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Original Fire Emblem Translation!

15 August 2007 12:27PM EST - Update by DarknessSavior

Translations News

I just released a preliminary patch for the original FE, check it out. The items and characters are translated and inserted, and now have space (thanks to KingMike’s double-line hack)! Most of the battle messages are translated too.

Warning: There is a small bug. You cannot use shops, don’t ask me why, as I currently don’t know what I can do to fix it. -.-

Staff - You can get the aforementioned patch here at RHDN.

An Apology From MIJET

10 August 2007 9:56AM EST - Update by Kagemusha

Translations News

Some errors were discovered in the adventures of Kinds and Shilka. By way of apology, please accept this Gleylancer translation patch. We humbly request that you root out and destroy the bad versions, as we did to the people responsible. Thank you.

Staff - You can get them all here at RHDN:

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest USA Re-Translation!

01 August 2007 3:45PM EST - Update by DarknessSavior

Translations News

Basically, whilst taarna23 and I were talking about working on something together, the topic of FF:MQ having a bunch of weird translation changes came up. Thus, I started working on FF:MQ. I’ve always been a big fan of it (*hugs his cart*), so this was an obvious choice for a project.

Tauwasser was gracious enough to help a newbie out (me, duh!) by making a font insertion/extraction program (the font was compressed) for me. I stumbled upon it earlier in July, so I started working on it.

I’ve translated about 99% of the items/weapons/armor, locations, monsters, and a few tidbits here or there (battle messages and such). I took the “Auto” and “Manual” images from the US version, as well as the “White”, “Black”, “Wizard”, “Magic”, and “Left” images. I used them because of space reasons, plus, they’re quite well done.

I’m in dire need of a good translator for this project, as I respect the source material (as I do the other projects I take on) and would like to see the script receive a beautiful translation.

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

28 July 2007 11:51AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

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New Submitted Documents Added to the Database

28 July 2007 11:50AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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It All Begins… Again!

28 July 2007 11:54AM EST - Update by The Komrade

ROM Hacks News

Lassic has corrupted the technological society of Algo once again, but this time he is certain of victory… for he’s brought hordes of monsters to destroy all life in the solar system. It’s up to you to stop him. Luckily, the ancient word of power… “Nei” is on your side. Lead Alis and friends to a most improbable victory in Phantasy Star: Hordes of Nei, with these new features:

  • Stronger ties to the later games in the Phantasy Star series in all new Holy arms.
  • New graphics for characters and vehicles!
  • All the guns do more damage.
  • All four of the player characters have been greatly changed to better represent their roles in the party.
  • Alis and Myau have new Spells.
  • Some dialogue fixes and renamed Noah: Lutz!
  • And every monster has been edited to present new challenges!

RHDN Hordes of Nei page

Melty Blood ReACT translation released, Melty Blood’s updated

21 July 2007 10:33AM EST - Update by Kyrael Seraphine

Translations News

Melty Blood v1.7 and ReACT v1.0 were released earlier, by Mirror-moon.

This marks the sixth public release of our Melty Blood patch, and the first of our ReACT patch.

RDHN project page

Files aren’t hosted locally, at the request of the authors. Get it from their site.

Phantasy Star IV Reborn!

21 July 2007 10:49AM EST - Update by The Komrade

ROM Hacks News

This is a comprehensive hack of Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium for the Sega Genesis. The general idea behind this mod is to have every battle be a fight for your life! Every monster has been edited to greatly raise the game’s difficulty, making each battle much longer, especially late-game. And yes, despite the difficulty increase, all monsters give the same amount of experience, so, welcome to hell.


  • All characters have an average of 3 new Techniques and 3 new Skills.
  • The four “NOTHING” items have been added and can be bought at various shops across Algo.
  • Many new combination attack possibilities.
  • Items with a special battle effect have had their power greatly increased.
  • Easter Eggs in regard to two of the characters unavailable at the end of the game.
  • New descriptions for equipment that did not have them.

RHDN project page

Another version of the patch:

Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millenium is back again in this second hack, built off the Hell Mode Mod patch. This hack includes all the changes of Hell Mode, plus all the monsters are now invulnerable to instant death and status effect attacks, and all the player characters have an average of 3 new Techniques and 3 new Skills. Go save Algo again!

RHDN project page

AD2001 Trial Version Translation

19 July 2007 3:37PM EST - Update by Nebelwurfer HQ

Translations News

The latest project at Nebelwurfer HQ is Advanced Daisenryaku 2001 with Power-up Pak for the PC.

Sega produced a Trial version that you can download for free to play through the first series of scenarios in the game. Our just released patch fully translates the scenario text used in the trial version as well as the Dialogs, weapon names, etc. to make it playable in English. More detail and instructions on how to apply the patch are included in a Readme.txt file.

Work on the full version of the game is proceeding.

RHDN project page

New Submitted Translations Added to the Database

16 July 2007 6:09PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

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