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TitleReleased ByOriginal Game DescendingGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate
Change Shadow's name to Clyde Arrowny in end credit sequenceTheNPCnextDoorFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES TImprovement1.129 Dec 2017
Final Fantasy 6: Divergent PathsPowerPandaFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.327 Feb 2022
Tintinabar Restores MPPowerPandaFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.010 Jul 2021
New Treasure Chest optionsTheNPCnextDoorFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0.125 Jul 2021
Final Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX (English Translation)TomatoFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete1.114 Nov 2021
Random Battle SongsMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES SImprovement1.016 Jan 2022
Debilitator ResetMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0a21 Jan 2022
Antifreeze HackMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0a12 Feb 2022
Random Encounters Menu OptionMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.1a30 Jan 2022
HP Gain On Each StepMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.031 Jan 2022
Status Timers HackMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0a16 Feb 2022
Mastered Esper IconMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GImprovement1.127 Mar 2022
Stray FlashFF6Hacking CommunityFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GBug Fix1.0a15 Apr 2022
Status Icon OverflowSilentEnigmaFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES OBug Fix1.123 Apr 2022
Dragons' ShrineDrakeyCFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES G, L, T, GPImprovement1.0b08 May 2022
Imperial Camp Dialogue BugfixDrakeyCFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES TBug Fix1.007 May 2022
Rydia's Restored PowerMinitrueFinal Fantasy IIRole PlayingSNES TImprovement1.004 Sep 2000
Final Fantasy II US HardType+ (FF2usHT)JCE3000GTFinal Fantasy IIRole PlayingSNES T, GPImprovement1.202 Mar 2004
Warp Animation Enabling PatchDragonsbrethrenFinal Fantasy IIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.023 Jun 2007
FF2us ImpossibleJCE3000GTFinal Fantasy IIRole PlayingSNES G, GPImprovement3.0b04 Dec 2007
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