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English Translation of Samurai Kid

29 September 2021 6:21PM EST - Update by marc_max

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Samurai Kid is one of those little Game Boy Color gems that had been left untranslated until now!

In this cute Japan only GBC platformer, you will play as Prince Homura Maru, who needs to save the Kingdom of Hinomoto from the Demon King. Surprisingly, this game is more focused on puzzle solving rather than action. Homura must turn enemies to stones, push them into switches in order to open doors and all sort of mechanisms. He also has access to three different weapons and other items that will be necessary to solve the puzzles.

The game was developed by Biox, and it uses the same engine as Daiku no Gen-san - Kachikachi no Tonkachi ga Kachi. It’s mostly the same, but much better in every aspect. As a GBC-only cart, it takes advantage of the GBC extra power, allowing it for more detailed backgrounds and animations. Level design is quite remarkable as well. If you are a puzzle lover, you cannot miss this one!

Mega Man Xtreme 2 Dash Button has released!

28 September 2021 6:33AM EST - Update by ArcadeGamer1929

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Mega Man Xtreme 2 lacks something that the original has: a dedicated dash button.

In this ROM Hack, the dash button is now coded to use Select, a new button config. option has been added to switch between it and the control schemes from the unmodded game, and save files are compatible with the unmodded game.

I hope you enjoy this as much as it was to make this!

English Translation of Shiren 2: Oni Invasion! Shiren Castle!

26 September 2021 11:49PM EST - Update by ozidual

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Shiren 2: Oni Invasion! Shiren Castle! Now in English!!!

Two and a half years in the making, SharkSnack and Ozidual are proud to present the English translation of Shiren 2: Oni Invasion! Shiren Castle! for the N64.

Follow 10-year old Shiren and his companion Koppa as they work to protect the Village of Napus from a terrible enemy. Climb mountains, float down rivers, journey through dungeons and maybe find paradise. But be careful! One wrong move and you could be sent back to the beginning with nothing more than your companion Koppa.

Shiren 2 is the 3rd game in the Mystery Dungeon series which began with Torneko’s Great Adventure and includes such popular series as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon and Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. Like a simpler version of Dark Souls, you will die and lose items from time to time but you will continue to progress. As frustrating as that can be it is a very rewarding game and saving Napus Village is only the beginning. Later on there is a whole monster collecting/leveling system with over 160 monsters. Not too surprising since Creatures, Inc. (makers of Mother and Pokémon games) had a hand in developing Shiren 2.

Proper English Translation for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 6

22 September 2021 3:16PM EST - Update by nzxth2

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Tag Force 6 for the Playstation Portable, September 22nd, a new English translation patch of the game has been released. This release is based on the previous English translation by Clickclaxer01 and features the following changes:

  • The story events for all tier 1 & 2 characters have been retranslated. The original translation has been kept in places where it was already accurate.
  • The overworld dialogs of some characters have been revised. This includes all members of Team 5D’s, as well as most non-duelist NPCs.
  • The names of a few characters have been changed: Fudo Yusei is now Yusei Fudo, the names of Bawnji, Syun and Yuma have been restored.
  • Alphabetical sorting in the deck editor has been fixed.
  • The translations of the Duelist Profiles in the List of Duelists have been replaced with the translations available on Yugipedia (except Crow’s, which had to be translated from scratch).
  • The names and descriptions of all Booster Packs have received a complete retranslation.
  • The title screen has been restored and features a proper Credits splash screen.
  • The BGM has been restored to its original state.

Additionally, tools related to the translation have been made available on Github. Feel free to use them to start your own translation!

And after some extra work, let me introduce Binary Twist 1.1

18 September 2021 10:08AM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Despite the fact that Binary Twist was born as a quick project thought for its author to recover the contact with the hacks after a break, the truth is that it felt like it was missing something…

For that reason it has been decided to invest some additional work to give it a unique personality that differs from the original, blending the inspiration from the MSX version with a few nice touches to finally bring something special to Binary Land that (maybe) deserves to be played.

Also, taking note of the complaint of a member of the community, the baby penguin Power-Up is replaced by… a human baby? In this case by Guron (Gurin’s little brother).

Judge for your own and enjoy it!

First bugfixed translation of Dragon Quest III (SNES) to Spanish

11 September 2021 5:36PM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

It’s my pleasure to present to this community today the first translation, in history, of Dragon Quest III for SNES to the Spanish language. This translation has been done from scratch by Rod Mérida, parting from the only pre-existing English translation of this ROM from Japanese to English that was complete, made by DQTranslations; the resulting script has been betatested and reviewed by Damniel Vyp; a second betatesting turn of certain parts of the game has been carried by Víctor López, from Mexico, and RealGaea, from Argentina; all of them members or in collaboration with Crackowia translation group.

Added to translating all the field dialogs, menus, inventory items and battle messages, this patch is the first one for this ROM, in a Western language, not to include certain bugs, like the ones that disorder and mess many item descriptions, when checked by a female Dealer, or the one that corrupted and erased your saved game if your Bag has been sorted alphabetically, and then you save. It also restores two paragraphs from the ending narration that didn’t appear. Thus, this is a bugfixing patch, too.

The naming system for personalities has been compared with the ones used into a dummied English official translation that was hidden inside the 3DS version of DQ, that was never released outside Japan. Same has been done for many item names.

