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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
New Master QuestEulerThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeAction AdventureN64 G, L, T, GP, OImprovement1.120 Mar 2023
Paper Mario: Sweet TrainingJackitKPaper MarioRole Playing > Action RPGN64 G, L, T, GPComplete1.0.206 Mar 2023
Super mushroom kingdom hearts 64Raven1143Super Mario 64Action > PlatformerN64 G, S, L, T, GPComplete108 Feb 2023
MK64 - Hooting TimeHootHootMario Kart 64RacingN64 G, S, T, GP, OImprovement1.1a08 Feb 2023
Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon - 4-Player coop unlockedgallauxMystical Ninja 2 Starring GoemonAction > PlatformerN64 GPImprovement1.004 Feb 2023
Goldeneye 007 (Tuxedo Only)Classic SpacemanGoldenEye 007Action > ShooterN64 GAddendum1.029 Jan 2023
Mickey's Speedway USA - Secret GBC character unlockedgallauxMickey's Speedway USARacingN64 GPImprovement1.026 Jan 2023
Mario Golf - GBC characters unlockedgallauxMario GolfSportsN64 GPImprovement1.024 Jan 2023
Super Mario 64DD to CartZoinkitySuper Mario 64Action > PlatformerN64 OImprovement1.023 Jan 2023
Combined iQue & Console Zelda Chiamshou Shiguang Zhi Di PatchZoinkityThe Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeAction AdventureN64 G, OImprovement1.020 Jan 2023
The Junuary ProjectAlieneerSuper Mario 64Action > PlatformerN64 G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete3.4.1219 Jan 2023
Quest64 "French Vanilla"HangedManQuest 64Role PlayingN64 G, L, T, GPImprovement4708 Jan 2023
Rakugakids - Secret characters and extra options unlockedgallauxRakugakidsAction > FightingN64 GPImprovement1.008 Jan 2023
CyberTiger - Secret characters unlockedgallauxCyberTigerSportsN64 GPImprovement1.031 Dec 2022
Killer Instinct Gold - Secret character, options, and costumes unlockedgallauxKiller Instinct GoldAction > FightingN64 GPImprovement1.018 Dec 2022
Deadly Arts - Secret characters unlockedgallauxDeadly ArtsAction > FightingN64 GPImprovement1.018 Dec 2022
ClayFighter 63⅓ - Secret characters and options unlockedgallauxClayFighter 63⅓Action > FightingN64 GPImprovement1.017 Dec 2022
Castlevania 64 - Sound TestB_squoCastlevania (Nintendo 64)Action > PlatformerN64 GPAddendum1.116 Dec 2022
Mace: The Dark Age - Ultimate EditiongallauxMace: The Dark AgeAction > FightingN64 GPImprovement1.116 Dec 2022
Robotron 64 - Level select in SetupgallauxRobotron 64Action > ShooterN64 GPImprovement1.015 Dec 2022
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