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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Super Mario Bros. Up Pipes and EntryThroughT1m3Super Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, L, T, GP, OImprovement1.021 Dec 2022
A bootleg Christmasreal retro kid knucklesSuper Mario World (NES)Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, GPImprovement1.020 Dec 2022
He Lucathicc's Bouncing BlitzkriegKK HellMappyAction > PlatformerNES GImprovementv219 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros PlusNesInventSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, S, GP, OImprovement1.0216 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros. Wart's WonderlandRohbertSuper Mario Bros. 2Action > PlatformerNES G, L, TComplete1.116 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros Health BarThroughT1m3Super Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES T, GP, OImprovement1.014 Dec 2022
WCW Master to Andre the GiantSCDWCW World Championship WrestlingSportsNES G, TImprovementFinal13 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros. DXflamepantherSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES GImprovement4.211 Dec 2022
Final Fantasy III MaesonMaesonFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingNES G, T, GP, OComplete1.4.011 Dec 2022
KAGE - WeaponSelect Both-player 5-in-1 ModeStripyMonkShadow of the NinjaAction > PlatformerNES GPImprovement3.111 Dec 2022
Mappy Arrangement: NES EditionGarf79MappyAction > PlatformerNES G, TImprovement1.111 Dec 2022
Eevee Bros.KK HellMario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, TImprovement1.007 Dec 2022
FF1 - Twelve Jobs BalanceBleur CQFinal FantasyRole PlayingNES G, S, T, GP, OComplete1.205 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros. or Super Wario Bros.SzemigiSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, S, T, GP, OImprovement1.003 Dec 2022
Screen flash removal for Urusei Yatsura - Lum no Wedding BellNovaSquirrelUrusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding BellAction > PlatformerNES GImprovement1.003 Dec 2022
Super Mario Bros. CO OP Christmas EditionU retroSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, L, TComplete1.401 Dec 2022
Circus Caper - Font ImprovementGoogieCircus CaperAction > PlatformerNES GImprovement1.027 Nov 2022
SMB3 QOL ImprovementsGoogieSuper Mario Bros. 3Action > PlatformerNES G, GP, OImprovement1.025 Nov 2022
Kyoro-chan Land: DMC Buzz FixTakuikaNinjaCastelianAction > PlatformerNES SBug Fix1.024 Nov 2022
Ninja Gaiden Upgrade AmagusNinja GaidenAction > PlatformerNES G, GP, OImprovement1.0022 Nov 2022
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