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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Super Princess Peach 3Zynk OxhydeSuper Mario Bros. 3Action > PlatformerNES G, TImprovement1.03a03 Aug 2022
Tetris - BeginnerthirtythreeTetrisPuzzleGB G, T, GPImprovement1.102 Aug 2022
Pokemon Crystal Graphics Fix for Goomba ColorSakitoshiPokémon: Crystal VersionRole PlayingGB GBug Fix1.102 Aug 2022
ThreetristhirtythreeTetrisPuzzleGB G, L, T, GPComplete1.031 Jul 2022
Prince of Persia - Remastered EditionLinkueiPrince of PersiaAction > PlatformerGEN G, S, L, GP, OComplete1.329 Jul 2022
Rockman 5: MetropolisStalkerMaestroMega Man 5Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete1.1a28 Jul 2022
Kirby's Avalanche: RewrittenMips96Kirby's AvalanchePuzzleSNES TImprovement1.128 Jul 2022
Murder Club Girl CuteGiganJ.B. Harold Murder ClubAdventureNES GImprovement1.028 Jul 2022
Resident Evil 2 - Remake CostumesDRAG4YOUResident Evil 2Action > ShooterGC G, GP, OImprovement1.0227 Jul 2022
Final Fantasy IV SNES Record Keeper Sprites PortT92Final Fantasy IIRole PlayingSNES GImprovement1.327 Jul 2022
Dragon Quest Monsters: DelocalizedTranslation QuestDragon Warrior MonstersRole PlayingGB G, T, GPImprovement1.0626 Jul 2022
Mega Man Remastered MMC3 FixjosephstailinMega ManAction > PlatformerNES OComplete1.126 Jul 2022
Super Star Wars-Jedi RemasterNintenjaSuper Star WarsAction > PlatformerSNES S, GPImprovement1.026 Jul 2022
Pokémon Gold Unovaericgall23Pokémon: Gold VersionRole PlayingGB L, T, GP, OComplete1.026 Jul 2022
unQue Zelda Chuanshou Shiguang Zhi DiZoinkityThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeAction AdventureN64 OImprovement1.0125 Jul 2022
Lilith in Resident Evil 2LolonResident Evil 2: DualShock Ver.ActionPSX GImprovement1.025 Jul 2022
Spider-Man: Homecomingfex34Ninja Five-OAction > PlatformerGBA G, SComplete1.025 Jul 2022
Wild Arms 2 FMV UndubbirdybroWild Arms 2Role PlayingPSX G, SImprovement1.024 Jul 2022
Alien 3 EasychronixAlien 3ActionNES GPImprovement1.023 Jul 2022
Monster Sanctuary in DoSMuddyCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowRole Playing > Action RPGNDS G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.023 Jul 2022
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