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Create Your Own 32-bit NBA Jammer!

30 May 2021 11:13AM EST - Update by eskayelle

Documents News - RHDN Project Page

Looking to insert yourself or your favorite player into NBA Jam T.E. for PlayStation? Look no further! Thanks to heavy research by Mattrizzle, plus contributions by Double Z and resurrecta, you can!

Armed with this document, you can modify…

  • Portraits
  • Stats
  • Logos
  • Uniform colors
  • Head graphics
  • Secret character codes
  • Campaign mode team order
  • Certain sound clips
  • And more!!!

Ready to create your favorite characters in all their 32-bit glory? Grab the Beginner’s Guide… and start your journey today!

Megaman: Super 16-bit Graphics Pack 2.0 Released

28 May 2021 4:08PM EST - Update by AxlRocks

Other News

V2.0 of the Megaman: Super 16-bit Graphics Pack for Mesen has been released! First released a couple years ago and previously known as Megaman 30th Anniversary HD Pack, there’s been a number of substantial changes and additions, fully overhauling the pack with things like multi-parallax backgrounds, animations, a fully remixed soundtrack (optional for those who want the old school chiptunes), customization options like multiple player skins, gameplay hints (similar to Navi Mode, but more useful), and more.

On the technical side of things, it has been completely redesigned from the ground up with logical filenames for all sheets with each sheet being dedicated to particular enemies, stages, bosses, etc. This makes both further updates and end-user modification much easier, and as such, the project is also available on github.

Downloads are available on the linked forum thread. Enjoy!

Famicom Wars Localized at Last

27 May 2021 7:49AM EST - Update by El Duderino

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

This is just a fun patch to change the title screen from Famicom Wars to NES Wars, which likely would have been the title if this was localized back in the ’80s.

There’s a mock up box art out there that inspired this hack.

Have fun!

An All “New” Double Z Mod in All Its 32-bit Glory is Here!

26 May 2021 7:30AM EST - Update by eskayelle

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Leveraging assets from recently released arcade source, as well as with some customized heads, portraits and/or sounds from ponlork and resurrecta, plus additional assets and guidance from Mattrizzle, the PlayStation version of the NBA Jam T.E. – Double Z Mod brings players the following features:

  • Battle from worst to first in campaign mode, with standings loosely based on the 1992-93 NBA season.
  • Players like Shaq, Jordan, Magic and Barkley have been restored!
  • Secret players like Sub-Zero, Reptile, Scorpion, and Bart Simpson, are all accessible. Even Smoke and Noob Saibot are in this game!!!
  • Wanna play as Chris Webber? Hakeem Olajuwon? Scottie Pippen? Just like the arcade version, several 90s superstars are available both on teams and as secret players.
  • Detroit Bad Boys Laimbeer, Thomas, and Rodman are all available as secret players.
  • The 72-10 Chicago Bulls are here! Jam with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kukoc and… Longley…
  • Think the AI plays a bit too rough? Why not fight back with a super cheat. Use the code Right, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Right at the Tonight’s Match-Up screen to achieve true Maximum Offense and Defense. Fight back with everything but fire!
  • The Rookies have been rebalanced with more Eddie Jones and Tony Dumas. Plus, Brooks Thompson has been restored.
  • What other Superstars do you need when you have the Dream Team??? Beat the game in campaign mode to access the 1992 Olympic gold medalists.
  • Not a fan of the watered down house rock? Enjoy some ‘80s and ‘90s jams as well as some classic 16-bit Jam tunes instead.
  • A quick palette fix adjusts the attribute colors on the player select screen.

Ready for the next generation of the Double Z Mod? Download the patch here; then, step up and Razzle Dazzle!

(Just want to play with Jordan in your game? No other bells or whistles? Check out the Air Jordan Patch instead!)

NBA Jam 21: Playoffs Edition?

25 May 2021 8:16AM EST - Update by ponlork

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

The NBA Playoffs are here and what better way to kick off the postseason than with a special playoff themed release of NBA Jam 21 by user Ponlork for the PlayStation 1. This version adds Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Julius Randle, Jayson Tatum, Jimmy Butler, Trae Young, and Desmond Bane to round out the remaining playoff bound teams.

