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Huge update for the voice hack of Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden!

16 July 2021 8:08AM EST - Update by Kanon

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

The recent voice hack for Dragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden has received a new update with lots of improvements!

The patch, previously known as “voice changes” has been renamed to “New Voices” to better reflect the modifications made to the game. While the previous version only swapped some voices for others (like removing Son Gohan’s Kame Hame Ha, to make room for his voice for Masenkō) due to limitations in the sound driver, this new version bypasses that limitation, allowing the addition of voices without the need to remove anything.

The cumulative changes now include new voices for almost every character: Gohan now says “Masenko” (added in the previous version) AND “Kame Hame Ha” (restored), Piccolo adds “Gekiretsu Kodan” while keeping the “Makankōsappō“, Vegeta now says both “Final Flash” AND “Big Bang Attack“, just like Trunks with “Burning Attack” and “Finish Buster“. Cell keeps his “Kame Hame Ha” voice and the grunt used for Makankōsappō is restored. Rikum screams “Rikum Eraser Gun!” when performing this attack, and Krilin joins the Kame Hame Ha club, getting his own voice when performing the trademark attack of the Turtle School.

A very interesting case is the changes made for Android 18. She gets what could almost be described as make over: Instead of her boring “Sora!” scream, now she has two interesting choices when performing her special attacks. One is the phrase “Uttoshine!“, lifted from Super Sonic Warriors for GBA, and the other is “Jā ne, bye“, her famous line from the original manga and anime (in the scene when she first kisses Krilin), also used for attacks in Dragonball Fighterz.

And finally, Freezer gets and additional voice, also from the source material and Dragonball Fighterz: “Ima sugu damara sete yaru zo” (”I’ll have you shut up now” a reference to chapter 322 of the manga, and episode 99 of the anime)

As a bonus, there is also a small surprise in the intro, reminiscent of SNES’ DB Super Butoden.

Download the patch HERE and check the new voices!

A short video with the changes can be found here:

Mega Man 7 Refit Gets "Custom Fit" Update

12 July 2021 8:17PM EST - Update by Josephine Lithius

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Remember that fun little ROM hack for Mega Man 7? The one that was released three years ago and made the game play a little more like the older games in the series? Well, it finally got an update, and it’s a doozy!

Josephine Lithius (formerly “Joseph Collins”) decided it was high time to stop putting off something very important. Going forward, it’s been decided that… the Life and Weapon Energy Capsules, and even the 1ups, should look like they do in the older games!

In all seriousness, on top of some more altered graphics and changed text strings, this version also makes a big change to the damage data tables. Inspired by the older games, the Charged Mega Buster Shot has been made a tiny bit more powerful, doing 3 damage to normal enemies instead of 2! But wait, there’s more!

Thanks to user interest, the main patch now comes with optional customization patches for all the different tweaks and features available! That means players now have the option of full control over what modifications they make to their game! Like the faster Charge Shot but not the new title screen? Think the shorter I-frames and Rush’s invulnerability make the game too easy? Pick and choose to your heart’s content! The mini-patches even work with US-based ROM hacks! This means that it’s possible to have a better Charge Shot in “Mega Man 7 Restored”, or even make the game more merciful with longer I-frames and “Nerfed Spikes”! Wow!!

For fans of Mega Man 7 looking for something new, or fans of “Refit” looking for some true customization options, this update is for you!

German translation patch for Getsu Fuuma Den (NES)

12 July 2021 11:23AM EST - Update by TanaElmsley

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

There are situations in life when you prefer to dip your toes into something and test the waters first, and then there are situations when you just plunge in head first without truly knowing what you are getting into. This translation patch for the Famicom/NES action RPG Getsu Fuuma Den definitely is a case of the latter.

Tana Elmsley had done a translation of Getsu Fuuma Den on paper for a friend who wanted to play the game and somehow or other she found her way to to see if someone wanted to use the translation to write a German translation patch. Feldherren kindly offered her help and without knowing what she was getting into Tana started working on the patch. Turns out that about three weeks after having visited for the first time she can now proudly present her first translation patch: a German version of Getsu Fuuma Den.

The patch is a new translation of the Japanese text including all menus and graphics. References that wouldn’t be understood by non-Japanese players were localized. Otherwise the translation tries to stay as true to the original as possible and also keeps the NPCs’ somewhat shrewd humor intact. The readme is available in both German and English.

Concerning the hacking this project would hardly have been possible without Nebulous Translations who allowed the use and modification of the development tools they had written for their earlier English patch for the same game. Tana Elmsley tweaked the password function but otherwise no changes were made to those tools and they were a great help.

The author is happy to make Getsu Fuuma Den available to a wider audience and hopes that many more people may enjoy this old little gem of a game. If you are interested in Japanese mythology or simply want to try out a somewhat different action RPG you should definitely give this one a shot. After all, you can hardly go wrong with a Famicom/NES game proudly bearing the Konami trademark!

Tana had a lot of fun working on the patch and learned much more than she had hoped for. Currently she is helping Pennywise with (re-)translating the Nekketsu games but doesn’t have any bigger project of her own planned for now. She might, however, translate other (Super) Famicom games she takes a fancy to, in the future.

