SRPG game play is the lack of town functionalities, wherein characters may walk around, visit shops, speak to NPCs, and so forth. This game is divided into 18 scenarios, all of which must be cleared in order to keep advancing forward. Party composition selections occur in between scenarios, then game play resumes. Another sometimes disconcerting development is to have waves of fresh enemy replacements keep pouring onto the battlefield until the player satisfies a previously stated objective.

The game features a party of four playable heroes called “Beast Mages” that the player must use to fight off overwhelming waves of enemies. The characters are each able to summon two beasts to help in battle and with the help of these beasts, the player is able to tactically conquer each of the game’s scenarios. Depending on the beasts summoned, the characters’ magic will change and their spell composition will differ. Several scenarios require that the player acts quickly to avoid various dangers, such as a burning bridge that the characters need to quickly vacate in order to survive. Whereas other scenarios require the player to protect NPCs while they are escaping from danger themselves.

Mizzurna Falls finally receives English translation patch after 20 years

31 March 2021 10:24PM EST - Update by Cirosan

Translations News

Mizzurna Falls is a 1998 PlayStation adventure game developed by Human Entertainment. Heavily inspired by cult classic TV show Twin Peaks, the game follows high schooler Matthew Williams as he searches for his close friend, Emma Roland, who has gone missing. Notable for its unique blend of open-world gameplay, a real-time clock that sees NPCs and events following their own schedules, emphasis on exploration, and elaborate action sequences, Mizzurna Falls is considered a forerunner to later titles such as Deadly Premonition, Shenmue, and Majora’s Mask. However, Mizzurna Falls was on the bleeding edge of technology at the time, and its ambitious open-world was ultimately too much for the PlayStation to handle, resulting in a number of bugs.

Many efforts have been made to translate Mizzurna Falls into English, the most notable of which involved professional translator Resident Evie and PlayStation hacker Gemini. While Evie produced a full translation of the game’s enormous script, the effort ultimately fizzled out. The primary obstacle was that, when translated into English, the game’s script was simply too large to fit on a PlayStation disk. However, Evie released her translated script in the hopes that another hacking group could one day use it to develop a working patch.

This project, developed by nikita600 and Cirosan, does exactly that, using Evie’s script as a base. Nikita, a professional mobile game developer, and Cirosan, a professional translator and localization editor, collaborated over the course of several months to finally develop a working translation patch for Mizzurna Falls. Nikita developed a tool specifically for use with Mizzurna Falls that used a new compression algorithm to fit more text onto the disk than was ever possible before. Despite that, the game’s script was still too large to fit, which is where Cirosan came in. Fundamentally rewriting and editing a majority of Evie’s script (with her blessing), Cirosan produced a script for Mizzurna Falls that was able to fit onto the disk without sacrificing coherence, quality, or significant plot points. The result is a full localization of Mizzurna Falls that helps dialogue sound more natural and conversational, in addition to altering certain characters and elements to be more effective with Western audiences. Most of the work on the patch was done under quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic; Nikita and Cirosan communicated via Discord to develop the patch.

This patch represents a supreme effort by Evie, Nikita, and Cirosan, across three countries and over a period of many months and years, to bring this revolutionary game to Western audiences. Welcome to Mizzurna Falls - we’ve been waiting for you.

Neon Genesis Evangelion WonderSwan Game now available in English!

29 March 2021 4:12PM EST - Update by Illidanz

Translations News

Over twenty years after its initial release, Neon Genesis Evangelion Shito Ikusei has finally been translated into English!

In a post-apocalyptic version of Tokyo, an organization by the name of NERV has been created to combat the celestial beings known as angels who aim to bring about the Third Impact. While on the surface NERV seems to be focused on its evangelion program, behind closed doors there seem to be seedy plans in motion.

The game largely follows the events of the original anime series but from the point of view of the mysterious and ever-flirtatious triple agent, Ryoji Kaji. Gameplay combines pet simulation with multiple locations to explore and a number of NPCs to talk to. There are secrets to be uncovered in the underbelly of NERV headquarters in addition to more than twenty possible evolutions for the player’s angel.

Fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Tamagotchi should not miss this charming remnant of the late ‘90s.

Androgynous MSX2 translated, music patches & added GFX & animations

29 March 2021 11:46AM EST - Update by Max Iwamoto

Translations News

It is finally here. The translation for Androgynous. The project was born many years ago. At first it was just to be a translation, but soon after it was discovered that the PC88 version of the game had FM tunes. Not wanting the MSX version to fall behind, Meits maked the FM and MSX Audio music for the the game. The PC-88 version also had extra demos. They were translated and at first just thought to be put it in a txt file. Over time the project grew and was several times in a state of almost being released: just the translation, the music patches, after syncing everything with the interrupt and after adding turbo mode. And at times Real Life(tm) got in the way. The last big thing added were the extra demos to the MSX version. Visuals based off the PC88 version but greatly improved by Toni Galvez are used to fully upgrade the game. The end result is the translation, music, GFX and animations upgrade patches for Androgynous that is released now.

