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Brazilian Versions of Classic Mario Titles!

04 February 2021 6:11PM EST - Update by BMatSantos

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

In a span of 2 months, the romhacker BMatSantos managed to bring the Mario Brothers’ first adventures to Brazilian Portuguese. Motivated by his passion, the series’ 35th anniversary and a common local misconception that “Bros” is Mario’s surname, he went on to translate Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 (NES) and Lost Levels (FDS), with help along the way from the graphic editor Kosmus.

Although there were other Portuguese fan translations for them already, what makes these versions different is the decision to not spare any terms from being adapted – from the big title logo to the small “1UP” eyecandy. (The only exceptions were some character names on the later games, due to the lack of a better or cooler name for them.) Also, thanks to the previous work of disassembly projects, it was easier to adjust some quirks in order to make bigger changes feel more natural.

You can check the latest translation (Super Mario Bros. 3) on the project page link, and the other ones on BMatSantos’ profile.

The Roboenza Virus Cured! - Mega Man Arkanoid

02 February 2021 8:06PM EST - Update by Supergamerguy

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Svambo (one of the creators of ArkanEdit) helped fix powerup bugs in levels 75, 84, 96, and 98 of the Mega Man Arkanoid hack. Those levels can be played with glitches removed (including powerups now able to be found on level 75 where there were none before). Sorry for the issue for those that may have encountered it.

Neutopia WR speedrunner to play first complete hack

02 February 2021 9:26AM EST - Update by sveniroth

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Tomorrow, speedrunner vanni_van will play the first full romhack of Neutopia, made by sveniroth. vanni_van holds the world record for all three catergories and sveniroth holds 2nd place in all three categories. The primary goal of the romhack is to demonstrate an alternative way to randomize the game and solve three flaws of the current beta randomizer:

1) Require all bosses to be defeated, not just the last two. 2) Make weapon and armor upgrades match the difficulty of the enemies. 3) Limit the bell (a skeleton key item) to the final area.

Comments, reviews, and feedback are greatly appreciated.

Fifty Six? Now that's all I can think about!

01 February 2021 11:55AM EST - Update by C-Dude

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

The hack ReCast FF3: War of the Magitek has just been updated to version 2, build 56. It’s not just a base two number anymore!

This update changes a few character design choices to increase their appeal when choosing a team. Specifically, Edgar is now the recipient of perma-retort in lieu of Cyan (who was already sufficiently powerful), and Sabin has a new Blitz he will perform on failed inputs.

This build also addresses some overlooked bugs, such as the functionality bug with the Ragnarok Esper.

Final Fantasy VI - Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition Updated to Version 3.0!

27 January 2021 5:54PM EST - Update by Rodimus Primal

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Considered by many to be the best vanilla version of Final Fantasy VI on the SNES, Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition is now updated to Version 3.0! This is a major script revision that corrects many of the mistranslated lines, heavily expands the dialog in places that were originally truncated to fit the the space limitations of the Super NES cartridge (which sometimes hurt the script overall), and fixes previously reported errors.

As has always been one of the goals of Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition, most of the popular and memorable lines (known as Woolseyisms) from the original SNES release of the game remain intact. In addition, as the project’s name implies, the graphics and dialog were uncensored and restored back to their Japanese counterpart. Options for players also include the use of the modern version of the famous opera scene, numerous bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and a music player.

Brazilian Portuguese Translation of Dragon Warrior - NES

26 January 2021 6:56PM EST - Update by TeacherGus

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

A new Brazilian-Portuguese translation of Dragon Warrior for the NES has popped up by TeacherGus! The game is entirely playable in the state it’s in, with menus, story, and dialogues 100% translated (without diacritics).

As per usual, the author has chosen to not translate items, skills/spells or monsters’ names, considering the niche of Brazilian players who find it to be strange to see everything in Portuguese, after having grown up in the late 80s and early 90s and having the English words for those terms learned as canon.

The LeiaMe.txt file included shows all the steps for proper patching of the USA version. This translation has only come to fruition thanks to the influences of q8fft, NaittoDragneel, and KeikoReturns, each to whom the author is deeply grateful.

99 new Mega Man Arkanoid Levels!

