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    [1.6 update] -Shining Firefly's movements have changed. -Adjustment of Special Weapons Damage -Falcon Armor Charge Shot Damage has been changed from 10 to 8. -Fixed a bug where Spiral Pegasus' script didn't come out properly after the Space Colony crash. -Partial adjustment of enemy placement in zero stage 3
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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Road Rash 2 Improvement SRAMBillyTime! GamesRoad Rash IIRacingGEN OAddendum1.008 Nov 2022
Phantasy Star Generation: 4 - A Retranslation+RelocalizationGhaleonUnlimitedPhantasy Star IV: The End of the MillenniumRole PlayingGEN T, GP, OImprovement7.707 Nov 2022
Road Rash 3 Improvement SRAMBillyTime! GamesRoad Rash 3RacingGEN OAddendum1.006 Nov 2022
Venom . Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety SRAMBillyTime! GamesVenom - Spider-Man: Separation AnxietyAction > Beat 'Em UpGEN OImprovement1.004 Nov 2022
Rockman Mega World Fixer UpperJosephine LithiusMega Man: The Wily WarsAction > PlatformerGEN GPImprovement1.0.503 Nov 2022
Road Rash ImprovementTiRoad RashRacingGEN GP, OImprovement1.130 Oct 2022
Shadowrun 2058VikfieldShadowrunRole Playing > Action RPGGEN G, T, GPImprovement1.622 Oct 2022
Hellfire MD2 Music FixJustin GibbinsHellfireAction > ShooterGEN SImprovement1.021 Oct 2022
Golden Axe - Arcade ColorsSCDGolden AxeAction > Beat 'Em UpGEN G, S, TImprovementFinal20 Oct 2022
Road Rash 2 ImprovementTiRoad Rash IIRacingGEN GP, OImprovement1.218 Oct 2022
Ultimate ChakanBillyTime! GamesChakan: The Forever ManAction > PlatformerGEN L, GPImprovement1.229 Sep 2022
The Addams Family - Afterlife MDBillyTime! GamesThe Addams FamilyAction > PlatformerGEN GP, OImprovement1.029 Sep 2022
Dune Razor MissionsRazorDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN G, S, L, T, GPCompleteR82 V2308 Sep 2022
Puyo Puyo 2 Color ModdingbankbankPuyo Puyo TsuuPuzzleGEN GImprovement1.105 Sep 2022
Golden Axe 32X editionjvisserGolden AxeAction > Beat 'Em UpGEN G, LComplete0.903 Sep 2022
Dune Razor Missions OriginsRazorDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN G, S, L, T, GPCompleteR82 V2231 Aug 2022
Dune Razor Missions RemixRazorDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN G, S, L, T, GPCompleteR82 V2231 Aug 2022
Dune Razor Missions DynastyRazorDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN G, S, L, T, GPCompleteR82 V2230 Aug 2022
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters Improvement ModAszaxaAaahh!!! Real MonstersAction > PlatformerGEN GPImprovement1.013 Aug 2022
Misplaced NPCs FixDi Somma MicheleWonder Boy in Monster WorldAction > PlatformerGEN OBug Fix1.0109 Aug 2022
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