Each Playoff team is represented with at least one current player in the lineup giving it a nice blend of today’s NBA players with stars of yesteryear. On top of that, the gameplay mechanics have vastly improved from previous releases. The timing of the poster dunks is much more accurate, you can just feel the dunks pulsating on impact.

Check out this Longplay video that showcases the mod in action:

Combine it with Duckstation and Parsec, you can easily get some 4 player action going on with enhanced graphics. The Attributes font was also modified to match the Arcade style, the player stats are much easier to read now.

It’s time to pump up your sneakers and rewind the past. Grab a copy of NBA Jam 21 Ver 1.2 patch below:

MOTHER Restored - A more faithful way to play MOTHER on the NES!

24 May 2021 12:52PM EST - Update by pancakes

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

When MOTHER was localized into Earth Bound (later re-titled EarthBound Beginnings), it underwent unnecessary changes and censorship, as well as a script that contained errors and omitted references. These issues were resolved in 2011 by Tomato’s fan translation for the GBA port of the game, which provided a more accurate and natural-sounding script.

MOTHER Restored brings the fan translation to the NES and reverts the graphical changes made during localization for fans who want to play a more faithful version of the original game, which boasts higher audio quality than its GBA counterpart.

Unlike previous attempts to replace EarthBound Beginnings’ dialogue, this hack repoints virtually all of the text in the game. This allowed the fan translation to be included in its entirety without any cuts to dialogue, battle text, or descriptions. To make the game even more faithful, names of characters, locations, items and more have been made as close to the Japanese version as possible. Graphics that were altered during localization, whether due to censorship or any other reason, have also been restored so that they can be experienced exactly as they were intended.

Overall, the goal of this hack is to offer a more authentic way to play MOTHER in English on its original console.

Please visit the project page here: and enjoy!

Zelda Kong I-IV

20 May 2021 3:10PM EST - Update by Zero Meaning

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

To celebrate Donkey Kong’s 40th and The Legend Of Zelda’s 35th anniversary, Zero Meaning has created Zelda Kong I-IV. As the name suggests, this is actually a series of hacks that alters Donkey Kong to look like the first Zelda title. At first, this began as one hack featuring Link saving the princess, with a second version flip-flopping the trope to have Zelda rescuing Link. Ideas ran rampant, and what was a small side project became something much more.

Playable characters are Link, Zelda, Moblin, and Zol. DK has been replaced with Ganon (and the injured palette swap), a giant 8-bit Link, and Digdogger. Expect to see plenty of enemies from your travels in Hyrule, including NPCs like the Old Man in Moblin mode!

These hacks exist for both:

A video longplay without commentary can be found here:

If you enjoyed these hacks, there’s much more to come. Expect a set of sequels soon!

Champions of the Digital World! English translation of D-1 Tamers is now available!

17 May 2021 6:52PM EST - Update by USC

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

As the current game description so eloquently puts it, “Digimon! In COLOUR! Yup.

Mere days after the events of Tag Tamers, Ryo and Ken are once again drawn into a fight for the Digital World. Three of the Digimon Sovereign have been infected with evil and now threaten all Digimon. The remaining Sovereign thus takes the only sensible option available - hosting a tournament to find the strongest Tamer in order to team up in battle! In your quest to win the tournament and prove your strength, you’ll train Digimon, fuse them to form stronger Digimon (with more reasonable requirements than Tag Tamers), and face off against Tamers and Digidestined alike!

Much like the original game, this translation patch was built on top of earlier efforts from Tag Tamer. All of the English graphic and coding enhancements from that patch have been ported over and expanded for D-1 Tamers. Additionally, several features that required link cables and other peripherals have been enabled for solo players as well.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light - New Translation Released

16 May 2021 7:35AM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, also known as Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Tsurugi, Shadow Dragons and the Blade of Light, Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light, and even Emblema de Fuego, has received a new translation by Polinym. This translation aims to remain as faithful as possible to Shouzou Kaga’s original Japanese creation.

