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Secret of Mana: Reborn V2.0 has been released!!

06 November 2023 3:17AM EST - Update by reconstructingmana

Translations News

In a thrilling development for fans of the beloved classic, the Secret of Mana: Reborn patch is itself reborn with its long-awaited version 2.0! It coincides with the 30th anniversary of the game’s SNES release.

Reborn started as the first complete translation of Secret of Mana into English. Ted Woolsey’s original SNES script was a “bare bones” translation with many omissions and errors. The 2018 remake added some material but left out a significant portion of the original script.

The SAP Team completed work on a new translation in 2020 but due to many reasons, even a complete translation (almost twice as long as Woolsey’s) leaves much of the concept unexplained. To give players the most “complete” Secret of Mana experience, they added information from authentic external sources like guides and magazines, almost all of which were never translated into English. They also took the opportunity to clarify unclear points in the original scenario. Finally, content that was confirmed to be cut from previous releases was adapted and implemented. All additions were carried out with reserve and extreme reverence for the original material. A detailed Localization Commentary was released with the patch explaining the changes.

For version 2.0, the Japanese script was consulted line by line again to ensure that as many nuances of the original text were transferred as possible. Countless lines were rewritten to ensure a smoother experience. The SAP Team also received extensive feedback from many who explored earlier versions of the patch.

The result is the best “script remaster” of Secret of Mana yet!

English Translation of Dead of the Brain

31 October 2023 2:20AM EST - Update by JackDBSSMTifwasbad

Translations News

Happy Halloween!

Tonight, another spooky game enters the scene of classic games in English, Dead of the Brain: Cry of the Dead, released in 1992 on the NEC PC-9801 by Fairytale.

In the game you play as Cole, who’s best friend mad scientist creates a resurrection drug, but things go horribly wrong when it creates zombies and the apocalypse ensues! Cole must figure out how to fight the zombie forces, but there’s more to it than it meets the eye.

This is a point-and-click adventure visual novel, with a large focus on gore and violence, unlike the norm of visual novels at the time.

You can download the patch now!

Tripuzz is finally available in English!

19 October 2023 6:04AM EST - Update by bankbank

Translations News

This obscure and innovative Japan-only puzzler has finally been translated into English! The original game wasn’t super text-heavy, but the menus and their descriptions all being in Japanese made it challenging to get into the game. This version 1.0 patch has made the game much more accessible, with only the ‘Puzzle’ mode with it’s heavy how-to-play text being left untouched.

In addition, this release fixes a bug which prevented player 1 (but not player 2) from selecting the unlockable final boss characters. Now, all characters are available to select from the very beginning for both players.

If you’re interested in falling-block matching puzzle games, please give Tripuzz a try!

Chocobo Land - English Translation

28 September 2023 3:53AM EST - Update by Nezz

Translations News

Chocobo and his friends just wanted to have a picnic. But suddenly magic dice abduct them to a strange land where they turn against each other to compete in exciting board games. Join Chocobo on his quest to discover the true reason for this chaos!

Summon dozens of creatures with various abilities from the Final Fantasy franchise to extract money from your opponents when they land on your square. Cast spells and manipulate the board and the dice to your advantage.

First released as part of the Chocobo Collection in 1999, this enhanced Gameboy Advanced remake is now finally playable in English.

Ultima Underworld (PSX) English Translation

26 September 2023 8:47PM EST - Update by Gertius

Translations News

After 27 years of being inaccessible to the west, the PSX port of Ultima Underworld has now received an English translation patch.

Playing the PSX version may be worthwhile, because there are some notable differences to the PC version:

  • Different cinematics
  • Creature models are in 3D
  • Anime portraits
  • Control scheme for console controller
  • Full screen 3D display
  • No typing, all spells, mantras, replies can be selected by a menu

In addition to that, the PSX version can be played in emulators, which for example makes the game available on portable systems like 2DS/3DS.

Download Link (126mb, too big to be hosted on here):

I would like to use this thread to collect your feedback. Please post your impressions, feedback and also bug reports here!

J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues - English Translation

22 September 2023 4:37PM EST - Update by Arjak

Translations News

Finally available in full English outside of the confines of the Pioneer LaserActive, J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues follows the titular detective as he attempts to solve the mystery behind a double-homicide in the Windy City, and as the saying goes, this time, it’s personal, for one of the victims is his own fiancée!

This is the fifth game in the J.B. Harold series from Riverhill Soft, of which only two others were released in any capacity in the west: Murder Club (PC and TurboGrafx CD), and Manhattan Requiem (LaserActive and Mobile).

