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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Pokemon Complete SafariComplete SafariPokémon: Emerald VersionRole PlayingGBA T, GP, OComplete1.205 Jul 2022
Final Fight One - Redux EditionSCDFinal Fight OneAction > Beat 'Em UpGBA G, S, L, T, GPImprovement2.904 Jul 2022
Advance Wars StoryPlatinumSkinkAdvance Wars 2: Black Hole RisingStrategy > Turn BasedGBA L, T, GPComplete1.827 Jun 2022
Castlevania HoD: Revenge of the Findesiecle Deluxe+sorrowCastlevania: Harmony of DissonanceRole Playing > Action RPGGBA G, S, GPImprovement2.2.4825 Jun 2022
High-Quality Sound Mixing for Mother 3 (Japan Only)Summer DragonflyMother 3Role PlayingGBA SImprovement1.123 Jun 2022
High-Quality Sound Mixing for Mother 3 (Fan Translations)Summer DragonflyMother 3Role PlayingGBA SImprovement1.023 Jun 2022
Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge - Chip Control ModProf. 9Mega Man Battle Chip ChallengeRole PlayingGBA GPImprovement1.1.012 Jun 2022
Final Fire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCDFire Pro Wrestling 2SportsGBA G, T, GPImprovementFinal11 Jun 2022
Fire Pro Wrestling 2 RestorationSCDFire Pro Wrestling 2SportsGBA G, T, GPImprovementFinal11 Jun 2022
Final Fantasy V Advance Music Player names fixMateoFinal Fantasy V AdvanceRole PlayingGBA TBug FixFinal09 Jun 2022
TO-TKOL Re-RebalanceChiesterTactics Ogre: The Knight of LodisStrategy > Turn BasedGBA L, GP, OImprovement2.008 Jun 2022
Wario Land 4 - Burning NightmaresHiro-sofTWario Land 4Action > PlatformerGBA G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.008 Jun 2022
Mario Kart Super Circuit - Music RestorationRunTheCoinsMario Kart: Super CircuitRacingGBA SImprovement3.006 Jun 2022
Track Variation SwapSupormaF-Zero: GP LegendRacingGBA GP, OImprovement1.006 Jun 2022
Fire Pro Wrestling RestorationSCDFire Pro WrestlingSportsGBA G, T, GPImprovementFinal03 Jun 2022
Fire Emblem: The Second ScouringTHE 1Fire Emblem: The Binding BladeStrategy > Turn BasedGBA G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.1c03 Jun 2022
Metroid Fusion - Ice beam consistency (patch for SE hack)Heretic89Metroid FusionAction > PlatformerGBA TAddendum1.102 Jun 2022
Pokemon Fire Red Rival VariationcaminopreacherPokémon: FireRed VersionRole PlayingGBA G, T, GPComplete1.530 May 2022
Pokemon Fire Red LegendscaminopreacherPokémon: FireRed VersionRole PlayingGBA G, L, T, GPComplete1.1330 May 2022
Sonic Advance 3 - Adv1 EditBlueStarBomberSonic Advance 3ActionGBA GImprovement1.030 May 2022
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