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Chocobo Land - English Translation

28 September 2023 3:53AM EST - Update by Nezz

Translations News

Chocobo and his friends just wanted to have a picnic. But suddenly magic dice abduct them to a strange land where they turn against each other to compete in exciting board games. Join Chocobo on his quest to discover the true reason for this chaos!

Summon dozens of creatures with various abilities from the Final Fantasy franchise to extract money from your opponents when they land on your square. Cast spells and manipulate the board and the dice to your advantage.

First released as part of the Chocobo Collection in 1999, this enhanced Gameboy Advanced remake is now finally playable in English.

Ultima Underworld (PSX) English Translation

26 September 2023 8:47PM EST - Update by Gertius

Translations News

After 27 years of being inaccessible to the west, the PSX port of Ultima Underworld has now received an English translation patch.

Playing the PSX version may be worthwhile, because there are some notable differences to the PC version:

  • Different cinematics
  • Creature models are in 3D
  • Anime portraits
  • Control scheme for console controller
  • Full screen 3D display
  • No typing, all spells, mantras, replies can be selected by a menu

In addition to that, the PSX version can be played in emulators, which for example makes the game available on portable systems like 2DS/3DS.

Download Link (126mb, too big to be hosted on here):

I would like to use this thread to collect your feedback. Please post your impressions, feedback and also bug reports here!

J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

22 September 2023 4:37PM EST - Update by Arjak

Translations News

Finally available in full English outside of the confines of the Pioneer LaserActive, J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues follows the titular detective as he attempts to solve the mystery behind a double-homicide in the Windy City, and as the saying goes, this time, it’s personal, for one of the victims is his own fiancée!

This is the fifth game in the J.B. Harold series from Riverhill Soft, of which only two others were released in any capacity in the west: Murder Club (PC and TurboGrafx CD), and Manhattan Requiem (LaserActive and Mobile).

This translation patch, a year in the making, was finally released on SegaXtreme earlier this month. Using rare English-language FMV scenes, and a fresh translation of the text, the game has been fully localized into English for fans to play on Sega Saturn.

Good luck on your investigation!

Updated English translation for Chrono Trigger released

29 August 2023 6:08AM EST - Update by wakkoswami

Translations News

A new version of the old Kajar Laboratories patch that inserts kWhazit’s updated retranslation from into Chrono Trigger, in addition to trying to fix all the remaining issues that the old patch had.

The old retranslation patch, and the addendum patches based off it, use kWhazit’s original literal retranslation of the Japanese text which can come off as unnatural and hard to read at times. The addendum patches do clean it up by further localizing the text, fixing errors, and mixing in text from other translations, but in doing so, the old patch turned more into a Frankenstein’s monster of various translations rather than having it be its own thing.

This updated retranslation attempts to offer quality on par with the official DS translation while standing on its own as something different. A more literal translation than the official versions that keeps the Japanese terminology intact but still flows naturally for an English speaker.

As many bug fixes as possible were added to the patch, and an optional patch with some small gameplay changes to spice things up is also included. See the project page and readme for more details.

Hungarian Translation for Final Fantasy Tactics

18 August 2023 12:40PM EST - Update by mmatyas

Translations News

A full Hungarian translation has been released for the PSP game Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions!

In a kingdom ravaged by war, the king’s life hangs by a thread, and more than one would be happy to claim the throne. The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a young man born to a noble house. When he gets involved in the unfolding political struggle, under its weight collapses the world he has known. And on the road ahead, only darker secrets await…

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game, where the player leads a ragtag group of warriors through various turn-based battles, on battlefields composed of square tiles. The world is inspired by the classic Final Fantasy elements, with a mature storyline and memorable characters. Originally released in 1997, it received an updated PSP port in 2007.

The translation is not only based on the original Japanese script, it even includes the four interactive novels disabled in the official English releases. The patch translates all the animated cutscenes, the story and the menu, and the UI graphics as well. Those interested in the technical difficulties can also find a making-of article on the project site. Have fun!

Giant Monster Flaburas Rises from the Ocean Depths...

10 August 2023 2:16AM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

A rumbling can be heard from the ocean depths. Then, from the deep comes the giant monster Godzi- err, Flaburas! Yes, you read right! Flaburas!

Giant Monster Flaburas (Dai Kaijuu Deburas) English Translation Patch v1.0 is available for download!

This is a kaijuu-themed strategy game where the Earth Defense Force rushes to hatch a giant egg before Flaburas can destroy it! Be prepared for kaijuu movie riffs, spandex superheroes, and alien attecks, laced with some silly fat puns for good measure!

The patch comes in three formats (IPS, BPS, and XDelta), and a document with liner notes is included. Also, a translated instruction manual in CBZ format is available as a seperate download.