This project began as Polinym was experimenting with a ROMHack fan-game of the original Japanese game in late November 2020. Some basic translation work was done, but only the first level was completed. Then, when the surprise announcement from Nintendo about a temporary Switch “translation” being released, he scrapped the project. Much later, at the start of Aprial, some experiments in ASM hacking led to a reboot of the project which culminated in this release.

The main objective being accuracy, this translation preserves as much of the original Japanese names as possible, using the official localized terminology wherever accurate and appropriate. The script featured in the Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 port (Polinym’s personal favorite, the 2008 fan translation by RPGuy96 and VincentASM) was heavily used as a reference, checked against the original Japanese text of the Famicom game, and slightly edited on occasion for accuracy’s sake. The previous fan translation and Switch “translation” were also used for reference.

The main advantage of this new translation is expanded text windows and a compressed script, which allows the text to be almost completely unabridged compared to previous fan translations.

Also, Polinym created a trailer to showcase the release of this new translation, which can be found here (, or in the Related Link.

Take up the blade of light Falchion once again as Prince Mars of Aritia! Liberate your homeland from the evil Durhua Empire and vanquish the Shadow Dragon Mediuth! This translation is a celebration of the first Fire Emblem game. But, celebrations don’t need to end on an arbitrary date to boost sales. The new version of the game for English speaking audiences will be available for download until the end of time.

Super Mario RPG's much-needed text edit, now updated!

10 May 2021 8:23AM EST - Update by CoolCatBomberMan

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

Ted Woolsey. For people who grew up playing SNES JRPGs, the name is synonymous with timeless narratives and rose-tinted nostalgia. However, for a certain otaku known here as “CoolCatBomberMan,” the name instead brings to mind egregious translation errors, censorship and unnecessary creative liberties in regards to a game’s plot. Super Mario RPG, having been translated by Woolsey, was not exempt from this mindset. The most notable difference between the game’s English and Japanese scripts was the secret boss Culex, and his motivations for fighting Mario’s party. Upon discovering an all-encompassing editor called Lazy Shell, CoolCatBomberMan sought to create a private hack that rewrote as many mistranslations as possible. However, the number of edits to the script such a project entailed soon warranted a public release.

The largest aspect of this hack can be found in the monsters fought throughout the game. Several enemies are actually lifted from various Mario games, such as Beezo, Cheep Cheep and Lava Bubbles (a.k.a. Podoboos), but it seems as if Woolsey was not given a master list of how these enemy names were meant to be localized, and did whatever he deemed fit best, such as naming Beezos “Shy Aways,” due to their resemblance to Shy Guys. All such localizations have been reverted to their proper modern equivalents. Pop culture references in the Japanese script which were understandably mistranslated have been replaced with American pop culture references. One notable example is Belome’s Psychopath quotes. Originally, he spoke in a style similar to Yamashita Kiyoshi from the Japanese drama TV series “Hadaka no Taisho Horoki.” This hack instead has Belome quote the “Austin Powers” character Fat Bastard, due to his tendency to devour party members. INCOSISTENT capitalization AND ocasionall typpos have been fixed. Final Fantasy references lost in translation have been restored, and a few extra were added for flavor. Character inconsistencies have also been repaired. Before, Yaridovich claimed he could mimic a normal person’s voice, but his speech patterns showed no difference upon collecting Johnny Jones’ Star Piece. Now, when he ditches the act, he shifts to a Russian accent, to coincide with his Russian-inspired name.

The new v1.1 update includes further corrections in the script, an uncensored death scene, translation fixes for item names (i.e. NokNok Shell is now Koopa Shell), and a certain location’s name has been changed to its proper localization as seen in other games. The hack, in its current state, is “complete;” unless a full translation of the Japanese script surfaces online, there is nothing more (to CoolCatBomberMan’s knowledge) that needs to be fixed. If you have been holding out on Super Mario RPG, waiting for a Translation patch, or if you wish to revisit the game in a new light, then this patch is most definitely for you.


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