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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Ys III RebalancedMentilYs IIIRole Playing > Action RPGGEN GPImprovement1.023 Mar 2022
Splatterhouse 2 - Score BonusBillyTime! GamesSplatterhouse 2Action > Beat 'Em UpGEN GPImprovement1.018 Mar 2022
Scooby Doo Mystery Password SRAMBillyTime! GamesScooby-Doo MysteryAdventureGEN OImprovement1.018 Mar 2022
MW III Title Screen RevampArcadeTVWonder Boy in Monster WorldAction > PlatformerGEN GComplete1.216 Mar 2022
Landstalker - Improved Controls (MIJET)PennywiseLandstalker: The Treasures of King NoleRole PlayingGEN GPImprovement1.006 Mar 2022
Waterworld (Better Controls)elbobeloWaterworld (Europe) (Proto)ActionGEN GPImprovement1.003 Mar 2022
Shining Tactics+Dark ClawShining Force IIStrategy > Turn BasedGEN G, L, T, GPImprovement1.02b28 Feb 2022
Guy Jepson's Challenge ModeGuy JepsonShining Force IIStrategy > Turn BasedGEN G, L, GPImprovement1.5.026 Feb 2022
Phantom 2040 Password SRAMBillyTime! GamesPhantom 2040Action > PlatformerGEN OImprovement2.025 Feb 2022
Taz In Escape from Mars SRAMBillyTime! GamesTaz in Escape from MarsAction > PlatformerGEN OImprovement1.025 Feb 2022
Thunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden Enhanced ColorsSCDThunder Pro Wrestling RetsudenAction > FightingGEN GImprovementFinal25 Feb 2022
MK 2 Dark Edition MD/GEN - V.1.4 Color HackGameriskMortal Kombat 2Action > FightingGEN GImprovement1.424 Feb 2022
Sonic 3D Blast Easy ModeTorvusSonic 3D BlastActionGEN T, GPImprovement1.019 Feb 2022
Toy Story SRAMBillyTime! GamesToy StoryAction > PlatformerGEN OImprovement1.017 Feb 2022
Streets of Rage 2 Nightmare ZERO ShmupsPPI_AkikoStreets of Rage 2Action > Beat 'Em UpGEN G, S, L, GPImprovement1.2a14 Feb 2022
SF2 - Balance of PowerAccumulusShining Force IIStrategy > Turn BasedGEN GP, OImprovement1.112 Feb 2022
Judge Dredd ReduxBillyTime! GamesJudge DreddActionGEN GP, OImprovement1.007 Feb 2022
Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden Shadow transparency hackKanonZombieDragon Ball Z: Buyuu RetsudenAction > FightingGEN GImprovement1.005 Feb 2022
Dragon Ball Z - Buyuu Retsuden Android 18 Improved SpriteKanonZombieDragon Ball Z: Buyuu RetsudenAction > FightingGEN GImprovement1.004 Feb 2022
Phantasy Star III Double Walk SpeedEmptyeyePhantasy Star III: Generations of DoomRole PlayingGEN GPImprovement1.002 Feb 2022
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