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New Translations Added to the Database

24 April 2020 12:13PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

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The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):





Lighting the dark side of the Moon: Sailor Moon for PC-Engine CD translation released

20 April 2020 9:17AM EST - Update by Supper

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

An English translation of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon for the PC-Engine CD/TurboGrafx CD has been released!

Following the Makai Tree incident and the departure of Ail and An, the five Sailor Senshi enjoy a newfound period of peace. With no enemies to fight, they return to their colorful, but ordinary, daily lives. But one night, Luna and Artemis sense several mysterious shadows releasing dark energy – energy like that of a Youma. Could the vanquished Dark Kingdom have somehow returned? The Senshi have dark secrets to uncover, and enemies old and new alike to face…if they can ever stop goofing off at the arcade.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) for the PC-Engine Super CD-ROM² system is a 1994 visual novel based on the famous manga/anime franchise of the same name. A self-described “adventure-style digital comic”, it has an original story set between the Makai Tree and Black Moon arcs of the Sailor Moon R anime. All five of the Inner Senshi are available as playable characters, each with their own story; their five separate plots overlap to form a larger whole. It features extensive voice acting from the cast of the TV show, as well as two original vocal songs.

In addition to translating the text, the patch adds subtitles to all voice-only scenes, and adds both transliterated and translated subtitles to song lyrics. It also includes an in-game bonus gallery of unused art and sound assets that were discovered during production of the translation. And for those who might prefer it, an alternate edition of the patch is also provided which retains Japanese honorifics and certain Japanese terminology.

This patch was the work of TheMajinZenki (translation), Supper (hacking), cccmar (editing and testing), and Xanathis (testing). Additionally, the game’s vocal songs were subtitled using William A. Braell’s existing translation of the lyrics. Special thanks also goes to Aerialrave, who provided a helpful tip that, despite not working out quite as planned, was instrumental in the translation being made.

The authors hope Sailor Moon and PC-Engine fans alike will enjoy the game!

Update to Arcana Seal of Rimsala (SNES)

18 April 2020 6:54PM EST - Update by Sarah Shinespark

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

An update has arrived for Arcana - Seal of Rimsala! This is a modernization of the original game, featuring removed 90’s era Nintendo censorship (alcohol, death), faster gameplay, and a more coherent story.

This version touts a major buff to the Level 3 spells and the Flee spell, music during the opening text crawl, a fan-requested change, stronger unarmed damage, and more!

Leave your thoughts in the Arcana SOR discussion topic!

New Utilities Added to the Database

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New Hacks Added to the Database

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New Translations Added to the Database

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An Ammo-less Beam Mod for Metroid Prime 2

12 April 2020 8:55PM EST - Update by z_pucK

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

For GC and Wii.

In an alternate timeline…

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes on the Gamecube and in Metroid Prime Trilogy for the Wii was an anomaly to the Metroid series, giving Samus limited shots of her ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ beam weapons. Since its release in 2004, many Metroid fans have wondered: What would Metroid Prime 2 have been like without beam ammo?

The fan mod Metroid Prime 2: Unlimited Beams Authorized answers just that. Compatible for all GCN regions and for the USA Trilogy, U.B.A. gives Samus her energy back, and removes beam ammo from the game entirely. Players will no longer expect to see beam ammo pickups drop from crates, enemies, or environmental debris. Samus’ HUD graphics in her visor for her beams are gone as well: players will be able to choose using the patcher utility whether to keep or remove her beam ammo bars, which can be used instead to indicate how many beam ammo expansions Samus has picked up on her journey. The number display which acts as the beam ammo counter, however, is removed by default.

“U.B.A.” gives gives a renewed sense of enjoyment to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Take in the lush environments of Torvus Bog, and focus on your health - not your ammo - while venturing into the poisonous Dark Aether world, which will continually eat your suit, sapping Samus’ energy. The initial testers for the mod experienced a “relaxed feel and balanced difficulty” to the game.