Thanks to lazermutt4 for translating the game (He also designed the translated title screen) , Cyneprepou4uk for enlarging the ROM, abw for helping with scripts, and Pennywise & Vinheim4 for helping with cracking the game’s pointer table system.

Now, make sure that egg hatches!

English Translation of Fantastic Parodius (SNES)

07 August 2023 11:06PM EST - Update by blizzz

Translations News

There aren’t many shooting games that are more iconic than Gradius. But what if you’re looking for something a bit less serious, but still equally as challenging and with catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head for days? Then you should check out the Parodius games. Konami’s own parody of Gradius.

The third game in the series, and the second game on the Super Famicom is 1994’s Gokujou Parodius. In Fantastic Parodius you control one of 22 characters through 8 stages (plus an extra hard bonus stage after the credits), with the goal of finding Konami’s Glory of the Past. While you could play as Vic Viper, there are also more wacky options, like space bunny girls riding on a rocket, ocean sunfish, octopuses, angelic pigs or a stick figures on a paper plane. To name just a few. Each set of characters comes with their own weapon loadout.

With the release of Fantastic Parodius! ~ Pursuing the Former Glory ~ all three Parodius games that released on Super Famicom are now finally playable in English. Fantastic Parodius is a complete translation of Gokujou Parodius. Unlike the official translation on Saturn, this SNES fan translation gives each character individual ending text, translates the boss attacks and background signs and comes with an original set of megaphone messages. There’s also a spiffy new title screen!

We love shooting games ❤

The third Death Note DS game is now available in English!

02 August 2023 8:47AM EST - Update by PhantomandGhost

Translations News

A full English translation of the 2008 NDS game “L the ProLogue to Death Note: Spiraling Trap” (based on the hit manga/anime series of the same name) has been released!

The last of three Japan-exclusive games for the console, it features an original story set before the events of the main series. Players take on the role of a rookie FBI agent who awakens to find themselves trapped in an unknown location. With the help of the world’s greatest detective, L, they must discover their kidnapper’s aim and identity before it’s too late.

An escape room styled adventure, gameplay is based around exploration and puzzle-solving, with numerous timed traps to tackle. Information gathered along the way is put to use during the game’s Deduction Mode, where players must form a logical argument if they wish to get closer to the truth and unlock one of the game’s six possible endings.

The patch comes from the same team who previously translated the first Death Note DS game, the Kira Game, available for download here. A translation for the second game, Successors to L, is also planned, and recruiting translators.

Wanna play a game of Simon Says?

13 July 2023 1:18PM EST - Update by DragonSpikeXIII

Translations News


Team NEMO presents, after six years of pain-staking work, a comprehensive overhaul to their English fan-translation for Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Led by its last active member, drawing from their past work and the support of several individuals, this new translation represents a fresh start. Previously riddled with mistranslations, what is presented here this time is much closer to the standard that the ROM-hacking community has come to expect. A ton of supplemental material was also tracked down, purchased and translated just for this update.


Written by Dai Satō (Cowboy Bebop Ep23 “Brain Scratch”, Eureka Seven)

Animated by Production I.G (Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell)

Produced by NAMCO (Ridge Racer, RIIIIIDGE—juuust kidding)


The age of nation-states is over.

Corporations hold total control.

Technology is choking mankind.

As bad as things are… they’re about to get worse. Much worse.

USEA, 2040. Worldwide tension mounts as the two largest multinational corporations escalate from competition to total war. In the information superhighway known as the Electrosphere, a terrorist group is preparing a revolution to eliminate the inequalities and limitations of humankind.

Through these skies flies NEMO (the player), fighter pilot and peacekeeper. But someone he knows is setting him up for a brutal murder, and RENA (VA: Yuri Shiratori), famous ace pilot and Nemo’s squadron leader, could be the next target. There are only two people he thinks he can trust; his wingmen ERICH (VA: Sōichirō Hoshi), a rookie idealist forced to find himself amidst the war, and FIONA (VA: Kumiko Watanabe), a tough-but-sweet pacifist looking for another way to stop it.

As the world spins toward chaos, Nemo, Rena, Erich and Fiona must navigate this volatile landscape before the enemy’s plan becomes reality.

A visionary dive into an explosive world of all-powerful corporations and high technology, Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere paints a frighteningly real portrait of our society’s collective future. Filled with high-flying action and an intricate storyline, it is a cautionary tale that touches on the secret fears and dreams buried within everyone.

