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TitleReleased ByOriginal GameGenrePlatformModsCategoryVerDate Descending
Super Mario Advance - Boss Intro RestorationMister ManSuper Mario AdvanceAction > PlatformerGBA GPImprovement1.026 Jan 2022
Galaga & Galaxian DXMojoDodoArcade Classic No. 3: Galaga / GalaxianAction > ShooterGB GImprovement1.126 Jan 2022
Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie - Overtech EditionadvancedpillowChoujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled ValkyrieAction > ShooterSNES GPImprovement1.126 Jan 2022
The Secret of Monkey Island CD VIDEO FIXLinkueiThe Secret of Monkey IslandAdventureSegaCD GBug Fix1.025 Jan 2022
Faster Screen ScrollingKCEXEMega Man 4Action > PlatformerNES GPImprovement1.025 Jan 2022
Rolling Thunder Leila's RevengeGuyver (X.B.M.)Rolling ThunderAction > ShooterNES G, T, OImprovement1.024 Jan 2022
The Arobam AdventuresJabemSuper Mario Bros. 3Action > PlatformerNES G, S, L, T, GPComplete1.424 Jan 2022
Lucy in SMB1taftqSuper Mario Bros.Action > PlatformerNES G, T, GPImprovement1.123 Jan 2022
Super Castlevania IV SRAMBillyTime! GamesSuper Castlevania IVAction > PlatformerSNES OImprovement1.023 Jan 2022
Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan (Everdive fix)BomberMDLupin Sansei: Pandora no IsanAction > PlatformerNES GBug Fix1.022 Jan 2022
Pokemon Red DefinedZelkin RushPokémon: Red VersionRole PlayingGB G, GPImprovement1.122 Jan 2022
Takahashi Master's Adventure Island IIImaster higginsAdventure Island IIIAction > PlatformerNES G, S, L, TComplete1.122 Jan 2022
Seiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana - Better Monsters and MapshmsongTrials of ManaRole Playing > Action RPGSNES GPImprovement2.122 Jan 2022
Final Fight One - Redux EditionSCDFinal Fight OneAction > Beat 'Em UpGBA G, S, L, T, GPImprovement2.722 Jan 2022
Pokémon Emerald Plus & Double PlusMkol103Pokémon: Emerald VersionRole PlayingGBA S, GP, OImprovement1.000121 Jan 2022
Debilitator ResetMadsiurFinal Fantasy IIIRole PlayingSNES GPImprovement1.0a21 Jan 2022
SoulSilver RebalancedFrozen MetroidPokémon SoulSilverRole PlayingNDS L, GPImprovement1.020 Jan 2022
DEcap Attack SRAMBillyTime! GamesDecap AttackAction > PlatformerGEN OImprovement1.020 Jan 2022
Improvements for SFPWXPSCDSuper Fire Pro Wrestling X PremiumSportsSNES G, GPImprovementFinal20 Jan 2022
Super Mario Advance - SNES Color RestorationMister ManSuper Mario AdvanceAction > PlatformerGBA GImprovement1.219 Jan 2022
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