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Secret of Mana - Hard Mode Hack

26 December 2007 8:30PM EST - Update by sdc

ROM Hacks News

Did you beat Secret of Mana for the umpteenth time again and said to yourself, “Man, that was so damn easy.” Yes? SO DID WE!

For this reason, a fan named “Masterflow” got himself to work editing the game. Enemies are now harder and have more HP, items became more expensive and even some nasty extras were installed. You will hardly play recognition. Towns and palaces which before were very simple will move on to absolute frustration. Are you anxious?

Then fetch the patch at and experience another adventure in the “hard” World of Secret of Mana.

RHDN Secret of Mana Hard Mode Page

Christmas present: Tales of Phantasia (Psx) released!

24 December 2007 6:47PM EST - Update by Gemini

Translations News

Merry Christmas from Absolute Zero!

We proudly present v1.0 of the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation patch!

All you need to supply is your .bin or .img rip of Tales of Phantasia and the attached custom patcher will take care of the rest. Since it would seem this cannot be overstated, the patched game is fully compatible with real hardware. Please be sure to check the readme, which, among a complete patching procedure and other useful notes, also contains important information regarding emulator and PSP-emulation specific glitches (these are emulator glitches, not patch bugs).

Please consult the readme before asking specific questions about patching or related topics.

We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy Tales of Phantasia PSX!

RHDN Project Page

RHDN Turns 2!

23 December 2007 10:02PM EST - Update by Nightcrawler

Site News

Another big year has gone by for RHDN. With the launch of RHDN 2.0 back in June, community contributions went way up, and our database has grown significantly with the best documents, utilities, translations, hacks, and more for the ROM hacking community. RHDN has continued to succeed, prosper, and become ever more popular as the central hub of ROM hacking for ROM hackers and community supporters all across the globe.

Never before has such a global force of talented ROM hackers been assembled. We’ve got ROM hackers from most major countries around the world. Our forums are full of some of the brightest and most talented ROM hackers around the world exchanging help and information to keep the community strong, healthy, and growing! It’s really the ‘globalization’ of RHDN that was the biggest surprise to me for year 2.

This past year, RHDN has really started to meet many of it’s primary goals. The vision I had for RHDN is slowly becoming reality. But as far as we have come, there’s always plenty more road to travel. Site development will continue into 2008 as additional features, capabilities, and content will surely find a home on RHDN.

Another year, and another big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our hard working staff and all of you around the world that have contributed to our community. Everybody’s contribution counts. It will continue to take the efforts of all of us for RHDN to continue to grow, be kept up to date, and continue to be the best resource, social hub, and community tool available to us all.

This is our site. It’s user maintained. We all keep it’s heart pumping. As I said last year, as long as the community lives, so shall!

KH 2 Re: Chain Of Memories Partial Translation Released!

24 December 2007 1:39PM EST - Update by saito

Translations News

Here comes a partial translation for this Ps2 game. This incredible remake needed some sort of translation to make it at least “playable”.

However, this partial patch has its limitations. Here is a brief list of the messages and menus that this patch covers:

  • Game menu “Deck menu options and features”
  • Some system messages “Mostly save and load menu,and other miscellaneus messages”
  • Cards Names “All kind of cards: world,abilities and items”
  • Location display
  • Level up screen
  • Skills display (dual/triple) in combat

Note: The game locks up in pcsx2 and do not display the font characters correctly, but on the real hardware it does ;)

You can get the patch from here or here.

Please check out the Readme.txt file for more information.

Have a Merry Gaming Christmas!

Phantasy Star II Remakes!

23 December 2007 4:09PM EST - Update by The $ Avenger

ROM Hacks News

This Genesis classic has long gone under-appreciated, and finally it gets the updates it deserves! The $ Avenger is proud to announce two hacks built off this fantastic RPG title: Numan Revolution and Evil Overload.

Numan Revolution retells the story of Algo’s second chapter with a nearly entirely different storyline, comprehensive edits to all eight playable characters, a complete overhaul of monster statistics to ease the difficulty of this legendarily difficult title, a completely changed equipment database, recolored monsters, and a couple of Easter Eggs, including the one wish of all Phantasy Star II veterans!

