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Der Langrisser Translation Released!

10 June 2007 4:16PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Translations News

After 6 years in the making, the SNES Der Langrisser translation has been released. With 800K of script and 85K of assembly code, this project is a shining example of fan translations at their finest. It’s a showcase of talent for byuu, D, and the rest of the DLTeam.

RHDN Der Langrisser Page

Valis - The Fantasm Soldier (NES)

10 June 2007 11:01AM EST - Update by Sliver X

Translations News

At long last, one of the most despised entries in the Valis series has been translated into full english glory.

There are actually two releases: A standard translation that simply englishfies the game, and an enhanced version that makes the game, well, playable.

Masochists can check out the vanilla patch here.

Those who value their sanity can check out the assembly 4@x0r3d version here.

RHDN Valis Straight Translation

RHDN Valis++ Enhanced Patch

Panel De Pon - English Translation

08 June 2007 11:07AM EST - Update by Zuqkeo

Translations News

After 3 months of work, the translation project for this game has come to its conclusion 12 years after the game was released by Intelligent Systems. The game was released in US and Europe, but under the name of Tetris Attack, and it featured a modified story Yoshi and pals instead of the original cast.

I must say that before I started this project I hardly ever did anything related to hacking, so this was my very first attempt to understand how the internal mechanics of a computer game work. I hope you all like what has become of it. The only thing that didn’t get translated was the big “PDP” logo itself as I could not (yet) create a good substitute for it.

Staff - Congratulations go out to Zuqkeo on his first completed project. You can get the patch here at RHDN or at Zuqkeo’s site.

New Submitted Documents and Utilities Added to the Database

02 June 2007 1:51AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

This is just a final wrap up of the last of the submissions approved to the database under the old system that RHDNBot would normally report.

Documents Approved:

Utilities Approved:

RHDN 2.0 Launches!

02 June 2007 2:04AM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Today marks the day of the next big step toward meeting the goals and ideals set forth for this site at it’s inception nearly a year and a half ago. Today we launch RHDN 2.0, a second incarnation of our site under the hood. What does this mean for you? It means quite a bit. Read on for the juicy details.

RHDN has always aimed to succeed where other similar sites have failed. RHDN’s goal is to be a community tool rather than just another archive web site. We believe the solution to succeed in the long run is to eliminate staff bottleneck and give you, the community members, the power you need to keep the site updated and going strong. With the launch of RHDN 2.0, we add the ability for you to update and maintain the database in wiki-like fashion, but with control and screening (edits will not be committed to the database without being approved) in place to prevent any abuse. We’d like to think it’s the best of both worlds.

Don’t be fooled. The site may look the same at first glance, but it’s been totally rewritten from the ground up. Take a look around and you’ll see many differences.

There is a cornucopia of new or enhanced features. Here are some of the most important features and enhancements:

  • Public wiki-like editing of all database related sections on the site, including entry preview for all forms.
  • Intelligent Form Validation and help on each field on the submission forms.
  • Revamped Community Database. Fully searchable with individual sub pages for each person or group listed.
  • In-site Document preview sub pages for all straight text documents.
  • Utility sub pages.
  • Revamped Help Wanted Ads section allows the creator to edit and delete the Ad.
  • Misc. section including RHDN Dictionary, Translation History and Abandoned Project Work Archive.
  • Automatic E-mail response on approval or rejection of submissions.
  • Games database section has been put up for public maintenance of the RHDN Game Database.
  • The public can now add to and maintain the Links section.

Because the site is all new, please be on the lookout for minor bugs or issues that may appear. If you are having any problems, questions, or notice any bugs, please report them in the Site Talk section of the forum or use the Contact Staff form.

We ask that you have a bit of patience with submissions in the early going while staff deal with any growing pains we may have with the new system. You should receive an e-mail confirmation of your submission being approved or deleted when your submission has been processed.

Enjoy RHDN 2.0. This is your tool. Only together as a community can we excel.

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

24 May 2007 12:16AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

New Submitted Translations Added to the Database

23 May 2007 6:35PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Translations have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Super Robot Wars 1!

20 May 2007 12:30PM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

Aeon Genesis has completed a translation of the original Super Robot Wars game! Thanks must go to Tyria for his dialogue translation (the other things you did are coming soon too, I promise!) as well as Ryusui and Ian Kelley for both translating the stuff that kept turning up quickly and efficiently. (The title screen is also Ryusui’s.)

Please don’t expect much from this. Being the very first Super Robot War it’s not all that great of a game, but it really is an interesting footnote in the history of a truly fantastic series of games.

Get your fix at Aeon Genesis.

RHDN Super Robot Wars Page

Treasure’s Dynamite Headdy Retranslated

20 May 2007 9:02AM EST - Update by Shadowsithe

Translations News

MIJET has retranslated the Treasure classic, Dynamite Headdy. The official localization saw fit to remove the plot, change a few enemy designs and ramp up the difficulty.

As with MIJET’s other releases this is a dual-language patch so make sure your emulator of choice has the proper region set.

Staff - As always you can get the patch from RHDN here.

Fate/Stay Night patch released

15 May 2007 11:31AM EST - Update by Fredrik Jullum

Translations News

From TakaJun himself:

After a year of hard work, I am very pleased to announce our release of Fate/stay night English patch for the Fate route! Please note that this is only a patch for the Fate route and it does not contain translations for the other routes.

RHDN Fate/Stay Night Page