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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
X-Men 2 SRAMBillyTime! GamesX-Men 2: Clone WarsAction > FightingGEN OImprovement1.1b08 Dec 2021
Meitantei Conan: Chika Yuuenchi Satsujin Jiken - text speed hackkerneloopsMeitantei Conan: Chika Yuuenchi Satsujin JikenAdventureGB TImprovement1.007 Dec 2021
Luigi and the Christmas QuestDarKnight13Super Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, L, TComplete1.0107 Dec 2021
Dune - The Battle For Arrakis - MegaMouseChillyWillyDune: The Battle for ArrakisStrategyGEN OImprovement1.006 Dec 2021
Battletoads-Double Dragon SRAMBillyTime! GamesBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamAction > Beat 'Em UpGEN OImprovement1.006 Dec 2021
Magic Carpet 1001 MMC3 PortBinaryLabMagic Carpet 1001Action > ShooterNES OImprovement1.006 Dec 2021
SMW Autosave + Disable 2 Players + DKCR Status BarVallenatero2015Super Mario WorldAction > PlatformerSNES G, OImprovementFinal06 Dec 2021
Super Castlevania IV UncensoredShadowOne333Super Castlevania IVAction > PlatformerSNES G, L, TImprovement2.106 Dec 2021
Order of Ecclesia: Albus RecoloredCranJamCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaRole Playing > Action RPGNDS GImprovement1.005 Dec 2021
Mappy Graphics PatchNoPhoneBlemoMappyAction > PlatformerNES G, OImprovement1.005 Dec 2021
Heckin' Spoop WorldKoopensteinSuper Mario WorldAction > PlatformerSNES G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.005 Dec 2021
Ys - Title Screen HackDatchyYsRole Playing > Action RPGNES GImprovement1.0b05 Dec 2021
Seiken Densetsu 3: bugfix editionpraetarius5018Trials of ManaRole Playing > Action RPGSNES GPBug Fix1.905 Dec 2021
Super Duper MetroidMetaquariusSuper MetroidAction AdventureSNES G, L, GP, OComplete2.104 Dec 2021
Recca - Remove Full Screen FlasheswabbylegsSummer Carnival '92 RECCAAction > ShooterNES GImprovement1.004 Dec 2021
Hydlide Special Heroes refineGiganHydlideRole Playing > Action RPGNES GImprovement1.004 Dec 2021
Resident Evil: True Director's CutDeli295Resident Evil: Director's CutAction AdventurePSX G, S, L, OImprovement0.404 Dec 2021
Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 DX - Fluffy Repair ServiceminucceThe Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle IIAction > PlatformerGB OAddendum2.003 Dec 2021
Pac-Man Collection+JYPac-Man CollectionActionGBA G, SImprovement1.002 Dec 2021
Pokémon Emerald BugfixesMkol103Pokémon: Emerald VersionRole PlayingGBA OBug Fix1.001 Dec 2021
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