A Spanish translation patch restores Final Fantasy II US to its Japanese Hard Type difficulty

03 July 2023 10:29PM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News

A new translation patch to Spanish of Final Fantasy II US has been published that by first time in history actually restores the original Hard Type difficulty of the Japanese version of Final Fantasy IV inside the American ROM, with no single innovation or creative addition from the author’s side. This restoration patch is totally objetive, it doesn’t interprete, it doesn’t intend to “improve” FF4. It just takes the corresponding ROM data chunks from FF4j and pastes them to their equivalent addresses inside FF2us. This has not always been so direct: the contents of chests and pots, for example, have required to do this one by one, manually, in order to restore those items from the Japanese version of the game that were removed in the Northern-American one.

Such a restoration patch is not separable from its Spanish translation functionality this far. However, the romhacker responsible for making this patch doesn’t discard developping an English-speaking port of it. All this said, this restoration of difficulty includes all these elements:

  • Every character’s ability that was present in FF4j and was dummied out in FF2US is restored, like for example Cecil’s Dark Wave.
  • Every item removed in FF2US is restored and functional. This includes many items that may be thrown and spent during battles for harming your enemy, and many items for curing specific ailments that FF2us and FF4 Easy Type replaced by generic “Heals”.
  • All the item listings in shops are restored to their original FF4j counterpart.
  • Every chest and pot containing in FF4j an item that was removed in FF2US gets its original Japanese content restored.
  • Prices of items in each shop has been restored to their Japanese situation. As a consequence of all this, “Heal” item becomes a rare and expensive item, that can only be bought in the Underworld by 5000 G, as it was in the Japanese Hard Type version of Final Fantasy 4 ), not by 100 G in virtually every shop.
  • Those chests and pots whose Japanese content was altered in FF2US by a different item that makes things too easy are restored to their Japanese status. So if a Potion was changed to X-Potion, this is undone with this FF2US Hard Type Spanish patch. If a phoenix down was changed to Heal, this is restored to phoenix down too.
  • All enemy statistics are restored to their Japanese status. So foes become harder to defeat now and you don’t need to advance so much into the story so the game starts becoming a deal.
  • The experience and money that each enemy will drop after being defeated is restored to its Japanese counterpart.
  • The items dropped by each enemy when they’re defeated or get stolen get back to what they were in the Japanese ROM, what contributes to restored every lost item from the Japanese ROM.
  • When hitting an enemy located in the back row during battles, your character will cause it around half the damage he would normally make when hitting that foe in the front row. The amount of damage is further reduced if the enemy is hit in a 3rd row, and is further reduced when hit in a 4th, as it is in FF4j. This differences were pretty decreased in FF2US (and completely removed in FF4 Easy Type), what makes the American game really boring.
  • Magicians learn every spell when they were expected to learn them in the Japanese version, that is, they learn spells slower than in the American version.
  • The spells Armor, Shell and Dispel are restored.
  • The four hidden Calls from the Japanese version that may be learnt by stealing an item to certain enemies, an item that was dummied out in FF2US, become enabled. These calls are Cockatrice (the riding animal from Golden Axe!!), Imp, Bomb (a kamikaze call) and MindFlayer or Illithid (a majestic and bizzarre creature from the universe of Dungeons & Dragons, similar to an anthropomorphic little Cthulhu).
  • A group of 4 malboros that were changed to 2 malboros in the American ROM has been restored to its Japanese, harder combination.
  • However, the attack sequences that were altered in FF2US are NOT restored, since they correspond to just a bunch of enemies in the moon, what usually makes them harder.

This makes this translated Hard Type version of Final Fantasy IIus a deal, and the hardest and funniest version of Final Fantasy IV that has ever existed!

All these characteristics may be disabled by using an optional patch that just translates the ROM without altering its difficulty, that is included in the folder named EXTRA, inside the .zip.

Both, either Hard Type or the optional, “Easy Type” translation patches need to be applied over a headerless unmodified Final Fantasy II 1.0 SNES ROM, with CRC2 checksum “65D0A825″.

If the Hard Type version of this patch is applied, those basic one-single use items like Potion, HiPotion, Ether… get their names reverted to their Japanese form, so the whole items naming system become coherent.

This translation+Hard Type patch has been made by Rod Mérida, with the help of a script editing and pointer calculation utility programmed and developed in Access 2016 and Visual Basic programming language by Luis Fernández, alias LuisCoco, according to the ROM parameters and requirements analysis provided by Rod. Fran Serralvo has carried out a full script review, by reporting a list of final corrections to Rod. Sagnoir has tested the whole Hard Type item system. This would pretty much summarize the different members that compound the Crackowia translation team that have collaborated in the creation of this patch in its final form that is announced today.

This closes a long awaited chapter, of providing the community an objective and precise way to enjoy this mythic American ROM with its original, legacy difficulty, much funnier than the US one, intended for dummies.

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