A ROM Hack With a Touch of Googie Toons!

11 July 2021 12:01PM EST - Update by Googie

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Here’s Googie’s second ROM hack with his cartoons in it, Googie has to demolish walls and ladders in old abandoned building so he can get paid. But there’s monsters and an evil version of Googie who wants to see him dead. Will Googie be able to get the money to buy the current gen systems? Only with your help.

Version 1.2 of Megaman 1 - The New Lands is finally out!

10 July 2021 11:01AM EST - Update by Timaeus

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After around 9 months, the new revamped version is finally out. Everything in the game has been improved in some way or another, mainly the level design, weapons, AIs and graphics. Expect a much different and enjoyable version compared to the old one. Please enjoy. Peace~

Nekkestsu Kouha Kunio-kun translated (again)

08 July 2021 5:27AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

In what is hopefully the first in a series of new Nekketsu translations, Pennywise and team presents a new translation of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, also known as the first game in the series. It felt a fitting choice.

The project itself was fairly simple as there wasn’t a lot of text to translate in the game, but in the course of working on the project, Pennywise teamed up with a talented translator in Tana Elmsley, who is also interested in working on other games in the series.

The next release will either be Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu or the dodgeball game. So stay tuned for future releases.

NBA Jam 21: Bucks vs. Suns & the NBA Playoffs?

07 July 2021 9:13AM EST - Update by ponlork

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Things are heating up in the world of NBA Jam. From the Arcade source code being leaked in April, to the upcoming documentary based on the NBA Jam book by Reyan Ali, to the Insert Coin documentary and various other projects in the works it’s fair to say that interest in NBA Jam is on the rise. And to help further that resurgence is superfan Ponlork with a new update of his wildly popular NBA Jam 21 project right on time for the NBA Finals.

Going along with Finals theme, version 1.3 adds Paul George, Clint Capela, Devin Booker, Deandre Ayton, Khris Middleton, and Jrue Holiday into the mix. The East and West conference finals championship teams the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns are represented with 3 current players while the runner-up teams the LA Clippers and Atlanta Hawks consist of 2 current players.

Improving on gameplay there are now faster inbound passes to pick up the pace, and newly restored play-by-play audio commentary by Tim Kitzrow that was missing from the retail release. Famous lines such as “from downtown!”, “wide open!”, “launches a shot!”, “from long range!” and many more are back.

On the graphical side of tings there are updated portraits for Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Snoop Dogg and The Hulk, and a fix that expands the head size dimensions to prevent clipping around the edges. It’s subtle but when dealing with sprite based graphics, every pixel is important so the additional 2 pixels make a world of difference. Details on the fix can be found on the official RHDN Project thread

It’s time to get live, it’s time to represent. NBA Jam what time is it? It’s time to grab yourself a copy of NBA Jam 21 today!

Palette Project for Joy Mech Fight Special

01 July 2021 7:36PM EST - Update by Streetwize

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Joy Mech Fight is a fighting game on NES made by a small team who gathered together at a seminar. Nintendo simply went on to publish it and featured the main character as an assist trophy in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is a technical marvel with some creative ways to work around the system’s limitations. Also notable is that it is one of the earliest instances of unlocking content. As simple as the game is, no game is without flaws. By fighting game standards flaws were aplenty that both added to and hurt the game. SP is a ROM hack meant to help improve the game by fixing such issues as well as improving character balance. Many new features were also added, and the purpose of this article is not only to generate interest but to give everyone a chance to contribute with a new feature now being worked on.

Extra colors to fight with is a rather big undertaking. Adding eight palettes for a whopping 36 characters makes for close to 300 that need to be made! Most fighting games at the time with only two palettes simply used the default color and the secondary color only appeared in mirror matches, but this game does something rare and locks each player as specific colors. Most of the time this inflexibility was done to save space for other data. However, the programmer of JMFSP understands that players like being able to choose a color to better represent themselves.

The developers thankfully already laid the groundwork to make this feature easy to add in as confirming a character requires two presses of the A button. Taking advantage of this was already demonstrated with alternate versions of the page 1 fighters. The programmer has a few rules as far as submissions go. Mainly, provide hex values for both the normal palette and the flashing palette if applicable as well as possibly an image. No more than eight extra palettes will be added for each character. He gets to decides which palettes stay if more than eight are submitted.

No hacking skills are required to help out with this. If interested, feel free to drop a comment here, reply to the thread, or join the Discord server.

Forum Link:

Discord Link:

Galaxy Robo Romanian version released!

01 July 2021 7:32PM EST - Update by Recca

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Dynamic-Designs is pleased to release the Romanian translation of Galaxy Robo. This project took about a month to complete and can now take its rightful place alongside the English translation which was also released by the same group back in 2015. This is a classic turn based strategy role-playing game and one of the few released for the SNES that has a sci-fi theme to it. Special thanks goes out to all of the members that were involved in the original English translation. Without them, the Romanian translation could not have been made possible. Everyone may continue to look forward to many more future translation releases from Dynamic-Designs, in both English and Romanian.

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