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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Dune Razor Missions DynastyRazorDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN G, S, L, T, GPCompleteR82 V2230 Aug 2022
Alphabetical LoreSilentEnigmaFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES TImprovement1.029 Aug 2022
Doom (SNES) - Just a "Normal" Doom ROM...CacodemontubeDOOMAction > ShooterSNES GPImprovement1.029 Aug 2022
Contravania: Dawn of SorrowI LOVE PHEROMOSACastlevania: Dawn of SorrowRole Playing > Action RPGNDS G, L, GPComplete1.029 Aug 2022
Power Stone 2 - Debug MenuVincentNLPower Stone 2ActionARC OAddendum1.028 Aug 2022
Consistent Elf Crystal RequirementsElwinBranMega Man ZeroAction > PlatformerGBA GP, OImprovement1.028 Aug 2022
Pokémon RevelationRichterSnipesPokémon: Emerald VersionRole PlayingGBA G, S, L, T, GPImprovementv22082828 Aug 2022
Select all characters in story modeDocrowMighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Fighting EditionAction > FightingSNES GPImprovement1.027 Aug 2022
Pokémon Crystal UltimateMajor AgnosticPokémon: Crystal VersionRole PlayingGB G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.0.526 Aug 2022
Non-forced BattlesDaniel JianoranLufia II: Rise of the SinistralsRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.026 Aug 2022
MakenX Prototype - Debug MenuVincentNLMaken X - Feb 9 2000 PrototypeActionDC OAddendum1.026 Aug 2022
PAL Modefractal161TetrisPuzzleNES GPImprovement1.026 Aug 2022
Speedhackfractal161TetrisPuzzleNES G, GPImprovement1.026 Aug 2022
Castlevania: The Adventure (GB): Improved ControlsNaOHCastlevania: The AdventureAction > PlatformerGB GPImprovement1.126 Aug 2022
Road Rash 3 ImprovementTiRoad Rash 3RacingGEN GP, OImprovement1.0226 Aug 2022
Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - Recolor by JonataGuitar and sorrowJonataGuitarCastlevania: Harmony of DissonanceRole Playing > Action RPGGBA G, GPImprovement1.025 Aug 2022
DBZ BT3 DLC MOD Classic to GTinjoon84Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3Action > FightingPS2 G, T, GP, OAddendum1.0124 Aug 2022
Technical optimizationMagnetFirstBroMega Man 2Action > PlatformerNES GP, OImprovement1.224 Aug 2022
Aeron's Golden Cookie QuestAnorakunSuper Mario WorldAction > PlatformerSNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete2.5.2.124 Aug 2022
A Link to the Past ReduxShadowOne333The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastAction AdventureSNES G, L, T, GP, OImprovement10.124 Aug 2022
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