Enemy names has been translated parting from the ones used in the SNES Japanese version, by comparing them with modern official Spanish names used in other DQ games: for those DQ3 enemies that re-appear in games since DQ8 (the first one officially released in Spain and translated to Spanish), the Spanish official name has been borrowed, whenever its meaning was very similar to the Japanese one: examples of this are Limo (for Slime), Burbujilimo (for Babble Slime), Limarino (for Sea Slime), Avispión, Rugibeja, Corninejo, Corniliebre, Sapito, Sosapo, Sapo Tóxico, Oruga, Oruga Dañina, Chafaposa, Golpeposa, Aticuécano, Rocobomba, Borrascazo, and many others. When they differed too much or distorted the original concept, the Spanish official names have been ignored, and that enemy has been translated from scratch from Japanese (Gran Calamar, Calamagno, Calargón, Roehormigas, Equidna, Hormífago, Druida, Chamán, Parapillón, SetaGul, Brujo Vudú, FragataLusa for Man o’ war as abbreviation of the common name “Carabela Portuguesa” of this species in Spanish, etc.). Names of enemies that don’t re-appear in games since DQ8 are just translated from Japanese. But in those cases the Japanese name was too “soft”, that is, not very original, and there existed a NES English localization for that enemy name that improved it, we’ve taken this one into account (as in Nebu, for Nev). In those cases where borrowing the official Spanish name as a valid translation for its Japanese counterpart was the best option, but it didn’t fit in the limited space, a shortened form of the Spanish official name has been used (Metalimo for Limo Metálico, and Metaburlimo for Burbujilimo Metálico).

As for spell names, they have been translated regarding the English localized system for Dragon Warrior versions, much more understandable and coherent, that is essentially the same that DQTranslations used for their English fan translation of DQ3 for SNES.

Besides this those enemies, items, towns, characters and spells that already appeared in DQ1+2 re-use the Spanish names used in Crackowia’s DQ1+2 Spanish translation.

I hope this patch will be useful for the Spanish-speaking community, in order to fully understand and enjoy this game in your mother tongue, without language barriers of any sort.

Ys III Renewal released!

10 September 2021 5:59PM EST - Update by Plombo

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After 15 months of development, Ys III Renewal has been released!

Ys III Renewal is a project that seeks to introduce a decent English script into Ys III: Wanderers from Ys. The text of the game has been fully edited, and in some places retranslated, to create the most readable and accurate English version of the game. All names have also been updated to match the modern localizations of the Ys series by XSEED and NIS America. In addition to all of that, it contains some graphical changes to make Ys III on Genesis look better while more closely resembling the X68000 version that it was originally ported from.


So here it is Binary Land... with a twist

09 September 2021 5:52PM EST - Update by CryinOnion

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Actually, there’s not much to explain: This is Binary Land…. with a twist XD.

This classic from Hudson Soft. was very popular in Japan and published on a bunch of systems: First on computers of the time (NEC PC-8801, FM-7) and then, in intervals of one year, on MSX and Famicom (which today are the most lovely remembered). Their roms have been preserved, so it is easy to have the chance to play them via emulation. The funny part (and what gave origin to this Hack) is that although being very similar, they show a notable difference: In the Nintendo’s console version, the main character couple are penguins and in the MSX one… kids. So, with this in mind and just for fun (the project didn’t take more than a couple of days to be finished), Binary Twist has born.

Features list:

● The main protagonist penguins have been replaced by a couple of kids, using directly the MSX sprites as a base.

● The title screen has been modified to fit with the theme of the Hack.

● Some minor improvements in the items

Announcing Super Zelda Editor Release

08 September 2021 9:40PM EST - Update by DMCP2143

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

Announcing the initial release of Super Zelda Editor.

Super Zelda Editor is a complete game editor for SNES The Legend Of Zelda, A Link To The Past. SuperZed is based upon Hyrule Magic, the original LoZ3 editor. SuperZed has fixed many bugs from HM and has a few user friendly tweaks and new features that really make it not only more stable but more functional as well. It is designed to work with expanded ROMs(2MB) that have relocated pointers and data for all 320 dungeon rooms out of the base ROM (1stMB) range, but is also able to stay within the original limitations of LoZ3 at 1MB.

Major additions include import/export and a copy room feature for dungeons, a new search method for OW tiles. Some other helpful new features are a Dungeon Entrance 2-click set window, a new door position, direction, and type GUI, the ability to merge parts from one room to another, or create and use prefab dungeon room segments.

Super Zelda Editor is the first LoZ3 editor to draw an entire dungeon rooms contents (all invisible objects have previously only been visible if selected, one at a time) each object numbered and outlined in a unique color depending upon which BG it is a part of. This takes editing LoZ3 to a whole new level, now all doors and all layer objects can be seen, more easily understood, and edited. This is a toggleable setting and most of the new dialogs can be accessed through alternate inputs leaving the classic keyboard and mouse inputs intact.

More new features; Space for up to 3x’s as many sprites in the overworld as found in ALttP. 3 new Dungeon Editor Buttons X-Y-Z with varying actions depending upon what is selected, like instantly clone a sprite, item, or object (Y), open up a chest contents selection window (Y), or set alternate chest contents (Z), sprites or items switch layers with (Z).. it’s in README.TXT and much more.

By: Derek McPherson

Version 1.1 of Megaman 1 - Limbo Edition is out

07 September 2021 3:44PM EST - Update by Timaeus

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

After months, Megaman 1 - Limbo edition has been updated, according to feedback that has been received about v1.0. The visual style has been changed to have better contrast, also with proper backgrounds. Also, bosses, weapons, level design and music has been changed as well since 1.0. While the old version lacks music, this time there are eerie, slow little remixes of the original Megaman 1 music to fit the atmosphere better. Enjoy the new version. Peace~

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