Some of the main features (full list can be found in release text file):

  • Full translation of the game texts and its graphics.
  • Rewrote the game from delay based code to V-SYNC based code. Everything synced to interrupt and added Turbo mode.
  • Music patches for MSX-MUSIC, MSX-MUSIC & MSX-AUDIO and MSX-AUDIO. Samples can be used for MSX-AUDIO.
  • Added a new song “the URD” made by Meits for the game over demo.
  • Synchronized music to parts of intro demo and end demo as it was in the original game.
  • Added demos after level 3 & 9 and after game over. With new MSX visuals and music and a story fitting the MSX version.
  • Added what key to press to continue (which was listed in the manual) and the level of your weapons like in the PC88 version.
  • Fixed bug that game always set refresh rate at 60Hz without updating RAM variables (it resulted in wrong music playback).

MSX Translations hope the end result is worth the wait! You want to know why the game is called Androgynous like in the song Androgyny? Or you want to hear the arrangements by Meits or see the new visuals from Toni? Then go on and check out the patches.

New Translations Added to the Database

21 March 2021 12:46PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):


Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals v2.1 Update

28 February 2021 11:06PM EST - Update by Spooniest

Translations News

Now with more Promo Trailer.

Welcome one and all to Final Fantasy V: Legend of the Crystals, version 2.1.

This is a major update, going over nearly all the text in the game in some way shape or form. It is a continuation of a project started by Spooniest in 2014 and picked back up by him and vivify93 (hence “Spoonify93″) using Noisecross’ Final Fantasy 5e Text Editor on January 27 of 2021. It is presented for your amusement.

The general idea was:

  • Match the tone of a SNES game in 1993 in English, as a rule of thumb. There is no swearing (with the exception of one monster name which may be considered a pg rated swear word).
  • Try to give the characters personality through the use of English idioms and sayings, while trying not to stray too far from the meaning and phrasing which is in the RPGe original (on which it is based, special thanks to harmony7 and MyriaKitty).
  • Standardize all monster names, spell names, job names and ability names in the dialogue with the menu.
  • Standardize formatting of text in dialogues and in non-ironic communications from the game (”Instructions,” ‘pull this lever’ et al).
  • Eliminate excessive abbreviation where possible.
  • Use GBA lines where it was deemed they were already too good not to use.

The Poem of Light, thanks to vivify93’s determination and sharp eye, has now been corrected to scroll more or less smoothly on and off screen, and be centered like the Japanese Version.

“An old man and a girl, all alone? It isn’t safe…”

Once again, a warm welcome to Legend of the Crystals. Enjoy!

Spice and Wolf 1st NDS game now available in English!

22 February 2021 6:44AM EST - Update by Illidanz

Translations News

A full English translation of the 2008 NDS game Spice and Wolf: My Year with Holo (based on the hit light novel/anime series of the same name) has been released!

The first of two Japan-exclusive games for the console, My Year with Holo follows the adventures of the player, an uncanny look-alike of series’ protagonist Kraft Lawrence, on his travels with harvest deity-cum-giant wolf Holo, as they travel around seeking clues to the whereabouts of Holo’s long lost hometown.

Part business simulator, part dating game, it features an interesting mix of trading and romance mechanics alongside a non-linear story with 12 possible endings. Take the reins to explore the charms of a pseudo-Medieval world, with Wisewolf Holo as your travel guide!

Brazilian Versions of Classic Mario Titles!

04 February 2021 6:11PM EST - Update by BMatSantos

Translations News

In a span of 2 months, the romhacker BMatSantos managed to bring the Mario Brothers’ first adventures to Brazilian Portuguese. Motivated by his passion, the series’ 35th anniversary and a common local misconception that “Bros” is Mario’s surname, he went on to translate Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 (NES) and Lost Levels (FDS), with help along the way from the graphic editor Kosmus.

Although there were other Portuguese fan translations for them already, what makes these versions different is the decision to not spare any terms from being adapted – from the big title logo to the small “1UP” eyecandy. (The only exceptions were some character names on the later games, due to the lack of a better or cooler name for them.) Also, thanks to the previous work of disassembly projects, it was easier to adjust some quirks in order to make bigger changes feel more natural.

You can check the latest translation (Super Mario Bros. 3) on the project page link, and the other ones on BMatSantos’ profile.

Brazilian Portuguese Translation of Dragon Warrior - NES

26 January 2021 6:56PM EST - Update by TeacherGus

Translations News

A new Brazilian-Portuguese translation of Dragon Warrior for the NES has popped up by TeacherGus! The game is entirely playable in the state it’s in, with menus, story, and dialogues 100% translated (without diacritics).

As per usual, the author has chosen to not translate items, skills/spells or monsters’ names, considering the niche of Brazilian players who find it to be strange to see everything in Portuguese, after having grown up in the late 80s and early 90s and having the English words for those terms learned as canon.

The LeiaMe.txt file included shows all the steps for proper patching of the USA version. This translation has only come to fruition thanks to the influences of q8fft, NaittoDragneel, and KeikoReturns, each to whom the author is deeply grateful.

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