25 January 2021 7:11PM EST - Update by Supergamerguy

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

This hack changes every single level (excluding the occasional boss fight) in Arkanoid - Doh It Again to a level featuring a character from the classic Mega Man series. Almost every single classic Mega Man game is represented in some way (excluding 11 and some very obscure titles), with main characters, prominent villains, famous enemies and bosses, and loads of robot masters for you to destroy block by block! Play through every level to get a few surprises at the end in the form of cameo appearances by other popular Mega Man characters.

The included README file on the hack page has all of the levels and their represented character listed at the bottom, so be sure to check that out to find the location of your favorite robot warrior! This hack was created using the extremely helpful and easy-to-use ArkanEdit program, without it, this passion project would not have been able to exist.

BattleTech - Operation REVIVAL Update

23 January 2021 11:16AM EST - Update by vikfield

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

In this new update, the game’s arsenal has been completely modified in one way or another; from a simple ammo increase to a massive increase in damage for one weapon or another. An interesting example is that the Autocannon (now renamed Ultra Autocannon/5), now fires from the Madcat’s right arm, which now makes each part of the mech capable of carrying a weapon. Of course, this is not the only modification that has been made to the autoccanon, it has also modified its range, rate of fire, damage, etc.; and this is just one example of the work that has been done in the arsenal.

The game system is not the only thing that has been modified, it has also worked on the graphics in a minor way; You will be able to see new icons on the radar map to represent both the enemy units and the ammunition and coolant items.

A new sprite has also been created for the ammunition of the weapons belonging to the C button. Instead of collecting a half cylinder similar to coolant, now the player will find an SRM 6 missile launcher (for those who are familiar with the Battletech franchise), to reload the missile, flamer and mines ammunition.

Currently a hexadecimal hacking guide is being developed for BattleTech, so that anyone who wishes can create their own hack for this game. but until then, wait for new news or contact the developer.

Enjoy and have fun!

Star Fox Exploration Showcase v7.16 Now available!

18 January 2021 12:25PM EST - Update by kandowontu

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Star Fox Exploration Showcase has been in a constant state of development, and now, the wait for the next version is over!

2 Player mode has gone through a lot of revision and modification, and is finally at a point where the full game is playable and fully enjoyable from beginning to end!

Start 2 player mode from the title screen by pressing START2 on the second player’s controller.

  • Each player has lives, bombs, life meters, etc.
  • If all lives are gone, and the player dies, and the other player finishes the level, the player with no lives gets one more chance in the next level!

If you’ve never played this mod before, it is very important to read the readme file to see the dozens of changes and features this showcase has to offer!

Work will continue to smooth out the rougher things in due time.

Full changelog: 7.16

  • Improved on 2 player mode
  • Start 2 player mode with START2 on title screen
  • God mode codes apply to second player
  • Second player has their own bomb count
  • Second player firing delay works like player 1 dependant on the weapon
  • Second player has much smoother ship movements
  • Second player can now angle up/down/left/right and fire past the boundaries
  • Removed limitation of movement when in 2 player mode
  • Added third auto zoom level for going farther across the screen
  • Life bar has been added for second player
  • Collision for 2P is now like 1P where you have 7 frames of no collision after damage
  • Fixed shadows and floor appearing in space levels
  • Slight push off of walls/ceiling/space floors when button is let go to remove arrows
  • Player 2 continues the battle when player 1 dies
  • Players have independant wire ship lifespans
  • Player 2’s bomb count goes down in reverse order
  • Multiple other improvements
  • Life bars have increased to reflect the new increased health.
  • Teammates were not unloading under certain conditions and could loop around the level. Fixed.
  • Fixed course 4 level score %, will now give 100% upon completion of each level.

Please visit the discord to report any issues! Looking for interested testers as well.

Chrono Trigger (SNES) finally get an Arabic translation!

16 January 2021 9:43AM EST - Update by ExtraOrdinary

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Big news for Arabic speaking enthusiasts who know the game, and for new players as well who didn’t get the chance to experience the glory of the golden JRPG era!

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first release of Chrono Trigger, the people at the Arabic community found the lack of serious JRPG translations available.

Given that, ExtraOrdinary decided to present a gift to the community knowing the hurdles of the Arabic script; right-to-left text flow, numerals need special handling and menu strings are very tricky to display within those requirements too.

This is by far the most justified method to display Arabic strings without making the player confused about dialogue messages or item names for example being displayed in reverse which happened in many trials before in other titles.

So, enjoy the translation!

Thanks a lot for you all in RHDN community!

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