This translation patch, a year in the making, was finally released on SegaXtreme earlier this month. Using rare English-language FMV scenes, and a fresh translation of the text, the game has been fully localized into English for fans to play on Sega Saturn.

Good luck on your investigation!

Updated English translation for Chrono Trigger released

29 August 2023 6:08AM EST - Update by wakkoswami

Translations News

A new version of the old Kajar Laboratories patch that inserts kWhazit’s updated retranslation from into Chrono Trigger, in addition to trying to fix all the remaining issues that the old patch had.

The old retranslation patch, and the addendum patches based off it, use kWhazit’s original literal retranslation of the Japanese text which can come off as unnatural and hard to read at times. The addendum patches do clean it up by further localizing the text, fixing errors, and mixing in text from other translations, but in doing so, the old patch turned more into a Frankenstein’s monster of various translations rather than having it be its own thing.

This updated retranslation attempts to offer quality on par with the official DS translation while standing on its own as something different. A more literal translation than the official versions that keeps the Japanese terminology intact but still flows naturally for an English speaker.

As many bug fixes as possible were added to the patch, and an optional patch with some small gameplay changes to spice things up is also included. See the project page and readme for more details.

Hungarian Translation for Final Fantasy Tactics

18 August 2023 12:40PM EST - Update by mmatyas

Translations News

A full Hungarian translation has been released for the PSP game Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions!

In a kingdom ravaged by war, the king’s life hangs by a thread, and more than one would be happy to claim the throne. The story follows Ramza Beoulve, a young man born to a noble house. When he gets involved in the unfolding political struggle, under its weight collapses the world he has known. And on the road ahead, only darker secrets await…

Final Fantasy Tactics is a tactical role-playing game, where the player leads a ragtag group of warriors through various turn-based battles, on battlefields composed of square tiles. The world is inspired by the classic Final Fantasy elements, with a mature storyline and memorable characters. Originally released in 1997, it received an updated PSP port in 2007.

The translation is not only based on the original Japanese script, it even includes the four interactive novels disabled in the official English releases. The patch translates all the animated cutscenes, the story and the menu, and the UI graphics as well. Those interested in the technical difficulties can also find a making-of article on the project site. Have fun!

Giant Monster Flaburas Rises from the Ocean Depths...

10 August 2023 2:16AM EST - Update by BlackPaladin

Translations News

A rumbling can be heard from the ocean depths. Then, from the deep comes the giant monster Godzi- err, Flaburas! Yes, you read right! Flaburas!

Giant Monster Flaburas (Dai Kaijuu Deburas) English Translation Patch v1.0 is available for download!

This is a kaijuu-themed strategy game where the Earth Defense Force rushes to hatch a giant egg before Flaburas can destroy it! Be prepared for kaijuu movie riffs, spandex superheroes, and alien attecks, laced with some silly fat puns for good measure!

The patch comes in three formats (IPS, BPS, and XDelta), and a document with liner notes is included. Also, a translated instruction manual in CBZ format is available as a seperate download.

Thanks to lazermutt4 for translating the game (He also designed the translated title screen) , Cyneprepou4uk for enlarging the ROM, abw for helping with scripts, and Pennywise & Vinheim4 for helping with cracking the game’s pointer table system.

Now, make sure that egg hatches!

English Translation of Fantastic Parodius (SNES)

07 August 2023 11:06PM EST - Update by blizzz

Translations News

There aren’t many shooting games that are more iconic than Gradius. But what if you’re looking for something a bit less serious, but still equally as challenging and with catchy tunes that will be stuck in your head for days? Then you should check out the Parodius games. Konami’s own parody of Gradius.

The third game in the series, and the second game on the Super Famicom is 1994’s Gokujou Parodius. In Fantastic Parodius you control one of 22 characters through 8 stages (plus an extra hard bonus stage after the credits), with the goal of finding Konami’s Glory of the Past. While you could play as Vic Viper, there are also more wacky options, like space bunny girls riding on a rocket, ocean sunfish, octopuses, angelic pigs or a stick figures on a paper plane. To name just a few. Each set of characters comes with their own weapon loadout.

With the release of Fantastic Parodius! ~ Pursuing the Former Glory ~ all three Parodius games that released on Super Famicom are now finally playable in English. Fantastic Parodius is a complete translation of Gokujou Parodius. Unlike the official translation on Saturn, this SNES fan translation gives each character individual ending text, translates the boss attacks and background signs and comes with an original set of megaphone messages. There’s also a spiffy new title screen!

We love shooting games ❤

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