Help on 'BBCode' field.

Presently Supported Site BBCode Features:

    Paragraph indenting and text formatting is automatic.
	LINK/URL - Use this for linking to other RHDN pages or external websites. 
		[url=urladdressgoeshere]URL TEXT GOES HERE[/url]
	LIST - Use the list feature to list changes or additions and really make your post look great!
			[li]Item One[/li]
			[li]Item Two[/li]
	BOLD - Use this on any text you want to make bold.
		[b]Bold Text[/b]. 
	ITALICS - Use this on any text you want to make italics.
		[i]Italics Text[/i]. 
	QUOTE - This will create a quote block with a special indent and italic text. 
			Use this to quote another source or person in your news update or description.
		[quote]The quoted text here will be block indented and be in italics.[/quote].

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