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LAZY SHELL v3.4 released (2011-01-23)

23 January 2011 7:56PM EST - Update by giangurgolo

Utilities News - RHDN Project Page

Lazy Shell v3.4 has been released. Click here for the editor’s home page.

*This is now 64-bit and 32-bit supported and vastly superior to older versions*

Click here for a full history of changes from version to version.



Lazy Shell is a third party .NET application written in the C# programming language which is capable of editing a wide range of elements within the Super Mario RPG (US) ROM image file.


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher must be installed on the

system for the application to run at all.

  • Minimal system requirements: 1GB of RAM, 10MB of hard drive space.


Click here to view the full readme.txt included with the program.

Lazy Shell was first released 2 years ago, and has been a project for nearly 4 years. It has made huge improvements since its first release due to strenuous debugging sessions, positive (and negative) community feedback, numerous bug reports by users, and in-depth experimentation through full, partial, and demo hacks. I imagine there are still probably some more bugs to sort out, but this is as good as it’ll get unless users decide to report any bugs they encounter in this thread. Also, I highly recommend checking out the palette editor’s effect features, which is capable of doing many neat things that might ease the creation of new palettes and “palette swaps” of levels and sprites. Another mention is that you can mirror/invert an entire battlefield simply by selecting it, right-clicking and clicking “Mirror” or “Invert”. It somewhat gives the battle system a new feel/appearance.

Silva Saga II picked up by Dynamic Designs

21 January 2011 4:29PM EST - Update by taskforce

Translations News

Dynamic Designs has picked up and resumed work on Silva Saga II. This is a project that Bongo` was originally working on some time ago, but had dropped due to technical issues. Those issues were recently solved.

Roughly 33% of the game was already translated by Akujin in the past, but Dynamic-Designs is seeking the assistance of a translator for the remaining game text. If you are a dedicated translator that would like to help them out, please contact them.

New Documents Added to the Database

19 January 2011 9:29AM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Documents News

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The following Documents have been submitted and approved to the database (in submitted order oldest to newest):

Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 at 50%, Sailor Moon & Ah! My Goddess Started

10 January 2011 8:05AM EST - Update by filler

Translations News

Filler’s translation projects are heating up! Today marks the 50% completion of the 1st draft of and English script for Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 for Windows. This project is being worked on by Esperknight who is making great strides with script reinsertion. More info

Also the announcement of a couple of new projects. First is Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R for the Game Boy. Esperknight and myself have been working on this for a little while. A rough first draft of the script is complete and Esperknight just got 3 lines of text displaying in the translation (as opposed to 2 originally). More info

Lastly, we are announcing a new project today. Ah! My Goddess (Ah! Megami-sama/Oh! My Goddess) on the PC-FX! Esperknight has dumped a script for this and now that WtPC2 has reached the 50% mark I’ll be turning my translation efforts to this digital comic style game ported to the PC-FX from the PC-98 game with added voice acting and animation. More info

Lots of activity in this neck of the woods so please stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Zelda3 PuzzleDudes Quest

10 January 2011 8:41AM EST - Update by puzzledude

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

I started to remodel the original Zelda A Link to the Past game a long time ago. Unlike Goddess of Wisdom this is a modification, but despite that the dungeons are quite different to solve with a lot of new tricks and hidden objects.

I was concentrating to change the gameplay as much as possible, so even a veteran of the game can easily get stuck. The game is also more difficult than the original, but still quite easy at some points. Despite the fact that this is a remodel, it still took a lot of work, specially because of the number of the dungeons. The overworld, however, is less modified, but there are a lot of barriers, that will force you to search for the correct path. A smart player will quickly see, that this is much more than just another vapid master quest.

Transcorp: The Group That Flexes

06 January 2011 1:41PM EST - Update by RedComet

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

Nightcrawler posted some new information back in late December concerning the progress of Heracles IV, the new table standard being developed, and his new custom text dumper that is going to strong arm its way through the competition.

Heracles is moving right along and I’ve got to say, it’s looking very nice thus far. A consensus amongst the community seems to have been reached concerning the new table standard, and the tentatively titled TextAble is going to make my own Cartographer look very bad in the near future. I could not be happier.

Click the link for a more serious burn and some righteous pump action. There’s also a lot of puns. :p

Final Fantasy VI Once Again Released

02 January 2011 10:24AM EST - Update by Piggy Chan!

ROM Hacks News - RHDN Project Page

I’ve worked on this project, my very first, during most of last year. It started out with humble intentions, but I experimented and implemented more and more until, after several hiccups, four personal test runs, three other beta testers and countless hours of picking at things and ideas, it’s done. Primarily a re-balancing of the original game, likely akin to Eviltype, but with many other subtle changes and touches, which I hope will prove somewhat unique without transforming the game’s story or presentation. I know there is no shortage of Final Fantasy VI hacks, and this one won’t break the mold, but I think fans of Final Fantasy will appreciate it.

Super Mario 64 - Star Road Progress

27 December 2010 7:47PM EST - Update by Skelux

ROM Hacks News

For those of you who have not heard of it, SM64 Star Road is a complete SM64 hack I (Skelux) am working on which will contain all new levels and a total of 121 stars. There are many previews available on Youtube you can watch if you are curious to see some of the beta gameplay (Link below).

Below is a list of all levels I have started or finished making. It is quite possible the hack will be finished some time this year.

Levels with an asterisk(*) do not have a confirmed name:

  • Bob-omb Island - Complete
  • Silent Glade Ruins - Complete
  • Sky Land Resort - Complete (Left image)
  • Mad Musical Mess - Complete
  • Lagoon Side Hideout - Complete
  • Melting Snow Peaks - Model is 3/4 finished
  • Koopa Canyon - Model 2/4 complete, music complete
  • *Giant Land Treeway - Completely planned, no model started
  • *Boo Broadwalk - Model 1/4 complete
  • *Cloudy Fields - Some minor theme ideas and a custom behavior
  • Star Ocean Tower - Hub exterior, model 3/4 complete
  • *Metal Cap Challenge - Model 1/4 complete
  • *Goomba Mountain - Model 2/4 complete

For those interested in trying out the kind of level design Star Road will have, I just released a Christmas special (Right image) which is available for download through the link in it’s video description.

Super Robot Wars J Translation Release

26 December 2010 10:57AM EST - Update by Deets

Translations News - RHDN Project Page

After a few years of work, The Romhacking Aerie has released a complete translation of the Game Boy Advance strategy RPG “Super Robot Wars J”. This is a full localization, including graphics, and a lot of time and effort went into its development.

Much like other games in this franchise, Super Robot Wars J combines the characters and plot lines of several licensed robot anime together, birthing a thoroughly crazy strategy RPG in the process. That said, there’s a lot to like here, even if you don’t have any interest in giant robot cartoons.

Everything is translated, and, to our knowledge, fully working. Enjoy!

New Translations Added to the Database

25 December 2010 10:54PM EST - Update by RHDNBot

Translations News

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