So what other impacts does Unlimited Beams Authorized have to the game? The creators behind this mod were careful to preserve as much of the original game as possible. You will be relieved to hear that Missiles, Energy, and Powerbombs all drop as normal, and from the correct enemies, as well. Most* of the bosses still drop energy and missiles after you’ve defeated them, while a couple fights may feel even more intense than before.

Will this affect my logbook scans, or my item completion rate if ammo is removed? No, common item pickups aren’t counted as scans for the logbook in Metroid Prime 2, and Beam Ammo Expansions are still collectable pickups, and still count toward 100% item completion.

Save file compatibility will still be the same. You will be able to use your existing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes save file with Unlimited Beams Authorized, and freely switch between the original game and U.B.A. without fear of corrupting or changing anything important in your saves.

In the 1.0 release, no script changes were made. However, a language patch is planned with a future update. It will change some of the in-game text (for example, upon picking up a Beam Ammo Expansion) to talk about the items in the past-tense, for example, as if they were for someone else. The language patch will be completely optional and will be able to be selected using the patcher utility.

Let’s talk about some more changes and features.

U.B.A. features additional alternate playstyles. There are two secret “hardmodes” that can be enabled using the patcher utility. When asked whether to “keep” or “remove” the ammo bars, simply press either the “h” or “s” key to activate them. Pressing “h” activates Hardmode1, while press “s” activates Hardmode2. They both make the game much harder: Since no ammo is dropped from the game, then Samus will have to search elsewhere for her ammo. But Samus will still use her beam ammo… truly a hard mode! Hardmode2 takes this a step further and removes Samus’ beam ammo counter and beam ammo bars, keeping Samus in the dark on how much beam ammo she has left (beam ammo can still be refilled at ammo stations and her gunship.

In multiplayer mode, all players are now given unlimited beam ammo. Simply pickup one of Samus’ beam weapon upgrades and you’re good to go.

The authors of the mod hope you will enjoy Unlimited Beams Authorized, and they hope to see more Metroid Prime mods in the future.


  • While it was mentioned that most bosses will drop energy and missiles afterward, 1.0 users should be warned that Alpha Blogg, Grapple Guardian, Dark Samus 2, and the entire final fight will not drop any items at all. A fix is planned for some of these bosses in a future update.
  • As well, most swarm enemies in the game will not drop either energy or missiles, either. This includes Hydlings, Dark Chykka’s chyklings, and Ing Larva Swarms, to name a few. It is best if these swarm enemies are seen as destructible hazards, instead.

Woolsey Fan Company "Spring Cleaning" Update

12 April 2020 8:54PM EST - Update by Polinym

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

The Woolsey Fan Company, or really just Polinym, has released what he calls the “Spring Cleaning” update to the two localizations of Pop Star Debut and Stardom Warriors! These updates bring new additions and bug-fixes.

Pop Star Debut:

Pop Star Debut is the English version of Japanese text-adventure game “Idol Hakkenden”. The game revolves around the talented young Sabrina E. Seltzer who dreams of becoming a world-famous pop star. On her quest to reach fame, she is confronted by an evil Pop Czar Feld who seeks to lure Sabrina to his evil Czarmy and conquer the world.

In this “Spring Cleaning” update, Pop Star Debut now comes with a full localization of the original game’s manual, modeled after actual Nintendo of America Instruction Booklets. All of the game’s typos, text-overflow, mistakes, and formatting mistakes have all been fixed. As usual, the game still has ALL text carefully formatted by hand so as to avoid sloppy text with line breaks in the middle of words with dashes.

Pop Star Debut also features several fixes to the original game found exclusively in the WFC version. One image in the end, the “Pop Czarina”, originally had the Czarina’s hair shifted over with part of her whip floating in the air. The WFC located the missing/unused tile and recreated the intended image.

The game’s cover and all promotional art features the character Sabrina with blonde hair. However, the original game displays her hair in-game as orange. This new update restores the intended design for the character and returns Sabrina’s hair to blonde. With this correction, Pop Star Debut aims to be the ultimate way for English-speakers to experience this game.