Evil Overload has all the changes of Numan Revolution with a difficulty increase for the player seeking an extreme challenge!

Are you ready for an all new adventure in Algo? Come join the Numan Revolution and watch out for Evil Overload!

Legend of Cao Cao translation release!

23 December 2007 10:34AM EST - Update by Terranigma Freak

Translations News

It’s been a long time coming, rejoice, all… 3 or 4 of you who know of this game! The first 100% beta release of Koei’s spin off Strategy RPG series Legend of Cao Cao is complete. You can grab the translation either here or here. The translation section of contains some bigger and better looking screens for you to see.

There will be more revisions coming that’ll fix whatever errors that remain in this release. Also, Lady Wu was unable to fix the character limitation in the game, so when you deploy characters, those with the longer names might vanish or overlap with another name. If you know how to fix it, please contact Lady Wu over at

The game is the third game in a series of ROTK based Strategy RPGs. All of them were on PC (but the first one was also on SNES), and never released in America. Very few people have heard of them, and fewer have played it. If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem style Strategy RPG, then you should definitely give this game a try. If you’re a fan of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you should also give it a try. The game clocks at around 50 hours, two alternate paths (50 hours each path), 60 different secret weapons, cinematic duels that took place in the novel to find, and secret maps and characters to discover.

If you have any problems with playing the game, you can ask us over at the forums here. We will gladly answer any questions you have about the game.

RHDN Project Page

Phantasy Star translation 1.0 released

22 December 2007 10:32AM EST - Update by KingMike

Translations News

Today, SMS Power has released the final version of their re-translation of Phantasy Star for the Master System, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the original Japanese version.

Staff - You can get the updated patch here at RHDN.

Wonder Project J2 V1.0

16 December 2007 11:48AM EST - Update by Ryu

Translations News

It’s been several months since I last posted any news about this project. Well, it’s time to post some news again, and the reason is simple: it’s done. I’ve just made version 1.0 of my English Wonder Project J 2 (Nintendo64) translation available for download. It can be called a complete patch, with the exception of a few graphics, everything’s translated. You can grab it over here.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the readme.txt before you start playing. N64 emulation is not quite like the emulation of platforms like the SNES. There is a lot to know about the emulation, especially with this game. The readme should answer about 95% of the question you might have, so read it, your gaming experience will only profit from it.

So what else is to say? Those who’ve played the first game know what to expect. The game mechanics are very similar. It’s still a game that can get really tedious at times. But they did improve some things, for example the whole annoying stat leveling is gone. Also, you’re now free to decide in which order you do things. You don’t need to go through chapter after chapter like in the predecessor. And for those who haven’t played the first game, fear not, having played it is not really necessary. What kind of game is this? Some people may call this a RPG, but what it comes the closest to is a graphic adventure. Overall, I can’t really draw a comparison to any other game besides the first, but if you like the two anime ‘Nadia the Secret of Blue Water’ and ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’, you will love this game.

Well, that’s all, I hope you enjoy the translation.

RHDN Wonder Project J 2 Page

New Submitted Hacks Added to the Database

13 December 2007 8:46AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

ROM Hacks News

This is an automated message generated by’s RHDNBot.

The following Hacks have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Tales of Phantasia PSX Beta Testing Begins

09 December 2007 5:34PM EST - Update by throughhim413

Translations News

As of today, beta testing on Tales of Phantasia PSX has officially begun. It’s been a while since our last update, so let me bring you up to speed on the newest stuff. [LIST]

  • Script Translation and Editing - 100%
  • Skit Translation and Editing - 100%
  • New Features: Selectable ability names (English vs. Romanized Japanese).
  • Splash screen and anti-eBay/P2P screen.
  • Complete Patcher made by Gemini specifically for this project. Patches the game in 2-5 minutes depending on your system.
  • So, there you have it. Most of this stuff has been done for several weeks. But there were internal alphas and some fixes to do, so nothing much that we could update people on. The two pictures here demonstrate the Ability Name Selector in action. This project is in its final stretch, we thank you for your ongoing support!