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Dynamic-Designs Releases Mystic Ark!

12 September 2009 5:37AM EST - Update by Draken

Translations News

Although there have been many attempts over the years, one group has finally done it! Mystic Ark has just been released by the new group, Dynamic-Designs! Having worked on the project in near-total secrecy over the past year, D-D has revealed to the public its true “Secret Project.” Go on over and check it out.

Note: The game seems to have some aversion to SNES9×1.51, but older versions should display everything just fine.

RHDN Project Page

Startling Odyssey 2 (Still Going)

22 September 2009 3:50PM EST - Update by trumisery

Translations News

Not sure how many of you remember me from when I was a bit more active in the scene, but those that do remember me, should also remember that about the same time NightWolve started his project on XakIII, I also started one for Startling Odyssey 2. This project has been on going since I think either 2001, or 2002, something like that, and it has been an on and off project for me. Thanks to NightWolve for showing this was possible!

I kind of dropped off the planet for awhile due mainly to issues in the real world… Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know that the project is still alive and progressing rather well… with all things considered…

First off though, this is not a 100% word for word translation, as throughout the years, my translators have all fell through… so the the translation has gone through 3 machine translators and about 5 web page translators, and with the combined turnout of those translations, we get this fan translation… a rough, not exact to the script… playable version… in English…

Also, some of the translated text had to be summarized because it was longer than the allowed text, and I am not up to trying to figure out how to compress the text or add it to different parts of the disc…

So if you don’t mind some changed names/items/spells/text, I hope very soon that you will enjoy this game as well, at least until someone that can translate better than the machine translators can do…

Anyways, the project is about 85-90% completely translated… there are just a few more things I need to get done… after all, there are over 80 different areas/towns/dungeons/caves/etc to go through…

I have played through the game on a real system, and so far, everything looks very good… all things considered…

I have talked with Dave, and we might be able to make the font look better, but it might be more than I can handle…

Once I play a bit more with the emulator, I will post screenies from further in the game…

  • update*

EsperKnight has offered to help me with the Font Routine hack to allow more characters per line and a better looking font.

Visit for screenshots and updates to the project.

Staff note from Neil: After some discussion, the staff of this site has decided not to host the patch here due to its machine translation nature. This is likely to be a controversial decision, but what decisions around here aren’t these days. If you would like to debate the topic, we would encourage you to do so here in this specific thread. Please leave the front page news thread for discussions about the actual patch rather than a philosophical debate about the nature of translation hacking. Thanks!

AGTP Updates Mystic Ark, Near-Future Endeavors

11 September 2009 7:20PM EST - Update by Gideon Zhi

Translations News

Aeon Genesis has updated with news regarding their Mystic Ark project. The script has been inserted, though the game still crashes frequently and there are plenty of bugs. The font is VWF, with auto-center where applicable, and the menus are dual-line.

Further, Aeon Genesis has announced the next several projects that they will be focusing on. After Mystic Ark, these are Holy Umbrella, LUNAR: Walking School, Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, and Laplace’s Demon, in that order. Full story at the source.

Armips, a new way to do MIPS R3000 hacking

09 September 2009 5:39PM EST - Update by Gemini

Utilities News

Tired of the old spasm assembler and all its errors? Tired of injecting most of your Playstation hacks manually or by using external programs? Fear no more, here comes armips!

Kingcom released it just recently, but a few people have been testing it for a few months, and boys if it’s good. This assembler is pretty much what xkas would have been with Playstation hacking. It can do pretty much everything you’d want to, plus a whole chicken.

A brief list of its features:

  • open multiple files (useful for overlays and shared code/data);
  • direct code injection;
  • pre-defined and user-defined macros;
  • delay slot detection (sperimental);

Check the readme for the rest of the list. Future public releases will also include support for GBA, DS, N64, PSP, and PS2 processors.

DvD Translations New Home / Free Hosting

09 September 2009 6:54PM EST - Update by Matthew Callis

Site News

DvD Translations has a new home at I’m also taking this opportunity to offer anyone with a site going down due to Geocities or just never had a site to have hosting for emulation related projects. You can have your own domain or a subdomain from / / based on what type of project you are working on.

Phoenix Hacks Announces: FF4Tools

07 September 2009 9:06AM EST - Update by Phoenix Hacks

Utilities News

I’m pleased to announce the first release of FF4Tools, a set of three utilities intended to help in hacking FF4. Written in Javascript, these tools are intended to be used alongside a hex editor. The package currently consists of a Dialogue/Name Editor, an Event Editor, and a Location Map Editor.

All of the tools load the default hex data and convert it for you as you edit. You can then paste it back into the ROM with a hex editor. Instructions are included within each tool; push the “?” button in the top-left corner to display them.

You can download the 7-zipped file here or from the “Relevant Link” page below. You can also find more (and larger) screenshots and a demo on that page. Feel free to e-mail or PM me with comments or questions, or post them in the discussion for this news item.

Staff Note: You can also find this archived here at RHDN.

Dynamic-Designs Open for Business!

09 September 2009 6:53PM EST - Update by Draken

Site News

Well, it finally happened! Stealth Translations and Magic-Destiny have officially merged to form Dynamic-Designs! A brand new website is up, and they have announced that work has begun on everyone’s most wanted SNES RPG: Burning Heroes. Some translators have stepped forward to lend a hand, but as always, more translation support is always welcomed.

There are also mentions of Mystic Ark updates, as well as mentions of “Secret Project #1″ being at 45% done with beta testing.

Dracula X retranslation complete

06 September 2009 10:23AM EST - Update by Gemini

Translations News

It’s been over two years since we’d announced this retranslation of the glorious Symphony of the Night, but now it’s finally complete and ready to be played by all fans on this game who weren’t really satisfied with either the original or the PSP “retranslation”. Of course, if you’re still too attached to the original, you should probably ignore this.

The patch features:

  • a complete translation;
  • multiple code hacks (8×8 and 8×12 vwf and other fixes for expanding available space on screen and in memory);
  • several graphical changes, including compressed graphics.

Welcome to 1797. The demonic castle of Dracula is waiting for you once again.

Staff Note: You can also find this archived here at RHDN.

Mortal Kombat II Unlimited

04 September 2009 9:04AM EST - Update by Smoke

ROM Hacks News

Finally the Mortal Kombat II hack for SMD has been finished. It’s been a hard work for me and now I’d like to present result to the world. This hack has many new features such as new moves, combo-system etc. Nearly each gameplay change player can turn off or on. So you can calibrate it to be a normal MK2 but with improvements such as new sounds, stages etc. See the feature list and small description at the RHDN Hack Page. Enjoy!

Project NEMO - The AC3 Translation Project

04 September 2009 5:28AM EST - Update by DragonSpikeXIII

Translations News

Greetings from Team NEMO!

Our project officially began a few months ago with the scope to have all media related to AC3 in English. This includes: the game’s entire script, videos, guide books and booklets, the official website’s commentaries and interviews by the game developers, etc…

We’re still a small and humble team but also one with the drive to make this gem finally accessible to English-speakers.

Those interested are invited to check our current blog for news, updates and all kinds of content from and related to ACE COMBAT 3 electrosphere!

You can find our latest release here! In case anyone wondered, we do plan on implementing English subtitles into the game itself but we currently lack a programmer for that, so we’ll be translating it first until we can find one.

Thank you for reading, Team NEMO signing off!

RHDN Project NEMO Page