The WFC also has released the long-overdue official trailer for this localization:

Stardom Warriors:

Stardom Warriors is the English version of LaSalle Ishii’s Childs Quest for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a parody RPG starring a manager who leads his up-and-coming band of talented young girls to stardom and uncovers a dark and sinister force.

The occasional typos and text-overflow errors have seemingly all been fixed. Some of the game’s lines have been revised to include more of the “lore” that enhances the English version. The issue of incorrect colors being displayed on a portrait in the “thirsty” message has been fixed. An image near the end has also been polished up thanks to feedback.

In addition, although not a part of this particular update, Polinym’s famicom Dragon Quest translation received an update a while ago that solved the password issue, as well as some other mistakes.

Special shout-out to user Fray for offering feedback and catching many of the two localizations’ typos and mistakes!

New translation of Final Fantasy VI / III US to Spanish

11 April 2020 1:53PM EST - Update by RodMerida

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After a period of heavy effort, testing and proofreading, a new translation of Final Fantasy VI makes its way into Spanish thanks to the sacrifice of Rod Merida, the project’s hacker and translator, and the invaluable help in script reviewing of Vicks Dg and Bernar Carrasc, all of them members of Crackowia group.

The project was originally started several years ago, back in 2004, after the aforementioned members had just got and completed a full but faulty translation of FF3us, made by Latin-Americans, full of typos, wrong pointer addressings, that made some messages appeared partially repeated, spare grammar and orthograph mistakes, and no accented letters, opening question and exclamation marks at all, besides the constant substitution of second person plural pronoun “Vosotros” and its conjugations by polite treatment Ustedes ─something usual in Latin American Spanish in colloquial speech─. All this made this work faulty and unserious in the eyes of a minimally critical player. There was a strong agreement a retranslation to Spanish was necessary of this historical RPG whose story and game mechanics had amazed the group; the game worthed it, but there was, back in that moment, a surprisingly annoying lack of it.

So after some initial doubts and tribulations, ROMhacking techniques gathering and trials with some hex editing applications, like Hexposure 0.44, Thingy and TBL searchers, the project translator, Rod Mérida, decided to start the work. Once the first major obstacles, such as finding the character table and being able to decode the DTE compressed character pairs, or getting to see and edit the font tiles inside the ROM in order to add accented letters, had been solved, the project was advancing. However, it is a game with extensive dialog script, and a myriad of enemy and item names, abilities, combat messages, and descriptions in menu of all kinds of matters. Thus the project lengthened over time, extended and complicated, because in addition to translating it, it was necessary to test it and manually modify the pointer table every time the translated messages didn’t fit in the original string. The discovery of FF3edit, an application that readdressed dialog pointers automatically, accelerated this process, but the existance of other personal projects, like University and studying, delayed it. In the end, laziness overcame.

About four months ago, in late December 2019, the translator decided to get back the partially hacked ROM from silence and put the turbo in it. By January a first fully playable version was finished, with all its dialogs and enemy or item names translated. After that the script has been fully replayed and reviewed by Vicks Dg, followed by hundreds of text corrections and fixes. A second proof-reading, with minor fixes added, has been developped by Bernar Carrasc.

A final version of this translation was released in April 9th, 2020, in romhacking website, and can be downloaded and enjoyed by everyone interested.

In Times of Turmoil, Knight Gundam Comes to the Rescue in English!

10 April 2020 1:54AM EST - Update by Pennywise

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After various trials and tribulations, the very first Knight Gundam game makes it way into English thanks to the efforts of aishsha and Pennywise.

The project was originally started by KingMike years back and was taken over by aishsha who did the lions share of hacking and translating the game and as usual Pennywise came along and polished everything up to what you see now. Special thanks to TheMajinZenki who reviewed all the names in the game and then some.

A special note about the translation. It is currently only playable in FCEUX and possibly a few others due to a ROM expansion that exceeds the mapper’s limit. If you’d like to see other emulators support the translation, send the devs a message asking for them to support the translation.

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