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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Dawn of Sorrow - Playable YamchaOerstedCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowRole Playing > Action RPGNDS G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.0.209 Apr 2022
DK: King Of Swing Remixfex34DK: King Of SwingAction > PlatformerGBA G, LComplete1.007 Apr 2022
Play To Win.M.SSuper Mario WorldAction > PlatformerSNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete1.005 Apr 2022
Shining Force 2 Clash!Dark ClawShining Force IIStrategy > Turn BasedGEN G, L, T, GPComplete1.9805 Apr 2022
"MOTHER 4"PolinymEarthBoundRole PlayingSNES G, L, T, GPComplete1.0a02 Apr 2022
Airbourne HoundforgotusernameBalloon FightActionNES G, S, GPComplete1.001 Apr 2022
Goof Troop ST: Space TreasureLucasMegaStrikerDisney's Goof TroopActionSNES G, L, T, GPComplete1.001 Apr 2022
Sonic: A Complete MessworingSomari the AdventurerAction > PlatformerNES G, L, GPComplete1.031 Mar 2022
Castlevania: Caress Of DeathNinjAkiraCastlevaniaAction > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete1.031 Mar 2022
Super Flyin AgainBlue FinchSuper Mario Bros. 3Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GP, OComplete1.0231 Mar 2022
Steven's Strangest DayGamet2004Super Mario WorldAction > PlatformerSNES G, S, L, TComplete1.027 Mar 2022
Hamtaro - Panda's Ham-Ham Fun ParkforgotusernameTiny Toon Adventures 2 - Trouble in WackylandAction AdventureNES G, GPComplete1.225 Mar 2022
Let's Kill Iggy!capnkatieSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, L, T, GPComplete4.023 Mar 2022
Super JohnminideveloperSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, TComplete1.119 Mar 2022
MW III Title Screen RevampArcadeTVWonder Boy in Monster WorldAction > PlatformerGEN GComplete1.216 Mar 2022
Lee Carvallo's Putting ChallengeGarrett GilchristLee Trevino's Fighting GolfSportsNES GComplete1.011 Mar 2022
Ultimate Zombies Ate My NeighborsMallory P. MaggioreZombies Ate My NeighborsActionSNES L, TComplete2.008 Mar 2022
The Very Ultimate Zombies Ate My NeighborsMallory P. MaggioreZombies Ate My NeighborsActionSNES L, TComplete1.106 Mar 2022
Rockman 6: After TournamentLASMega Man 6Action > PlatformerNES L, T, GP, OComplete1.001 Mar 2022
Super Mitch Bros. 3ChipiusSuper Mario Bros. 3Action > PlatformerNES L, TComplete2.024 Feb 2022
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